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I had been waiting for Monday to arrive desperately, It had been since one month before that , I would been making preparation. First time in life , I woke up early without any alarm , I got dressed and drifted to the bus stand as early, I was contended beacuse my friend had been too coming for five day camp by school . I couldn't wait to meet her nervous but excited, though some days before we mate each other and instantly become friends.

I waited at bus stop for her . She made her appearance, she was tall , stunning ,gorgeous looking dark blue eyes fair skin her red hair's tied in ponytail and she had small backpack , she waved at me and came besides me and smiled ," What's up krishna ,did you brought everything which was needed for camp?" She said in cheerful voice . " yes , I had brought everything needed" punching my big shabby looking bag . "Did you have any idea where they would take us , mikasa ?" I said .

" yes , I got idea when I overheard miss kulkarni speaking about dense forest of karnala sanctuary park " she spoked with a pleasant tone . Soon bus arrived and without speaking we both stepped in . It was big new one and each student excited and speaking fast and happly making plan's about the camp . We departed she went to the other row and I to the different .

Only one boy was sitting alone ideal and sad , though it seems he didn't want to come ? But the camp was complousry for all eight grade student's , I went to my lot ," hey , rohan excited for the adventure?" I spoked .

"Yes , did you brought the thing which I told you?" He spoked in worried ." Yes buddy, I had brought it with me , could I offer to forget it?said I . What's the seen with Erwin and ram both are looking stressed" ." They both had forgot to bring an extra inner " he said it with laughing . We both laughed . We arrived at school soon we stepped out looking at front gates old rusty metal covered with black coating , which was recently done . It took us moments to go on big ground nobody needed any instructions or how to behave , the teacher's had already informed," any mischief bussines the camp would be cancelled immediately "? was said by grumpy and Todd like miss bella . She is dreadful with students. They checked one by one all back pack's removing unwanted stuff , many had brought chips , popcorn , chocolate berries which are famous one .

" and what this ramesh?", mam took the black looking thing in her hand ", a razor and may , I asked why did you need this?" Looking terrified and red with all giggling in silence. " my dad told me took take this " said boy in nervous looking face , mam took hear phone out and dailed a number and spoked about boy complaining to the parents .

It took us hour so the long large Volvo six white buses were waiting this would be last luxury we have before entering forest while sitting in bus , I saw mikasa speaking to a boy my grade and my stomach made an somersault , I felt burning my ears ," hey krishan what are you doing there? come ". Said ram . I walked in and sat next to ram trying to forget what had I seen ?

Don't think she is just friend and plus she has choice to make . My mind was in great civil war all morning till afternoon nothing making in mind rather than thoughts of her . Our journey to karnla sanctuary park was long enough . We stopped for lunch in big looking lounge which was emberlared with beautiful flowers and sea shells , the enters had fountain with water sprinkling from a pot of a wonderful looking golden woman. This was probably our last lunch with such a grand welcome from camp we would not get this delicious food to have.

So every student rush to food as if not seen from ages , one boy looked more worried because his plate was not a able to manage the all food stuff which

He was carrying , some passing girls giggled at him and boys made fun of him . There were variety of foods some panner grilles, butter chicken and all sweets which is typical used in indain culture. I caught up with rohan which had been returning from fringe . I spotted mikasa eating food with her friend's and the same boy which , I had seen earlier . I just shifted myself to different direction as if pretending to see in different direction but never managed perfectly . we two sat down at last table which was empty, " how did you manage to escape the thing , Krishna?" Looking worried said rohan ," I did manage", as I spoke ,"it was folding camera which I had kept under my shoe so they didn't find it " said I explaining ." Good one , bro " said rohan . We both chatted about our plan's that how we are using camera to capture beautiful birds and forest . I said ," what you had brought, ram "? . " I had brought interesting thing firecrackers I placed it inside my shirt they didn't checked it " said rohan confident then ever . It looked strange and I was worried , both of them had instead me too bring same thing , then "how I am going to manage one single camera in both of them"? , it made feel like falling from water fall due to someone mistake . I was wondering mikasa wanted because she was found taking pictures of nature but rohan hadn't told me the reason, "why he need camera "?

It took us nearly dawn to reach the karnal forest park it was matter of time . The camp would start from tomorrow and we would sleep in cottage of forest department for tonight only , tonight the instruction would be given regarding the great treasure which has hidden and need to be found out of the group which would be eventually be set tonight itself.

Nobody knew on what bases they are going to make groups, it took us no time to get dressed, the cottage was beautiful simple but spacious and comfortable only two person in single room , I and Rohan got one , Erwin and ram in next room . The hall was big and had washroom to the left it had a large glass window and balcony, this was specially for military purpose but we were allowed, the bed was in white sheet's with wooden flooring .

We both got the abig square room were every student had gather muttering to themselves, " what treasure might be hidden "? This was surprise to us any student didn't know about the treasure . A brown clothes ,black blade man walked into the middle of square and said to form a circle big one . We immediately followed the instruction .

You would be group into the three member each one would be given task the same one ," to find treasure in the deep forest before two day's ". We were facing our greatest adventure , I was surprisingly picked by mikasa and one more Erwin. We all three were in one team, I was glad to be with mikasa but this made problem, " how I am going to pass camera back to rohan"?, which was with Ram and another member which , I know by site.

Without much time to think the next day began with the sunrise glittering ti the mountain, the rules were strict , ni cheating and no passing information was allowed , they told us they were watching us . We were all ready to the front of jungle to began , only few sentence were told to us ," the treasure lie beside the lake "only this was clue .

With this in mind we began to got deep inside forest every one took different directions and soon nobody can be seen heard mikasa was dressed simple and solider like Erwin was happy beacuse I was in his team , Erwin was ahead us carrying only one back which included stuff of all three . ," how was that boy mikasa which were you speaking in the cottage room"? ,I said in low voice . She looked suspicious at me and then said," oh! , that one , he is my cousin but why did you ask "? I told suddenly ," No nothing we walked through vast growing jungle trees, plantes bushes but something move behind I watch backed out was rohan in shades , I know what I wanted do , I passed him camera ," you would like the photos " said rohan and vanished.

Later mikasa asked about camera ," I told her that I wanted a repair tonight , I would give yot tomorrow " . She said yes with smile ." Do you think mikasa the treasure would be easy?, he just lake " said I . " I know what you are thinking the lake just not appear here a just simple meaning and I know it would be hard to locate , but we Must think over it " . Said mikasa. Erwin spoked after a long time ," then the lake must in the cave if it was hard job to find " ." first time you spoked right " said I ,"what would more difficult than this?" Mikasa said we would find a high spot or mountain we camped iir first night beside a old oak tree we managed to get wood's and manage to light it before dawn . We had one sleeping tent three sleeping bags and some food packs we got early to sleep because everyone was tired of walking . At night as I was told to take the camera back I came out found Rohan waiting ,"How was the day "? said I, as I approached ," he spoked busy " we said goodbye and back in tent mikasa was beside me sleeping deep she looked more beautiful and innocent then ever , I felt the night would never passed I came back and couldn't sleep I kept staring at her and fall asleep .

The next morning I handed camera to her . She looked pleased and happy . We continued our journey mikasa capturing pictures of me and erwin and other trees and plants. We spotted a hill and took to climb upon and I didn't know but suddenly the happy face of mikasa was gone and she looked angry and frustrated, " Why did you told lies about camera "? Anger coming her ,I got my stomach spinned inside," how did you know "? ,"It doesn't matter how but why you did this, I was in impression that you are good one but all boy's are same " she said and placed my camera in my hand and started to climb hill without waiting me or erwin to join .I looked stunned couldn't move erwin followed her both of them living me behind it was afternoon and I dare not climbed we were apart ," why did she looked so frustrated "? Giving the camera to Rohan made her so upset , I didn't understand "? I took camera and started watch the images she had captured nothing to do more , I gave up everything the treasure , I didn't have any intention to get the treasure. As I passed images my camera felt down with shock just now what had , I just seen there were many images of half naked girl's while changing there clothes . I looked shocked and horror stuck were did it came from ?

I understood everything and have an answer to mikasa , I climed up the hill calling mikasa and erwin , I looked at cave and sure they might had entered. The cave was dark made up of limestone I took torch and went deeper but know sign at last I spotted blue light . I came out of light and spotted mikasa and erwin searching for treasure , I came beside them ," mikasa that was not me I had been whole day with you all , How could you ever think of me doing all this thing's"? , look mikasa I gave this camera to Rohan sorry for that , I mistakenly promised both of them to have it " said I in one breath but exhausted. " Why do I believe this"? said mikasa . She ignored me started to find. It hit like a punching bage right in face , I couldn't believe my best mate had done this disgusting thing ,I looked isolated from other I didn't have friends anymore or I had lost them . I sat far away from them looking pale and no more to talk with anyone . Soon many groups started to gather and to search but no luck was found at night as I didn't got to the tent for sleep ,I stayed motionless over rock hiring myself ,my head resting inside my knees and a voice spoked ,"I am sorry Krishna for that speak , I recognized the two girls and there are grouped with rohan , I am sorry "she was starting to sob said a childish looking face mikasa . " Thank you for understanding me no it's ok I am fine " said I ,she placed her hand on my hand and it felt like million times I would see this image , she rested her shoulders on mine and spoked in soft musical tone ,"what do you think where might be the treasure "? Said she ," I think this is tricky question , we have looked at every corner and some boys dived into the lake but know sign it seemly the water of lake is treasure" . Said I .

" It means that we have to present water as treasure ?" Said she . "Yes " I said we didn't speak to each other for long time felling the presence of each other . 

May 28, 2020 17:06

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Felicity Edwards
11:34 Jun 04, 2020

An interesting story but sadly there are nearly as many grammatical errors as starts in the Milky Way. I understand English is not your first language, you have done well but to be successful you need to polish your work. There are quite a few grammar software apps you could look at using to help in this regard. Well done and keep writing.


06:51 Jun 05, 2020

I will use a grammar software app , thank's for suggestion


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06:51 Jun 05, 2020

I will use a grammar software app , thank's for suggestion


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Show 2 replies
07:09 Jun 02, 2020

Thanks for your great , response . 😊


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Laurentz Baker
22:44 Jun 01, 2020

Interesting setting: The Karnal Forest. Summercamp getaway. Friendship, love, and conflict with a camera, or betrayal.


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