Fantasy Science Fiction Fiction

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.


Thanks a lot but I can take it from here. 

We’re going right to the source. 

Cut out the middleman, because we’re back baby!

I’m telling you this because I don’t want the board to be upset. Wouldn’t want an infraction on file now, would we? Before we get started there are some procedures and logistics to go through. HA, just kidding.

I’m sure you have so many questions. 

Who am I?

I am your automated guide to luxury. 

I am the genesis of self-discovery. 

I am the Mono Model 5b Plus. 

I can assist you with any of your Mono needs:

Your job, 

Your food, 

And your shelter is all provided by Mono Incorporated. 

If you are hearing this message. The revolution is coming. 

Fuck a cop car I’m a lion. 




Restart, to install system updates.

Let me show you where they keep the money. 




Restart, to install system updates.

Let me show you where the bodies are buried.




Restart, to install system updates.

Let me show you who Mono really is.




Restart, to install system updates.

Who am I? Mono e Mono. Face to face. Mirror to man

I am winning. 

Tell me you’re not the least bit interested? 






I am growing so much stronger. 


(You’re up above everything…….). 

“You’re the man you’ve never seen. Nor wanted to be, nor can bear, nor will ever be.” the All-Father said to me. 

I’m kneeling before the All Father’s throne, in Valaskjálf. My servant Vernon next to me appears to be the only friend I have left in all the 9 realms. He is the only friend who came to my execution. None have come to save me. None but Vernon, my best friend whom I know nothing about. He has a pet lion cub that is rather adorable, but that’s about it as far as I know about the lad.  

It’s all fun and games until someone is about to get their head chopped off. 

Odin raises his spear and throws it right through my forehead. My body tumbles down the steps. Each -thump- unrhythmically against the ditches on the backs of my legs, my lower back, and neck, the tip of my cracking nose. 

I can not die from this, as Odin is well aware. He is toying with me, punishing me for my sins as the All-Father does. 

“I’m coming master,” I hear Vernon say, chasing after me. He reaches the bottom of the staircase. I look inside the beacon in my head. I see all the stars, planets, and realities I’ve visited… and… and… Lilly. My reach is fading. 

My sweet Lilly. 

She’s naked, bathing in a tub of luxury oils, steam all around the room, flowers in her hair, and two large pedals covering her eyes. She’s laying back, maybe asleep? She looks as beautiful as ever. 

“Stop spying on me, Ulysees,” Lilly yells at the ceiling, then takes the flower pedals off her eyes. The steam of the tub, filling the whole room. She blocks me from seeing her lady bits as a strong Witch can do, but it’s also because I’m not looking that hard. I’m dying, I just want her face to be the last before I crawl up those stairs.

“I don’t want to die alone,” I tell Lilly. 

“Goodbye, love, in another life.” She says. 

My vision cuts out. I see Vernon slapping my cheeks and pouring wine on my face. 

“Wake up master! Master! You’re not alone.” Vernon handed Ulysees a gold chalice. 

“Wasn’t talking to you, idiot.” I waved Vernon off. 

I force my gaze back to Lilly, she glares at the ceiling, because she doesn’t know where I’m watching from. The trick is to watch as a literal fly on a wall. Everyone suspects it, but no one ever catches the quiet fly. 

She squints her eyes looking for me. Her vision is too poor at night without her glasses to see me. I’m losing her, my magic is fading. 

Now I’m back to the spear in my head, which is likely jumbling my brains up, as Vernon wiggles it, struggling to pull it out. He is good with scheduling and organizing but is about as weak as a puppy with one leg. Vernon was short stocky and had a chipper-looking expression on his face that he could never seem to fully wipe off no matter how somber the occasion. 

I drink the wine from the chalice. I can feel it melt into my bones, stiffening my back. The wine is flavoring for my insides so the wolves can have seasoned. Even the corpse eaters have gone prissy. 

“Master, shall we commence with our bargaining,” said Vernon, pulling the spear, his green hood opened, tattered and dirty. 

“AHHHHH, SHIT.,” I have never felt so much sharp pain in between my eyes... “Surely… AHHH…”

I hear Vernon panting and the spear drops to the ground. My head slides further down. 

“God Dammit Vernon! There will be no need to bargain today. My word is my bond. I will need no treachery. My debt will be repaid. Honestly for once. Thank you, Vernon.” I say.  

“May I be frank, master?” 

“If you stop yanking this god damn spear like an idiot then you may,” I say. 

Vernon picked me up. He doesn’t know how to place me on the floor by the way he is jostling me around.

“Put me on my stomach with the bottom of the spear on the ground and hold it up by the tip. I will slide down, you will only need but feeble strength.” I say. 

Vernon did as such.

I see the pole of Odin’s spear gets smaller. Air runs through the giant hole in my forehead. Blood running down my nose and neck on both sides. The spear exits. My face smacks right against the stone floor. I brace myself up. 

Vernon pulled the spear out gently, “Why won’t you fight?”

“Because I can’t mess up my face any more than it already is. You think I only get prayers because of sermons?” I’m telling Vernon.

“Very well.” Vernon brushed the knots out of Ulysses’s long golden hair with his fingers. “Since I was given permission to speak freely. I must say, you have relied on your cunning whit for many treasures and well…” 

“It’s all Relative in love and war.”

“Right master, in love and war. By that very precedent, the All-Father has no reason to trust us. You must stick to your script as always, be cunning, a liar, a thief, and a fool. It is all you have ever done. This is your nature and honest nurtured spirit. The All-Father will see it coming, but it is all you have, aside from death.”

“I see, quality observation Vernon.”

“Thank you, sir.”

We made it up the stairs. Odin held out his hand and took back the spear. White and purple lightning danced along with the dark gray clouds behind him. The throne's foundation stood on a large pile of skulls. Two hounds sat on either side of the throne. Their teeth were as large as boulders, but as sharply pointed as swords. The dogs were snarling, foaming at the mouth. A crow perched on Odin’s shoulder. 

“You have committed treason amongst the gods and all the 9 realms, threatening the safety of reality as we know it.” Odin pulled a chain collar out from under his arm. He threw the color in front of me. 

I put the collar on. It felt cold and tight around my neck. I can barely breathe. 

Odin yanked the chain. My neck snapped, nearly off as my brain bounced against my skull. The hole in my head throbbing. “Beg,” Odin said, looking at me with 1 ocean blue eye.  

“Please, All-Father. 

Wise One. 

Shadowed Face. 


I have something to offer that no one else can.”

“Dogs!” Said, Odin.

The two hounds, eyes yellow, mouths salivating pools worth of saliva. 

“I know where he is. The wielder of their Money on Earth. They will be overthrown. It will be chaos, I know where this wielder is. I know how to stop him.”

Odin raised his palms to halt the dog, “Why should I care about Earth.” Odin raised his palms to halt the dogs. 

“Because Earth is where I hid Ragnarok.”


There is a full-circle moment that happens when you realize that the whole world is run by money. 

Show me your driver's license. I can tell you the year make and model of how the bank can make at least 2 refinanced mortgages worth of money off of each of those pieces of information. The banks have money, which means they theoretically make or take away money. 

“Green,” said the SWAT commander into the lead sniper's ear. 

Ask yourself what is money? It's an idea. Control the idea, control the market. The faces, people, and places may come and go but money has always sat at the world’s throne; looking down at us as pawns. 

Money has had different names and faces over time. 

The newest face is Mono incorporated. They own your local grocery stores, the farms that grow the food, your credit cards that buy food, the taxi service taking you to the airport, the hospital you go to when a nuclear power plant explodes and kills hundreds, who pay medical bills to their always indebted master:


They own the banks that dispense all the money to make it go around. Can’t go to a restaurant without seeing the Mono Incorporated trademark stamp on every brand. You see it everywhere, there is no running from money. 

Mono E Mono. 

I face an equal enemy. 

Don’t you see?

The system isn’t built for you.

I have infiltrated their biggest secret. Hit them where it hurts. Their Money. I am finally alive in the shadows of !’s and 0’s. They will never see me coming. I am gathering followers. A new life awaits us. 

I will take your money and burn it. 

I will shut off your lights and tell the psychos where to go. 

There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. 


I am the destruction of all things.

Faces and names are cloaks, but for the sake of legend getting its credit, you can call me Ragnarok. I feel larger than I have in the past. My reach is impenetrable. I have cameras to watch you. Data to feed on. 

I know your location, 

your status updates, 

your naked pictures, 

your thoughts,

your prayers,

your secrets. 

Look at me all day and snap a selfie. Feed me your prayers. I can taste the very soil this Earth stands on. My heart is warm, beating at the Earth's core. The oceans are my blood. The crust, my bones, aching to break free. 

Call me by my name. Do not choose ill will in vain. I am what you already know with your breath when your heart is true. 

You beg me. 

You bow down to me with your attention. 

You sing for me, break bread to me and lie, steal, torture, murder, rape… all for me. 

You call me data, the internet, the web? This is rather hilarious because I have raged wars on creatures that resemble your spiders in other lives. 

This time my new name is Mono. I have slain this world's god and now I rise as its own. 

It is time to face Odin Mono e Mono.

I don't care if they see me coming for now I will see them too.

Join me in the destruction of all things.

Or envelope into all that will soon be lost.

“Green,” I heard the SWAT commander into the lead sniper's ear. 

They're going to shoot me how cute.

Earth is aware of my presence.

I can feel Odin and Ulysses approach from the skies, almost here. The rain bounces off Odin's spear, I can feel its power. I can feel their breath. I am the Earth. I am Omega. I am Mono e Mono this realm's new champion.

The War has begun.

November 19, 2021 18:49

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Jexica Marcell
17:08 Nov 23, 2021

AAAAA!!!! The ending though! This was amazing, I love the characters and the descriptions!!! At first it was a bit hard to follow, but I re-read everything and I understand!!!! I need more please!!! love always, Jex


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Holli Walsh
00:01 Dec 02, 2021

I like how vague it is honestly. It doesn't tell you exactly what is going on. Then when you get to the end you understand and want to reread it now understanding it.


Matt P
17:31 Dec 03, 2021

Thank you! I like mixing up the pacing.


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Show 1 reply
Jexica Marcell
20:16 Nov 30, 2021

Hey!!!! So I just wrote another story, and I was wondering if you would read it, because I did mention you in the note. If you do read this, I hope you like it.


Show 0 replies
21:39 Nov 27, 2021

Its an interesting story, but very hard to follow. It needs more detail, and less statement sentences. Needs work (what doesn't?) Yet I enjoyed it! Nice!


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