Before My Eyes

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American Contemporary Drama

I shouldn't have been shocked when I saw it, those words, the photo's; I mean, it wasn't as if I knew what was going down. Those few words stung regardless, the pics facing me like a bad dream when you wake up in the darkness. Yet, here I was cringing like a child that has done something bad and got caught.




The caption was there in all its glory, with the two of them hanging on to each other. Smiling in pure happiness and bliss as the palm tree's swayed blanketed with the warm ocean breezes in the background.

"DAMM....YOU.....BASTARD. I should be well over you by now, no need to stay resentful." I told the computer screen, through teeth grinding. Flashbacks crept into my mind, he and I cycling on the trails after I bought him a new mountain bike, the one he wanted that had 21 gears and thick tires, he'd been like a child who just got a new pony.

"Do you know how much I love you?" He'd said as we made love that night after a long ride into the forrest. I thought we were going to be forever, me and him against the world. And then the news came, after I received a phone call from Celeste, who told me she overheard a treadmill discussion at the gym about Tony, and that's when my world came crashing down.

"I don't believe you, he wouldn't do that to me, Christ, we've been together for six years, since HS." I'd cried.

"I swear it's the truth, Colleen and I even confronted the bitch after she'd been talking to Tony while working out. She mentioned his new mountain bike you bought him, he lied to her about it." Celeste hated this, resented having to be the bearer of this horrible news to her friend, Tony was a dickhead, she deserved so much better and then some.

"I am going to see him soon, and make him tell me the truth. I need to hear it from him, he has to tell me to my face." The tears streamed down my face while my body warmed from emotional adrenalin building from deep inside my soul. Nothing was going to be the same now - this much I well knew as the reality began to immerse through my veins.

"We need to talk, meet me at Central Park, now." I'd texted him. Several hours later he was there, with the bike I'd bought him the summer before still looking handsome, tanned and tall he stood waiting for me, smiling as if nothing was wrong, Bastard. He was about to get a rude awakening. My fists balled up, I faced him stiff and straight. I stared him down while he mocked me, but I was ready.

"So, is it true?" I then went on to explain everything, and the fact that I knew he was cheating on me.

"I have no clue what you are accusing me of, you know I love you." He'd said. I slapped him. The park was quiet, it was early and rain clouds began to hover above the humid sky. Life went on around me as if in a dream state, nobody knew the pain I was going through. This was my stage performance and mine alone. I was a dot, like those little things at the end of films back in the days when film making used actual rolls to produce their works. I now felt like one of those film ending teeny dots, fading away from the world in finality.

"Don't lie to me please. It's over Tony." I told him and walked away leaving him there. I was NOT going to grovel and look more like a fool than I'd already felt to be just that. The proverbial fool who thought I had the world in my palm. And then the healing began. One inch at a time, one hour at a time, and one day at a time I slowly got over him and moved on. Life does that, I am not the only human on earth who has had my heart broken.

"Well, maybe this Instagram post is just reminding me of who I am now, and all I that I have to be grateful for, it's good, I am whole." I told the screen logging off the page. Done goodbye. I went to the coffee maker and began to prepare myself a cold brew. I was smiling as my expresso machine hissed and poured aromatic coffee.

My dad cheated on my mom, more than once especially after he got paid, off he went to the honky tonk bars in the country where they grew up together. Dad bought us a mobile home, my mom cooked and cleaned plus worked at the laundromat. Oh yea, how I remembered the fights, the doors slamming, cowering under the covers in the late hours and mom, crying herself to sleep every time. On occasion a black eye would pop out, and I would get her the ice pack and Tylenol. I swore I never wanted to live that way after I left and moved to New York to become a writer. Daddy finally left one day, leaving us alone which suited us just fine. Sure mom was upset and cried a lot but eventually she got into her own routine. Now, here we are, me in the same predicament almost. While Tony wasn't abusive and I had no clue that he'd cheated on me, it was still a crappy situation and hurtful. Maybe that was more abusive than the hitting part my mom had to endure. Physical pain was forgotten, emotional pain was not, the rule of thumb.


"I am fine Celeste, yea I saw the post. Good for them." I reassured my friend, she'd seen it also. She'd called me later that afternoon. Her dogs were barking in the background, the yorkies barked a lot, lucky her, distraction. I was glad not have dogs, I was not a dog person. I spent ten hours a day working, six hours a night sleeping, the rest of that time drinking latte's. I was happy that way. My tiny apt was usually cluttered, laundry never put away lay in the corner, and plenty of coffee mugs in the cupboard. Life in the big apple.

"I know that, just checking in, for sure he will do the same thing to her one day, Karma is a bitch right?" She'd laughed her throaty tone. I knew I was ok, a long time had passed now, my life was moving forward. Craig was coming to get me for dinner and a Broadway, I was excited to get out and enjoy the summer weather.

"You know I bet he will ask you to marry him tonight." She continued, "You guys are a hot item." Celeste was pumping up my ego, I wasn't going to argue with her over that. I loved her dearly.

"Craig is a great guy, I don't expect anything." I'd told her, I was confident she was right but not letting my guard down either as far as hoping went. And that night, after dinner, before dessert, Craig pulled out a small black box with a white satin ribbon on it, the box. My past forgotten, my new life ahead now to focus on. Here and now, all through the Broadway play I was filled with happiness, beaming in delight wearing that little ring, hell, size wasn't important. he was faithful, he was kind, and for me that was all I needed.

" this what I think it is?" I eyed the little thing with widened eyes filled with curiosity and happiness. My heart was beating fast as I held my wine glass nervously. Craig then got up, went down on his knees in front of the whole restaurant patrons and staff, he asked me to marry him.

"Will you marry me? I love you to the moon and back and will never disappoint you?" He'd held that little box open, showing a classy diamond ring. I was filled with love and joy. This was for real!!!!

"YES, YES YES, I will marry you." I laughed as he grabbed me and kissed me while everyone applauded. After the broadway show we went home together and discussed our wedding plans and our future together. We lived happily ever after.


Note from the author:

I know, drama makes a good story, but I felt like putting in a good ending. Sweet romantic dreams my reader's, and never give up hope.


May 05, 2022 12:16

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