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Spent most of my adult career working in I.T. Music and storytelling have always been the extracurricular part of my life. However, I'm aiming to change that. For a while in Hollywood during the late 80s - early 90s, I performed and wrote stage plays, wrote screenplays, and had the privilege of pitching movie ideas to Universal. Getting so close to several deals - only for them to fall at the last hurdle, made me lose heart, so I stopped writing. I should have kept going, but I was too impatient to wait for the big opportunity, and against the good advice from a couple of working producers telling me to keep writing, I moved on. After discovering Reedsy (27 years later), I decided to try my hand at short stories. A lot of years have passed by since Hollywood; however, stories old and new are in my head and flowing onto the pages here. The difference now compared to my previous life, is that I'm writing for me and not chasing the carrot anymore. It's been a great practice and challenge creating words and mental pictures from the weekly prompts. A new writer has been born, and as I sharpen my skills, the novel is not far away. I just need to figure out what it's about. 😁

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