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No!!!!!!!, came a screaming sound inside me and after some time it got slicensed . I lay motionlessly onto the road my eye sight becoming blur above which lay a skyscraper and everything look so tiny .

The engines of car had been stop and people started to gather around me . But nobody dare to come close . They were all busy making filming of me . That ," How I am about to die"? Something for tomorrow's front page .

The pain didn't hurt much and withing splash of second , everything appered in front of me , my childhood, mother, father, the true memories of life . Suddenly it all got blank and everything disappeared.

I definitely knew that I had left my body for good , In the black darkness appeared a door way a golden lit shinning with it's all mighty glow , there was something written on the plate of door in silvery substance , " The last thing to conquer is fear".

The door didn't have any handle or any kind of lock, " I didn't know ,how it's going to unlocked "? I stared at the writing on plate , it meant something by which this door would get open.

I looked back from door to the opposite side from which , I just came . The darkness it's man greatest fear , which means the answer lies right there .

I got once more swallowed in darkness , nothing but known darkness kept along with me . I didn't knew ," How far I had come ?" , "Was it foolish to take the decision"? , "What if I am wrong "? Dark cloud's started to cover by mind's blood . But something suddenly, I got idea it's not darkness which , we fear it's just negative energy which we fear of .

I sprinted towards the opposite direction which lay the locked door. I soon came to hault in front of door and sopked ," negative energy " . To my surprise the door cracked opened.

Inside door stood thousands of different trees scattered everywhere within the white glowing marble of room .

But something was odd about tree's, If looked carefully we can see they are shaped like a humans . I walked passed then trees and soon the door to disappeared from the sight , I spotted a larger banyan tree under which a long table stood with wooden chairs and to the center stood the old grey looking man bliming at me with long hairs.

He made a typical appearance of Pandit's in india . He signed me to sit down . He was tall bright faced , white scarf over his body had brown skin .

" How was the journey "? , never mind you are only two hundred and twenty fifth to arrive here , congratulations!!" Said old man in a soft voice .

Nothing came form my mouth .Horror danced happily in front of me . After long pause .

" What if , I had not answered right "? fear speaking from me .

" You would have been turned into the life saver's " said in gentle voice .

"You mean the tree's " said I looking curious.

" Yes" said old man .

" By now you must know that you are dead , speaking in term's you had passed the task unknowingly and "Who ever does so must be rewarded by a single wish " . Said the old man .

" A wish!!" I said.

" Yes my boy, a single wish may decide your future " said the man .

I wanted to so many thing's to be done right that couldn't be fulfilled in one wish , My favourite golden watch was lost when I was sixteen, My foolish mistake mad me lost my whole family and top of that , I lost my wife in accident .

" I want live my after life with my wife" said I without thinking much .

" Is this your final word my boy " said old man .

"Yes ", I said looking straight in his eyes without blinking them .

Within know second I was twisting and clutching and grabbing to hold something , My mind made a horrible cry soon I was squeezed into the path way and then everything dark gold appered and I felt on ground.

I left the white room and I was here in unknow place soon I thought this may be my another test or something but everything got vanished as I saw priya coming towards me .

She was same as beautiful when she we left me alone , nothing has changed her dangling looking big brown eyes her short black her's and same skinny colour . Tall and magnificent but she passed me with her pink colour frock not recognized.

" excuse me please, didn't you remember that you have seen me "? Said I coming closer to her .

She glanced back and then.

" No , I didn't reckon that I have seen you before , I guess you are new to this place "? Said she looking straight into my eyes.

With that she left me , I stared at her stupidly wondering , How bad it had hurt me ? I looked confused .

Is this place made her forget everything about past?, nothing came in my mind than anger blushing throw my ears .

In another second same twisting force came into light and then back to the same position on wooden chair same white marble room .

" How was the experience child?" Said old man .

" Terrible she didn't recognized me why"? Said I .

" That's my point , after the death of human body the pure soul travel's to this "Wooping Palace of God" .Every soul is tested and if failed they are turned into trees on earth ,its a long journey they are send to the underworld and from there the journey starts to become tree said old man.

He gulped a glass of wine and said ," and if passed we give them a wish by which they could realize true meaning of life because they deserve . The true meaning of life is not achiving something or being kind to other's it's the general purpose of mind and we are taught for it from birth some forget's and others makes there purpose of life .

But to confound in yourself is the only the purpose of the soul , nobody would known the pure soul they would judge by the brilliance of your mind".

It took several minutes to understand the depth of meaning.

" Then what would happen to me "? Said I .

"Oh , What would happen to you then, it's all your's choice you are free to do everything in this world "said the oldman .

Without nothing in my mind I got dissapeared , this time not with force , with wish .

June 04, 2020 07:12

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1 comment

Pragya Rathore
07:15 Jun 04, 2020

What a brilliant story! I really loved each line of it. Keep it going!! Please check out my stories too :)


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