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After several years of chasing the carrot as a playwright and screenwriter in Hollywood in the 1990s; against all advice, I stopped writing. I mean, what good is a starving artist, anyway. That was my problem, then. I was chasing the proverbial carrot for reward. Like a mercenary drunk on war, I was blinded by the 20th-Century searchlights in the skies above LA LA Land and ignored the obvious glaring message - to write for myself first and foremost. Music and storytelling have always been the creative release part of my life. However, my commitment and seriousness levels have finally moved to a more dedicated platform to where my first novel looms on the horizon of prompted weekly exercises. Writing short stories has been a rebirth of a passion for storytelling. I just can't get enough - no song pun intended. When I threw my toys out of the pram in the 90s, my skills in I.T., took me back to the corporate world, but I spent many an hour staring out of the office window and dreaming of being somewhere else. I am somewhere else now - both physically, emotionally, and creatively. Doing what you know best is always good advice, so here I am on Reedsy - the ideal training ground that helps me hone my skills toward the big book (or two or more).

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