Today, I was amazed by the, wonderful and never setting sea water .It looked the sea has no ending as far as you can reach full of blue colour.I had always imagined to sail this long voyage and my dream came ture ,it was wonderful feeling .

Though sun was high ,no cloud's could be seen ,"do some work boy" shouted a voice ."Yes,sir" , I would do best I shouted too .

He was my uncle and he had promised to take me to, long voyage and seen as many places beyond ocean .I reminded myself to work , nothing more in life to do now. I have lost everything, my house caught fire a year before, my whole family died and I was alone to survive.We were travelling to cook island to restore some Good's and earn some money and we would stay there for month and then back to other island .Me and amit mad plan's about how would we spent our day on the island.We enjoyed everyday on the ship ,it ws a old Mayflower ship which had made service for 30 years for the people of Queensland and it was the oldest one. The food was not good as it was used to be on land, I thought the taste get changed as you travel through the sea .

My day's pass working hard watching sunset and at night counting star's, with my best friend .One day a peculiar thing happen I was staring at water below me , A pink body appear moving with the ship by there many other dolphin's.

The pink one asked me about, "How was I doing"? I looked frightened at first in low voice I spoked,"Can you speak"? "Yes", was the immediate answer, I got. Now from then we regularly started speaking,She used to sing the song which, I found every interesting, I loved that!!.I introduced myself ,at spoked about much of my family and my biggest dream in life.Month's and month's at sometime, I used to give her fish to eat. I showed it to my best friend ,But one day the whole ship came to know about this ,Some of the men's on ship were egar to catch the dolphin's.

At one night I found a net hanged over it , I looked at there were all dolphin's still kept alive under a big bucket of water and trapped. It occured to me only,I could speak the pink dolphin,I tried to remove her.

Some distant voice we're , closing near I throwed the pink one into the sea and, I got caught myself I was kicked at beaten and kept in jail, they shouted and tortured me ,I soon realized that my uncle was killed ,It seems the group people were changed but, how?

Suddenly I remember a think at distant ,there was ship and then it suddenly disappeared, The pirates may have captured there ship .

They gave rearly to eat,they were annoyed that, There favourite food was gone ,because of me I helped the pink,I have to suffer torcher ,I gave hope on living.

At night the storm seems to built stronger, I ship started to go apart and sink,every single person was shouting running for lifeboat they took everyone leaving me ,I got fainted and soon thought, I would meet god.

When,I got up I was on island sun high as always,I had got injured everywhere, soon a familiar voice spoked, "Take Some reset I saved you",It was a payback, you saved me.I smiled ,"thank you"."You aren't in healthy condition sleep please",dolphin said. As her voice was hypnotizing me ,I felt asleep

Next when I woked up,I was on comfortable bed the window,room looked beautiful and calm, My most of injuries healed and someone had changed my clothes,I was shocked .

I came outside a girl ,appeared working in the garden ,hey rohan"got a good sleep"? How on earth she know my name!! "I got fine ",wait a minute ,"Who are you?" It's not important now and she stormed in the same house .What did she meant by that?

One day I heard same song coming from distant ,which the dolphin use to sing ,But could find who was that. "Were did the pink dolphin gone?" I asked ."Didn't know" said she .One day the girl to dissapeared and I to was not fit to go on long journey .I stared at sea usually and I though that was just dream,the pink dolphin appearing agian , girl taking care of me,but something hold me back ,then who had changed my clothes?

Something was hiding from me,At one night I sat on cliff looking at moon and being thankful to god for saving my life, suddenly pink body appear from sea though approaching seashore .A bright light appeared and at same spot were pink dolphin stood the girl appeared, I was stunned by what I saw just now,I soon got up and went down and caught her ,before entering the house,"Who are you"? I spoked .As if she understood my intention she spoked," Yes you saw just now is true,we can changed into dolphin's ". Silcenced followed by this answer and I fatined down ,soon enough she caught me in midair and put me down and sat with me

"Sorry for that ,I didn't speak the truth, I thought you may get frightened and get away from here,as many had did ,I live on this island lonely " spoked in sobbing. "It's fine ,I wanted to say you thank you so much, nobody has done anything like this to me" I said ."what happen to other dolphin's"? I spoked with worried look ."They died " she said "What's your name?" I spoked with sudden interest ,"amara",she said instantly ."You look beautiful in moonlight", I spoked reducing some tension. "You are brave enough to sowl the truth ,Rohan" said she .

"Can I live on this island",I spoked ."surely you can live ", she said and smiled back."did you changed my clothe's?" Asked I ."yes" she said with a giggle .we took deep breath and lay on beach holding's each other's hand's,she was tall young and had red hairs black eyes ,and beautiful looking face .We starred at moon looking bright and clam .

May 11, 2020 07:49

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