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Crime Fiction Thriller

The age of men has know peace and endless comtemplation about "Love" a word many religious gives different views and yet compare everyone to understand and abide by their views without seeking knowledge of what if everything has been a lie, right from the existence of man from scientists research down to religion belief. We cant throw a coin to know if someone truly loves what are the methods scientist has brought out to give us an 100% evidence that it works, Travis was in his 108 floor large dual office which the space could have been enough for two senior staff in the organization well i believe Mr Travis needed more space to work since he actually inspect and supervise everything going on in the company, I am yet in a small desk as his Personal Assistant, it's cool to be the boss PA he always told me I was smarter than I look so that was why he kept me back after my Industrial Training a freshly graduate from Biochemicals well I won't say I was the smartest student in my department but I was the only picked by Travis Biotech a billion dollar company and yet I keep asking my self why am I given a smaller desk answering and following the boss like I am going to damage anything in the productio department or even the research department I love to make of my skill but flying a private jet and attending countless meetings is not that bad enough for me. My boss has never talked about his emotions but today he started asking me what I think about love and all those shit, for me I don't give a shit if I have the resources I think everyone should just be programmed in a way that no breaking of heart will be heard of just as my friend Josh has been complaining about his 6 years relationship which just got down the drai. Travis was attending a meeting with his China comtempart on a lunch meeting to talk about a golf tournament well I know it's not about a golf tournament , Mr Travis has been trying to delay a lunching of a new research work I see him always lost in thought well for the Chinese company they already announce they will be lunching something big that will change the science world. Arriving at St Loyce Hotel the air felt unusaul and everywhere was quiet I felt something strange too but I just felt it was my usual dislike for boring meetings as I was thinking all this in my head I felt a cool breeze past me a bullet the next thing i could see was an open fire between my boss bodyguard and some other men well at first I thought it was the Chinese then I saw the Chinese boss and his men runing out coming to help us out. There we are in a cross fire confusion surrounding the entire building a group of bodyguards lead my boss out on a back door and I followed it was Hell on Earth to me that was the first time I was been shot at for no good reason, we used the back door to escape but my boss immediately took out a necklace around his neck which I have never noticed and he kept on repeating 'they know' I was confuse how come my boss is able to know what was going on I felt he was the most successful rich man I know who doesn't have a skeleton in his closet but here we are; the other car excorting us has just been bombed and we had to take another route my boss order the vehicle to stop and he told me to get off and go home in a middle of nowhere he was firing me like seriously after receiving such heat and everything I felt numb for some minutes on my boss action of telling me to come down from the vehicle in less than 3 mins drive I saw 4 cars jacking my Boss car shoting everyone in it then I think am glad he fired me earlier in less than a minute I left where I was standing to find a bus but could not, guess that was 1 of the disadvantage of having a meeting outside the city. Until 3 hours before getting home then I felt a replay of what just happened I felt sad how my nice, cool and the most simplest man I know just got shot soon as I was talking my whole place was filled with uniform men from cops to the Army my house was flooded feel they all have been waiting for me I guess, get down on your knees that was the only thing I heard before I felt an injection. Waking up I see myself in an intorrogation room with a woman offered me coffee and the questions started raining on me I explained everything that happened yet it felt like I wasn't truthful to myself the fact that I was the only survival both the Chinese boss and my boss has been killed I was the mystry, i saw someone who looked like the Vice President in our Company the Wife of Mr Travis ordering everyone and without delay I was release I saw her standing there without talking to me I was order to follow her we drove back to the office, one of the guards told me she was of the opinion that the FBI and CIA should do their job very well and find the killer and should leave me with them refusing she immediately called the CIA Director and they couldn't reject orders from her I guess you 1 lucky asshole, well I had nothing to do with the case she was right about that but I still don't see any reason why she must want to see me in the office after her Husband has just been killed, arriving at the ofdice I saw all the shareholder and every senior staff present in the office and she gave a distinguished opening speech "my husband is dead and the people who killed him want something that was why he was killed I know my husband cherish this company so it has to do with something with this company so I hereby want to take over as the President of Travis Group of Company to make sure whatever my husband died for won't be in vain" everyone clapped and she immediately took charge then said she would resume her office after 1 week of the bury arrangement. I was present with some other senior staffs then I also saw the son of the Chinese Boss talking with Mrs Travis I guess they 1 thing in common and should know how to console each other about to enter my car I saw My new boss walking towards my direction i greeted immediately and her was words was, meet you by 8am at work. New week it's Monday I can't imagine Am back to work I felt I should have been given 1 month for those drama I witnessed but it seem my new boss appreciate more works than my old boss well am not complaining I just got a new office given to me by my new boss I was still admiring the office when she walked in; I like my PA to be more closer to me than anyone else and I replied sure ma it will make it more faster to catch up with you. She was nice always going out for lunch and making me to join discussing her she feels about the weather and how she can't shop any more due to work I normally smiled without making too much impart yet to understand my boss, not until on Friday when she had to attend a campaign party for raising funds not up to 1 hour and she came to me am bored so I said should I get the car ready she said can you drive I said yes she called a bar if I the place i said yes she said take me there and please tell the guards to wait for us in the park I won't want to go there noticed I obliged, getting there she was really drinking and I whispered Madam can we go home already drumk accepted and I drove her home she requested I stayed back well as my boss I couldn't say no then it all started she called me upstairs that I should come help her with her clothe she was the sexy curve shaped model figure lady I had to take off her clothes and yet she seemed to have no problem with that I did and went back downstairs in not less than 5 mins I was called back upstairs and now she needed someone to bath her and there it was I seeing my boss nakedness and all I could did was to run out and went home with cab getting home many things ran through my mind was she drunk or it was all acting to me I felt the lest I worried about that and focus on my dirty clothes it will be better for me if not I would be wearing rugs for Monday, started picking the left over dollar note before putting them in the machine then I stumbled unto something I could feel a necklace took it out and remembered it look like that of my boss which I saw him held before he fired me by dropping me off on the high way then I noticed it was a drive woah I believe my boss dropped this off along side with me I quickly went to my laptop tried to opened it I was never good at guessing password and here I was after 1 hour of trying I couldn't get anything not until It hint me I tried using my name I felt if My boss knew he was going to die and he made a flash he would password so i can access it but unfortunately my name was useless so I gave up thinking of handling it over to the CIA the next morning i tried typing Smart to me even while his dead he was still smarter than me, there it was it opened the fucking password was Smart wow I love my boss I guess he really believed I was smart just opening it I heard a knock on my door I was confused was this the police or someone has been noticing me right now i that I just got this opened I am hearing a knock and this time the knock was harder and lounder the next sound I heard was unbelievable

part 2 coming up soon

thanks for reading please drop your observations it will really help me.

February 15, 2021 13:02

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Royal Executive
11:36 Mar 18, 2021

wow cant wait already please inform once you post the part 2


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