Maria through the years

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Fantasy Friendship Science Fiction

Warning : Divorce , cheating , a little bit of abuse

Age 4 :

"Mommy daddy look it's a alien ship " a child who couldn't be more than 4 said pointing up . A woman who looked alot like the child came forward and looked up laughing she looked at the child and said "sweetie I think you might be mistaken there's nothing up there " she said laughing "but I really did see something it looked like- " "Listen to you're mother Maria and let me do this in peace and silence please " a man sitting on a blanket said while scrolling down on his phone said "Mommy can you tell daddy to stop scrolling and start strolling?" The girl asked looking at her mother with large , hopeful eyes . The mother just looked at her with sad eyes before saying "well then why don't we have a nice stroll in this beautiful park . Hon could you please put the phone down ?" The anger was evident in his eyes as he put the phone in his pocket ...

Age 6 :

The night the screaming started was the same night it rained heavily . Maria still remembered that night . The wind howling and the rain spattering loudly on the roof she remembered her parents screaming loudly too . And whenever the volume of her parents went up so did the rain . Maria remembered thinking that maybe the world wanted to protect her . She remembered opening the window that night and letting the rain and wind in . She even remembered falling asleep to the rhythmetic beats of the rain and coolness of the wind .

Age 7 :

Maria wasn't really sure what to think that evening . After a long day of school she'd come home with her high results for the final exam only to see her father shouting at her mother with his phone in his hand . What surprised her even more was what he did next : he hit Maria's mom square in the face his hand connecting with her eye and cheek creating a large purplish bruise . Maria had screamed at that moment tears coming to her eyes . Her mother had taken her upstairs to her room had hugged her about her results while her father simply sunk back in the cushions of the sofa wine in one hand , phone in other . Maria had cried until she had no tears to cry. Despite being 7 she could understand vaguely what was going on .

Age 7 and a half :

Maria has gotten worried it was her parent's anniversary however her dad wouldn't spare her mom a glance . Maria remembered describing her situation to her best friend ; Katherine who'd pitied Maria so much she'd brought Maria to a bakery and paid for everything that ordered .

Age 7 :

Maria had wondered if she could stick her parents together with glue the day before she turned 8 . It was a random yet tempting thought that Maria had gotten into her mind once she had seen mom with bruises and dad leaving the house with another girl in a car . The next thought that occurred to her was : Would they be happy with it ? . Maria though not after all she wouldn't want to be stuck with a husband who cheated.

Age 8 and 12 months :

The day Maria turned 8 was the day her dad had left for 2 days straight . Maria's mom didn't dare contact him . Once again Katherine and Maria had gone to the bakery with the rest of the girls from their friendship group and Kathdrine paid for everything Maria ordered . The group insisted it was because of Maria's birthday and girls day out . However Maria knew they'd taken her to the bakery because it was her birthday and had paid because they'd felt bad about her father .

Age 10 :

Maria was relieved a whole year had passed and her father hadn't hit her mother . Probably because he was gone for more than two days in a row . She no longer cared that much about her father and his gifts , she knew he didn't mean it .

Age 11 and a half :

Maria didn't know her father had divorced her mother immediately because she was in school . When Maria saw her father wasn't around she simply thought he'd gone on another temporary leave . But then she'd overheard her mother talking to grandma . However the line that gave the secret out was : " Mom Winston left " . Maria had just run upstairs not sure what to think . On one hand she was happy . On the other she was scared ; What If they became financially unstable ? And what about all the kids at school ? What would they say to her when they found out?

Age 11 and 9 months :

Maria quickly found the answers to her questions. Her mom had taken two extra jobs to support the taxes and school fee . Her friends had for the most part been supportive especially when saying : "Well it is better to have a single supportive mom rather than a dad who cheats , drinks and abused you're mom ." Her classmates didn't say anything about it and treated her like normal . A few of the other classes weren't so nice about it though .

Age 12 :

Monday 9:01 p.m.

Maria adjusted her telescope it had been a whole year since her dad had left . For her 12th birthday her mom had given her a telescope which Maria loved . Ever since her dad had left her mom had been a little happier but also stressed to the bone . She set her telescope up as a firefly flitted by . She could hear her mother's snores . Maria wasn't really allowed out at night however with the high metal gates protecting her nothing could happen .

9: 24 p.m. :

Maria had seen the stars and moon and had memorized their looks . But now she wished something interesting would happen like a meteorite shower . And something interesting did happen. The same spaceship (or kind of like that spaceship) she had seen when she was 6 years old came falling from the sky, crashing down . If Maria didn't have her telescope it would have looked like a meteorite . The spaceship hit ground and exploded smoke coming from the area . Maria immediately ran there opening the metal gates and convineantly forgetting about her promise to her mother.

Maria ran to the smoke and saw there was a giant crater . Slowly leaning forward she looked in . What lay there surprised her : a alien ship with exquisite detail and nothing at all like she imagined . It had silver lining and looked like a Blimp in a way . She became even more surprised when a small rabbit like alien hopped out rubbing it's head. "Awwwww" Maria cooed as the rabbit hopped out of the crater and towards her . Giving a little sneeze the alien settled in her arms . Maybe this Alien is the pet of the aliens who built this ship . Maria thought Well anyhow I can't leave it here where it'll be tested and possibly killed if found . I'll take it home with me and then see what to do later she thought.

9:42 p.m. :

Maria and the creature made it home safely . Closing the gates Maria packed her telescope . Slinging it across her back she picked the creature up and silently went upstairs . At the bedroom Maria had decided to name the creature 'Junpie' .

Wednesday 7:40

It had been a day since Maria had found Junpie . Maria and Junpie had become quick friends though Maria did try to keep it a secret from everyone . Her mother had caught glimpses of Junpie however Maria had gotten her to think it was the latest technological toy . Maria secretly fed the alien baby carrots and lettuce from her food . Maria even brought it to school in her bag .

Thursday 4:00 :

Maria and Junpie were on the bench eating apples when... "Hey Maria " "Oh hi Katherine " Katherine showed up . Junpei felt really jealous that day . It's human friend had other human friends !!

Age 17 :

Maria's life had gone through for 5 years without drama even better Junpie was still here supporting her every step of the way .

Age 22- Present :

Maria sighed looking at her computer then looked back at Junpie her door was locked and her mom was vacuuming. Maria knew she had to find a job to help her mom . And recently she found a job her dream job nonetheless but she wasn't sure if she could do it . Looking down at Junpie she asked " do you think I can do it ? " . Junpie looked at her and nodded his head almost as if he understood his human companion . Laughing Maria decided to go for it.

Two days later :

Maria clutched a letter while screaming "I got the job , I got the job " Junpie circling around her as her mom cried happy tears . Maria looked at her mom and Junpie as a single thought flitted through her mind : This is my life the world is perfect my life is ... amazing thanks to you two Junpie and mom .

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Wow, great story!


Yenuli Y.
14:52 May 02, 2022

Omg thank you uwu


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Twyla Parker
16:53 May 15, 2022

Love this! Great story.


Yenuli Y.
06:28 May 16, 2022

Thank you so glad you liked it :D


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