Fantasy Fiction Adventure

Chapter one - I almost get killed by a holographic bull 

She stirred and stirred until it was all mixed up, then Amanda handed me my tea, 

“Thank you” I said

 “My pleasure,” Amanda replied. Amanda had long brown hair and upturned eyebrows, her bright blue eyes flared in the light. I sipped my tea until it was gone. “Feel anything” Amanda looked at me.

 “No” I said, I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but it must have made me really drowsy because now I felt like sleeping.

I woke up, my head hurt and my vision was blurry, I didn’t really remember anything before this but now I was in a hospital bed, I looked over at the clock on the wall. The time was 4:32 but it was still dark out. I crept towards the door and opened it. The hallway was silent and covered in security cameras. I heaved down it passing rooms crowded with injured and sick people. I finally made it to an elevator, I hopped in and pushed the button labeled one. It slowly moved down from four, to three, to two, but suddenly the elevator jerks up and then stops. Eager to get out I tried to push every button but nothing seemed to work, “The power must be out” I murmured to myself. I sat down demoralized, I tried to think of ways to fix it but nothing came to mind. It felt like I had been in here for hours already but I wasn’t sure. Prying the door open didn’t work either. 

Out of the middle of nowhere, the elevator began to move, my heart dropped and I stood up as fast as possible rejoicing. The elevator moved down to one, and steadily opened. Now I was on the main floor. The lights were dim, vines covered all of the exits and the walls looked like it had claw marks by something big, something really big. Suddenly the vision flashed and it was back to normal. The lights were brighter than ever, the exits were open and the room was full of people. I couldn’t have been in the elevator for that long but I guess it was six already. I looked down, I was wearing a long blue hospital gown, that wasn’t going to work. I slipped into the room next to me, it was a hospital room. There were clothes folded on the shelf, I grabbed the blue jeans and coral colored shirt. 

After I put them on I realized the jeans were a bit too tight and the shirt was a bit too big but I guess it would have to work. With that I slinked back into the hallway unnoticed. I wasn’t sure what had happened but I started to remember drinking something, the taste was funny. But that couldn’t have been it, there was something more to it. I remembered opening my eyes and seeing red and blue lights. That's all really. I just wanted to get home. I made my way to the main exit, the door handles were ice cold. 

“There she is” A broad man came thundering down the hallway pointing at me. Then I had that vision again, the lights were flickering this time, I peered through the vines on the glass door, outside was dark, I saw a shadowy creature breaking the glass. Then it was back to normal, the man was still running towards me. I grabbed the handles as fast as possible and ran out the door. The sun was so bright and I was surprised to see two feet of snow covering the ground. That hasn't happened since three years ago in 2016. I trudged through it but my footprints led a track for them to follow. I was too slow and the man grabbed my arms and pulled them behind my back like a prisoner. 

“Why are you taking me back” I snapped

“You need to be examined, you have been in a coma for three years now, it is 2022” he replied, I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t believe I had been in a coma for three years now it seemed impossible. He pulled me back into the hospital, up to the fourth floor, and I was back where I started. A little while later I heard a knock on the door and it began to open.

“Hello, my name is Amy Shmartle and I will be your doctor for today, so tell me has anything odd or different happened to you after you woke up” I decided not to mention the visions and so I answered no. Then she started to check my heart beat and do some blood work. She did this for a couple of days until finally one day she said. 

“Looks like you are all ready to go” I was so excited my heart started jumping in my body, I sprung up from my bed and dashed out the door, before I left they provided me with new clothes and a new pair of boots, I put everything on and left. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go but I stopped at a nearby store to get myself some snacks. Once my hand made contact with a bag of chips, I looked up and the lights turned off, the racks almost empty, and standing in front of me was the biggest, scariest, most daunting bull I have ever seen, just looking at in made my spine tickle, I froze, it was charging right at me, I tried to move but I was glued to the ground with a slimy black substance, I stooped low to the ground with my hands over my head closing my eyes, “excuse me” I opened my eyes and everything was normal, “I just need to grab the pickles right over there” she reached over me, I realized I had just embarrassed myself in front of everyone at the store so I didn’t mind all the weird stares I got.

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