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Full name: Rayhan fucking Hidayat Aliases: Ray, Manta Ray, Raysin, It’s Ray-ning men hallelujah it’s Ray-ning men Species: Human (allegedly) Age: What’s 9+10? 😉 Sex: All night long Ethnicity: Asian Height: Asian Spice tolerance: Asian Average grade in highschool: This is where the Asian stops 😢 Eye color: Yellow with fuchsia undertones. My doctor said it’s normal, then proceeded to pour another glass of Prosecco Favorite food: Twelve sticks of butter in one sitting Favorite beverage: A tall glass of Tabasco sauce. Lemon wedge optional. Favorite animal: Mosquito. Preferably dead. Favorite genre (literature): Epic fantasy Favorite genre (music): Indie/alt rock Favorite genre (porn): That’s none of your fucking business City of residence: Bright Moon Country of residence: Gondor Continent of residence: Westeros Planet of residence: Arrakis Political alignment: House Lannister Current celebrity crush: Madison Beer 🖤 Previous crushes: Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Fiona (ogre form), Coraline’s mom (alternate reality) Status: Single Favorite Chip: Pringle The feeling you get when you take a cold shower: Tingle Shortlisted stories: 1 (“Virtual Reality Show”, #66) Winning stories: 0 😭 What the hell are you still doing here? Scram! Go annoy these people instead: R.K. >Stories are ethereal and tread the line between prose and poetry A.g. Scott >Fun guy Laura Clark >An incredibly versatile writer, straddling genres that range from Fantasy to Thriller to Romance >Will give honest feedback >Is prone to leaving a negative review if your story fails to make at least some references to British baked goods Jn Park >Writing is poetic and elegant >Nails object symbolism and her stories usually have a message Shreya S. >Another incredibly versatile writer. She’s also much better than she thinks >Needs to write more!!! 😡 Yolanda Wu >Has a six-part series done in the style of a YA High fantasy that is 100% worth the binge >Absolutely nails the genre A.dot Ram >Holy cow this girl is underrated (well not anymore now that she won lol) >Blends biology topics like snail slime and mouth bacteria with Drama/Romance, and somehow makes it work Bianka Nova >Stories are deliciously relatable and achieve the optimum balance between intimacy and humor >Claims not to be Russian >Fellow garlic lover 🧄 Courtney Stuart >INCREDIBLE writing style that is simultaneously witty, heartfelt and poetic >Hands down my favorite writer on Reedsy >Unfortunately inactive 😭 If you’re into Alternative/Indie Rock and don’t recognize at least half of these artists, you’re CRAZY: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5FDoIxhcFMDi7pO308TMEk?si=irmbuwFoSseHRXkDSBlXvw 🎵🎶🎵 "Cannibalism is gay because you want another man inside of you.” —Gandhi