Colour in air

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I came back home with hungry stomach and thirsty mouth and I was not confident to come home , we have exhausted our limits of playing a particular game known as baseball. It's common in Asian countries to hear the term .

As usual there was known in home , everyone might be late working . I came to the kitchen which wasn't in good condition , the roof was made of steel plates which had tiny hole's to it and moon light falling from there . I caught a stool which was about to break any moment . I looked into the wooden shevel's knowing that would be empty as it's alway's been .

Soon the door knocked a young girl came in and looked familiar. She was dressed in a brown khaki , white collar shirt , black sacks with long Lenin pants , she worked for sea resort. She was holding a packet .

" I know you might be hungry, I brought burger from resort " spoked Christa.

I came running toward her and half hugged her she gave me the packet and went off . But I didn't start eating it .

" You didn't like it , eager " said christa .

" You might be hunger to , don't you?" I said.

"No, I'm not hungry" said she .

Deep down I know she was speaking lies so , I decided to eat half and went out for another talk with my dear friend's.

The door was ajar open, I know at this point, everyone might be home. There we're three people seated around the circle whispering to each other. The hall was small which had everything in one hall kitchen, bedroom and washroom.

The light we're motionless some insect's came flying onto it .

" eager, is your playing over," said a heavy voice with hair's grown white gery and eyes w're suck back into the hole.

" Yes ", I said

nothing more to speak I got straight onto the bed, which has old bedsheet with many holes to it .

" Is it necessary to do ? " said my mother with no curiosity just worried about something.

"Yes, I have spoked with them, they would be coming tomorrow" said father.

" did you asked her? " said Savitri.

" I am confident that she would say yes," said father.

I laid silently hearing the conversation, nothing was making sense. soon Christa came to my side and sat stroking my hair's from behind.

Soon door opened and a familiar-looking face appeared. she smiled looking at me, she was tall and beautiful but had worn simple looking clothes and had decent gesture, and came with heavy bag's hanging over both hands.

I hurried and picked up one bag and we had dinner in the dim light which was not been replaced by five year's I slept early that night. The conversation we're going deep between father, mother, Savita. I slept besinumerous rista.

Next morning I got up to see some kind of function preparation was being kept ready. the bed had been replaced and the room was decorated a bit.

" Is there any function today so, there must be a holiday today?" I said to mother.

"Yes, egar you can say that," said she with handing me half glass of white water, so-called milk with added some water.

I didn't linger too much, otherwise, numerous work would be picked up by me. I got caught with my friends hoping to see them but know was there .

Surely they were at school. I came back home with a grumpy looking face. I had never seen the father in this trouble was half hopping from chair to see from a window or just walk around the door and see if anyone is coming.

Not only father but my two sisters were to looking worried and the look on there faces said they were about to give the world's biggest exam. The door opened at last ,

Three people stood looking like gas balloons they were so bulgy and white face the middle man had worn all kinds of gold all around his neck and fist.

Father looked humbled and welcomed the new guest and settled them on the new covered bed.

I have a feeling they weren't a normal kind of person we see but bit egar to showing off their richness.

The eldest man spoked," I have liked your daughter photo and my son has already fallen in love".

" Yes sir, that's a good thing for us," said father .

" did she know all household work," said a pitty looking women with a pink dress and stupid common sense of dressing .

" Yes she knows everything," said the mother .

The elders had a long chat, I was getting bored but I didn't think Savita liked the man . something was odd and fishy form the man he was not handsome nor he looked like he had manners and due respect for others.

Both savita and man walked out of the door to chat personally but without anyone noticing me, I sneaked off. I followed them with a distance they turned many times and came at fault because the road got the end in front stood wall .

There were no homes nearby, the man got inside a big crack my sister stood beside the crack not daring to enter she wore a beautiful brown dress skirt .

The man big hands came out of the crack and pulled Savita in with one hand on her mouth. I looked horrified and stunned nothing came in my mind everything was in slow motion, I got closed to the crack and looked into the hole and a two-body we're wrapped around each other sister was forcing hard not willing to come closer but man grip was tight he pulled her closer and placed hands on sister back she was couldn't scream she had been tied.

It was last day when I had seen my parents and Savita alive after another day they made to death by suicide. The world got changed for me and christa."Why this world needs blood of poor people?"

"What mistake had my sister made"? "What was my fault in this"?

This all question remained unanswered as I grew younger and colour of memories were carried away by air.

June 08, 2020 15:02

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17:32 Jun 19, 2020

Thanks for reading


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Mehak Aneja
06:26 Jun 19, 2020

You have narrated the story really well. Sure you have a talent of writing. Hope you get time to read my story too and share your opinions on it


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