Fantasy Fiction

No one is sure what to do as the strange character entered the town, riding a white horse. The person wore a cloak with a hood covering their head so no one could get a good look at them.

“Who can they be?” Dylan asked his mother, Helen, as he looked out the small window to their cabin.

“I don’t have a clue, but it doesn’t look good,” his mother replied.

The stranger slowly moved along on the horse in the middle of the road into the small town. It was like the person wanted everyone to see they were here. It didn’t take long for there weren’t many inhabiting the town, being far and remote from civilization.

“I knew there was always a possibility of such coming into town,” said Galic, the town law enforcer, as he watched the mysterious person. “You can never get away from them.”

“Probably just someone looking for food and rest,” his wife, Tressa, said as she stitched one of his torn shirts. “All will be fine.”

“Anyone wearing something like that is bound to be nothing but trouble.”

“Don’t start a problem just because of the way he looks.”

“You don’t need to tell me what to do,” he said, turning to his wife with a stern look.

“Someone needs to use their brains here.”

Galic huffed and turned back to the window as the stranger slowly went by, looking straight ahead.

“See where they stop,” he said. “Hopefully, the troublemaker will head out of town or I might have to help them.”

“Use your noggin, honey. I’m not ready to be a widow yet. I would like to start a family.”

Galic and Tressa had come into town almost a year ago, practically newlyweds. It was only three months ago Galic became the law enforcer when Nob retired from the profession, and no one wanted the position. Galic always had an interest in law, many of his family members in law, so he wanted to try it.

As he continued to stare at the stranger, he realized this will be his first opportunity to use his law enforcement skills.

“I have been waiting to use my skills,” he thought.

Galic went over and grabbed his pistol and strapped on his sword.

“Don’t get yourself killed,” Tressa said.

“Thank you for the confidence,” he said with a huff.

“Just try to be civil,” she told him.

“Of course I will,” he said as he opened the door and stepped out.

The stranger continued down the road, but then veered to the left and stopped in front of the Inn of the Lonely.

“Great,” Galic muttered. “I was hoping you would have made your way out of town.”

The stranger stepped down from the horse and went inside the inn.

Galic took a deep breath, then went over to the inn. The place only had one small window, so when he entered he had to stand at the entrance until his eyes adjusted to the darkness. Once it did, he looked around until he saw the stranger in the back corner.

“Helen!” he called out to the barmaid, who was heading toward the stranger. She stopped and turned to him. He motioned for her to go back to the bar, which she did.

Galic then headed toward the stranger, keeping one hand on the handle of his sword. I saw him at the table, looking down at the stranger, who remained motionless.

“May I ask what your business is here?” he asked the stranger.

The hood tilted up a little, then a hand reached up and pulled the hood back. Galic was taken aback by what he saw.

“You are a woman,” said an astonished Galic.

She had long, back hair, with light brown skin, and a face that belonged to royalty. Galic could see a scar that ran from the corner of her mouth to the bottom of her chin.

“I’m pleased you recognized I’m a woman,” she said in a smooth, low voice.

“I’m sorry. The few people I have seen wearing the same garments were men.”

“As you can see, I am a woman,” she said. “And to answer your question I’m here for food and rest.”

Galic wasn’t sure what to say at first. He didn’t like strangers in this town, but conflicted about telling this woman to head out.

“Not much of a gentleman if I do so,” he thought.

“Is it okay for me to have some food and ale?” she asked.

“No, no,” he replied. “Just letting you know this is a small town with simple people. We prefer strangers to keep it short or leave immediately.”

“My name is Zimaly,” she said.

“Uh, my name is Galic.”

“Good,” she said with a slight grin. “We are no longer strangers.”

“Huh, uh, yes indeed. Have a good day.”

Galic turned around and left the inn. As soon as he stepped out, there was a group of people waiting on the road.

“Who is this stranger?” a woman asked.

“Did you talk to the stranger?” a man asked.

“Did you tell the stranger we didn’t want them here?” another man said.

Galic held up his hands for them to quiet it down.

“The stranger’s name is Zimaly,” he told them. “She is here for some food and rest.”

“It’s a woman?” the town doctor asked.

“Who cares!” an older lady called out. “She needs to go!”

“Hold it! Hold it!” Galic called out. “She can stay for a night. I will watch her.”

“She needs to leave now!” a couple of voices called out.

“All of you need to go home and let me worry about it,” said Galic. “Go home.”

People opened their mouths, but seeing Galic’s stern look turned around and one by one went their way.

“You better not let danger come to this town,” the oldest town inhabitant said and slowly limped off.

Galic watched them go to their homes or businesses. He turned back to the inn, wondering if he should go back in, but headed home and hangout by the window for the rest of the day.

“Maybe I should have told her to leave,” he thought.

But he knew it wouldn’t have gone well by trying to force her to go. In fact, he had a feeling he would lose in a confrontation.

When he got home, he moved a rocking chair by the window and sat down to spend the rest of the day.

“I have a feeling we are okay,” Tressa told him. “But if you feel you need to stay there, so be it. I’m going to bed.”

Galic sat there for a period, then went over to the inn.

“Where did she go?” he asked the inn’s owner.

“She went to the room I assigned her.”

“Good. Let me know immediately if there is any mischief.”

“Will do.”

Galic went back home to his chair, where he eventually fell asleep.

Suddenly, his eyes popped open, and he jumped out of his chair, disoriented.

“Where? What? Huh?”

Then he remembered the situation. He looked out the window, seeing it was the crack of dawn.

“Let me see if she is still here,” he muttered.

He went back to the inn, and once he entered he saw Zimaly sat in the same spot. He went over to her table.

“Good morning,” he said.

“Good morning,” she said, as she took a drink.

“Early riser.”

“For this minor task I needed to be.”

“Little task?” he asked, worried.

“Come with me and find out,” she said, standing up.

“Okay,” he responded, not sure if he should follow.

She walked out of the inn with Galic following her.

“I hope to God she will not do something terrible in this town,” he thought. 

He went out and didn’t have to go far to see what looked like four men walking into town. By the looks of them, they didn’t look friendly. Zimaly headed toward the four men with an intent look on her face.

“Do you know these men?” he asked as he walked by her side.

“I know what their intent is,” she replied. “Be prepared.”

Galic looked at the four men as they came closer, wondering if they were brothers. They all looked alike. The difference is in their size. One was a little under four feet tall, and quite wide. One was close to seven feet tall, and very skinny. The third one was around six feet tall and quite muscular, and the last one was of average height and weight.

“What do we have here?” the muscular one spoke.

“I advise the four of you to turn around and leave,” said Zimaly.

“And miss out on the fun we are going to have with this town,” the tall one said with a chuckle. “I don’t think so.”

“Get ready,” Zimaly said to Galic.

Galic waited for the men to pull out their weapons, but his mouth dropped open moments later.

The four men changed. The short one stretched until he was close to ten feet tall. The very tall one suddenly had four more arms, the muscular one turned into a hairy beast, and the average one had bat-like wings.

“What the hell is going on?” Galic cried out.

“Exactly,” she said.

The four men or whatever they were rushed them. Zimaly immediately pulled out a pistol and shot the very tall one between the eyes. The man fell back like a falling tree, crashing to the ground. Galic pulled his gun, but before he cracked off a shot, the one with many arms used one of his arms like a whip and snapped it, knocking the gun out of his hand. Zimaly took out a sword, and with lightning speed, lopped off some arms, and finally his head. The hairy beast rushed Zimaly, and the other flew up into the sky. Galic picked up his gun and fired at the beast, barely stopping it. Zimaly took out a short sword and started hacking away until the hairy beast hit the ground dead. Galic cried out as he saw the winged one heading toward him. Zimaly with pistol in hand shot and the man crashed to the ground.

“What the hell were those?” asked Galic as other townsfolk came out.

“They come from the west. A land corrupted that has created this,” she replied, pointing to the dead bodies. “I advise your town to prepare or leave this area.”

Zimaly headed over to her horse.

“You are leaving?” Galic asked.

“I did here my minor task. Now to my next task.”

Zimaly got on the horse and rode off.

“Thank God I didn’t tell her to leave yesterday,” he muttered. “But what if more beasts come?”


June 04, 2021 16:34

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Charlie Murphy
02:08 Jun 10, 2021

Awesome story! I love the surprise!


Corey Melin
15:03 Jun 10, 2021

Thank you for the comments!


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Grace Aurore
18:16 Jun 09, 2021

wow! That was... amazing.


Corey Melin
19:19 Jun 09, 2021

Thank you for the comments!


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Merry Marcellino
12:00 Jun 08, 2021

Intriguing. Is this part of a bigger story you are writing? I like Zimaly and Galic.


Corey Melin
14:46 Jun 08, 2021

There is always the possibility. I tried the sequel thing but it didn’t go well due to the prompts. Who knowd


Merry Marcellino
13:22 Jun 09, 2021

I understand. Have you been published?


Corey Melin
13:59 Jun 09, 2021

I have published a few short stories and won a couple of contests.


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Jay Luuu
05:29 Jun 07, 2021

Very interesting! I'm not that great at spotting mistakes in other people's works but I spotted you placed a double quotation mark in the end here: “I have been waiting to use my skills,”” he thought. I'd give it a strong 7.5/10. Happy writing! —JLU


Corey Melin
13:52 Jun 07, 2021

Thank you for the comments!


Jay Luuu
14:10 Jun 07, 2021

Sure! Anytime. :))


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