CHAPTER 1.                

               I live in a small town with my parents and my two sisters. My town is known as the Town with the highest rate of crime involved. I am still in High School but will soon finish from High School. The only problem is that my School is lacking facilities, which I am not sure I will even be able to graduate. Just two weeks ago, about Seven Million Dollars($7000000) was stolen from the Mare. The Town's people were very angry because the money was to be used in the establishment of the Town. I am Johnny and I am a friend to Dave and a brother to Miranda and Miran. I am also the eldest of both sisters and the younger one of Dave. Dave seniors me with a year and is ahead of me with just a class. Dave and I are both Best Buddies. After listening to all the complaints of the Town, Dave and I decided to carry out investigations.


              CHAPTER 2.

We started with one of my neighbor whose name is Mr. Solomon. Mr. Solomon is known to be one of the treacherous men ever to live in this Town. Mr. Solomon is presumed to be a weird man, I have always known him to be very irritating and annoying. Dave and I went to his house to interview him about his opinions. He started off by offering us Avocado Toast and Water. I couldn't let him down, so I accepted the offerings. The Avocado Toast had too much salt in it and the water was tasteful. The water had a kind of taste that you wouldn't like. After the unsatisfied and unpleasant meal, I began to question him. He told me how they stole Three Thousand Dollars($3000) from his house. He also said that he was able to identify the thieves stature, shape, size and even gender. He mentioned them being five of them, there was a man and woman that looked like his age mate. The other two were Ladies but young girls to be exact, like my age mate while the last, was a guy.


              CHAPTER 3.

I remembered the last words of Mr. Solomon, which was that, "These people or should I call them thieves, looks like they have been into this form of living for a very long time and they can't stop". The next day, Dave and I went to School because Holiday had not yet come. We met Viola at the dining hall. Viola is a very good friend of her, I can even say that she is my best friend. Dave told me that I have begun to develop feelings for her but I do not just realize it. On the other hand, I have another friend by the name 'Jade'. Jade is my childhood friend but she is different from Viola. Viola captures my eyes, my face including my body. I am so used to her that I wish I could express my feelings to her. I never knew that everything I was doing, was hurting Jade. Miranda was the first one that told me that Jade likes me but I did not believe. Viola became part of the investigation, she assisted Dave and I in trying to solve mysteries.

              CHAPTER 4.

I was in class, when Jade walked up to me and told me that Viola is very dangerous and that I should be careful. I insulted Jade and told her that she shouldn't bother me and that she was only jealous. I invited Viola to my house for us to be able to try solving mysteries. Just yesterday, My class teacher's car was stolen and not just that they stole all his money in his house. The question I keep asking myself, is "Why do the thieves attack the people that they know have money in their homes or even any valuable property". I told myself that the thieves must be keeping watch of everyone in this town. Viola came to my house followed by Dave and we headed straight to my room. From the minute Viola came to my house, my sisters hated her. They seemed to have something against her, as if they have met her from somewhere. Viola could not stop asking me questions about my Life and also my family's life. She walked about my room and complemented the Properties she saw in my room, especially when it has to do with the properties being expensive. She asked if she could see my sister's room, at first I grinned at what she said but she told me that she was planning how she will design her sibling's room. I took her to my sister's room and left Dave in my room, we met both my sister's in their room. Suddenly, Miranda shouted at Viola "Get out of my room you Devil. I don't want to see your disgusting face. I wonder where my brother met you". Miran also supported Miranda, as they both insulted Viola. Viola became very sad and she left without saying a word to me.

              CHAPTER 5.

Dave came because he had heard my two sisters shouting at the top of their voice. He asked what had happened and I had no choice but to explain to him. Dave felt sorry for Viola but there was nothing he could do. In the night, my Family were having Dinner. My mom noticed that I wasn't talking to my sisters, she asked what had happened but I pretended not to know what she was talking about. At a point, I got up and headed straight for my room leaving my mom, my dad and my two sisters astonished. Later that night, all I could do was to try solving mysteries. I tried to crack my brain on what the purpose of stealing properties was for. I heard knocks on my room door, I opened the door and saw my two sisters standing right in front of me. They both begged for my forgiveness, before I forgave them, I needed to know why they hate Viola. I asked them why they hate Viola. I said that since they do not know Viola from anywhere, they should not be mean towards her. Miran told me that they knew Viola from School and that she was very greedy and selfish. They said that she always acted as if she was better than everyone. Not only that, she also stole people's properties. I asked my sisters how they knew about this because Viola is my classmate. Miranda said that two of their friends told them and the sister of one of the friends also told them. Miran also added to what Miranda had said, she mentioned seeing Viola burgling our neighbor’s house. I asked them how sure they were and they said that when Viola was coming out of the house, she came out through a window with no bars and she brought out a lot of items include a briefcase. I forgave my sister but told them that Viola cannot do such a thing like that and that maybe they got the identity all wrong.

              CHAPTER 6.

Today is a Saturday, I am going to Dave's house so that both of us will be able to investigate the crime that recently happened in his community. I got to Dave's house and Dave told me that two of his Community friends told him that their parents house was burgled by just one person. I had to question Dave, if he was sure about it being one person that burgled the houses. Dave said that if I wasn't to sure, that they should go and investigate the matter in the houses. So we both went to the first house, the house we went to is Mrs. Brian. Mrs. Brian was very nice towards us, she told us that she saw a girl standing at the back door. I asked her if she was sure and she told me that her son also saw the girl. Mrs. Brian told us that at the time she ran to catch the girl, the girl was already gone. The next house we went to was Mr. & Mrs. Louis house. They told us that they sighted a girl at the back door of their house. She was all dressed in black, they both said. After we were through with the questioning, Dave and I headed for Dave's house. We got back to Dave's house and Dave began, "The first people that we questioned since, said that there is a family with two girls, a man and a woman and a guy. The other two people we questioned, said that they only saw a girl and nobody else. We need to figure out the purpose for why the family is stealing from the Town's people". Just then, a man and a woman walked in with two girls. The man and the woman are Dave's parents. One of the girls is adopted by them and the other is Dave's sister. Dave's sister is my age mate so is the other girl. I greeted Dave's parents and they responded in a very nice manner. I took my leave and headed for my house. I got home and my sisters questioned me about the investigation. I told them everything about what I had figured out. Miran said, "I feel like Viola is the mastermind behind all these. I hope you know that Viola has another sister including a brother. I am sure her Family is part of all these". I was so confused, I am not like Dave whom has everything he wants. Dave is wealthier than me, so I cannot compare the skills he has to mine or the technology he has to mine.

              CHAPTER 7.

After School, Dave and I decided to head to the Mare's Office. On our way there, we met Viola. Viola apologized for bailing on us and that she was busy, so she did not have enough time. She looked at me and placed her hands on my shoulder and whispered to me that she was sorry. I stared at her and accepted her apology. We got to the Mare's Office and we spent about an hour before the Mare was ready. We entered his Office and he started off, "Good day to you. What are you children doing here? I hope there is no trouble at all?". Dave told the Mare that they came to meet him concerning the Crime that is being committed. The Mare offered them seats and that was when he spotted Viola. The Mare kept on looking at her face, then he said, "Have we met Before". He looked at her and repeated the words again. Viola said that she does not know the Mare from anywhere. The Mare then remembered what he was trying to figure out, "I remember you, you where the girl I spotted at the back entrance of my office. I tried catching up with you but when I got to where you were, I did not see you again. You are the thief, you are the one whom has been robbing this town of their properties". Dave and I were shocked, then the Mare yelled for his guards to send Viola to jail. I got home and my Family told me that they had heard the news about Viola being arrested and that they also arrested her Family. I became weak and began to Murmur to myself, "This does not seem right. This Mystery has not yet been solved. Something seems unsure somewhere". I told myself that I will investigate this matter without telling anybody. My sisters heard what I had said and they told me that they will like to help because even though they said those things about Viola, they still feel like she was innocent. We got into my room and I began to tell the whole story again. Then I thought very smart, that it could not have been Viola because the time she was sighted, she had not yet stolen any property. Miran suggested that we had to see Viola to find out the truth.


              CHAPTER 8.

Without telling our Parents, My sisters and I went to visit Viola in Prison. We were giving five minutes to say whatever we wanted. I looked into Viola's eyes and saw that she was innocent. Viola was crying, so was her parents. Miran told me that the Mare has assembled the Town's people to give a speech based on Viola and her family. Viola decided to confess. "Dave asked me to play a game with him. He said that the game is to be done in the night. The game is that every time, I will be given someone's address and I am to go there to retrieve the RED FLAG. I normally goes around the Back door of the houses because that is where the flag is to be. At first I did not want to agree to this but he said that if I will not do it, that means I am scared of taking risks. Dave gives me the time that I am to go there. The first time that I did not go was because the game had not yet started. I never knew that the houses I was given to play the game, are the same houses that were robbed. When I joined the two of you in investigating the Crimes, I realized that I was being used by Dave's family as they committed the crimes. When your two sisters gave me attitude, I realized that the reasons why Dave used me was because I was Selfish, Greedy and I normally use to steal people's property but I had already stopped. When I did not show up for a while, it was because I was investigating it by myself. I found out that Dave's family have been wanted in two other towns and they keep on changing their identity. Dave was only a child when his Parents started stealing. I know you only know Dave from High School and nothing more. I have a video of when Dave stole from his Neighbors houses. That time, I wasn't the girl that was outside in the night, it was Jade. Jade was paranoid about the fact that we both like each other, so she made a deal with Dave". It hit me that Viola really likes me, so do I. She gave us her address and told us how to retrieve the Video Camera.

             CHAPTER 9.

We got to Viola's house and sneaked in through the back door. I got into Viola's room and found the Video Camera. We sneaked out through the back door but we met Dave and his two sisters. Dave told me that he has been following us since. Dave told me that he will not allow us to show the Video to the Town's people, his sisters grabbed my little sisters by the hands and Dave fought me. My two sisters bit their hands and I threw the Video Camera to them, they caught it and ran. Dave and his sisters chased after them. My two sisters stole two bicycles and paddled to the Town's Hall. They were able to get there and they interrupted the Mare and told him that they needed to show him something. The video was played on the Television Screen and everyone saw the culprits. Dave and his family were arrested and the Mare apologized to Viola and her Family. The Town's people also rewarded my sisters and I with a lot of money.

             CHAPTER 10.

The Town's people got their money back after they discovered that Dave and his family his the properties in their basement. Also, Dave and his family were sent back to their real hometown for severe punishments. Viola and I became closer than ever. Jade served punishment for only two months. Viola decided to mend her ways of being Selfish, Greedy and also the fact that she steals peoples properties. The Mare kept on apologizing to us that he was sorry about all what he did. Viola was happy that it was finally over. I was glad that I did not believe what others had said about Viola and that I decided to investigate the matter again. We became HEROES of the town and we also became the first JUNIOR INVESTIGATORS.




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