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Love me or Die

Whatever it takes. Lucy is going to do whatever it takes to be with Tom. She is already certain that Tom has feelings for her. Only a small detail remains. To confess her feelings to Tom today during the "Truth or Dare" game. Unlike her shy best friend Sophie, Lucy always does whatever it takes to own whatever she believes is rightfully hers.


“Come on guys”, Lucy announces. “ It’s time for my favorite game, “Truth or Dare”. Let’s gather in the living room. I moved the small table so there is plenty of space for everyone now to sit on the carpet. Sophie, Tom, Austin come here. Don’t pretend you don’t hear me. You can’t avoid the game.” Lucy shouts.

Sophie drags herself to the living room. Lucy is already sitting there and patiently awaits for Tom and Austin to join the game.

“ Come on, nobody wants to play this game. This game is for kids, not for us. We are not in high school, anymore," Sophie complains."Tom, say something!” 

“ Stop shouting, Sophie. I can still hear you from the kitchen," Tom shouts. " She is your best friend. You are the only one who can persuade her to play another game or do something else.”

“And you are my brother. Help me.” Sophie yells to her brother.

“Stop fighting guys. Let’s do Lucy’s favor and play this game for a while," Austin, Tom’s best friend, replies. "Tom, bring the beer. I am bringing the snacks in a minute.” 

“Oh, Tom. Don’t pretend you don’t want to play. This is going to be your chance,” Lucy exclaims.

“My chance to do what?" Tom whispers to himself. "I cannot believe my sister is hanging out with her. Lucy is so persistent about getting whatever she wants…. I can’t even imagine someone saying no to her". 

A few minutes later, everyone is finally gathered in the living room. Sophie, Lucy and Austin are sitting in a circle on the carpet eating crisps and drinking beer. On the one hand, Sophie and Austin are trying to calm themselves from sitting opposite to each other, while Tom wishes to finish this game as soon as possible. On the other hand, Lucy smiles broadly since the evening proceeds according to her plan. 

"We are all ready now,” Lucy affirms. “ Let’s start the game. I am going to spin the bottle first.”

Lucy spins the bottle as hard as possible. The bottle spins for a few seconds and it stops at Tom.

“Tom, "Truth" or "Dare"?” Lucy asks trying to hide her excitement.

Lucy cannot believe how lucky she is. It’s the first spin of the game and she has already the chance to ask Tom her question. Of course, she doesn’t have any doubts about Tom's answer but Tom still needs to respond "Truth” to ask her question. If he replies "Dare", Lucy will have to wait for another opportunity and she doesn't want to wait so she decides to "suggest" a choice to Tom.

“Well, I will choose…” Tom starts answering Lucy's question but she interrupts him.

“Well, Tom you are going to choose "Truth”.

“What are you doing?” Tom shouts. “ Why are you trying to answer for me?” 

“Tom, why are you pretending?" Lucy replies with an annoying arrogance. "I already know you want to choose "Truth". I am just making things easier and faster for you.”

Tom has had enough. He cannot tolerate Lucy’s attitude anymore. He has always found Lucy annoying but this time she has exceeded his limits with her know- it- all behavior. All he wants now is to go outside for a walk and calm himself before saying anything that he will regret later. No matter how much he dislikes her, she is his sister’s best friend and he doesn't want to put himself or Sophie in a difficult position. 

Tom is about to get up but Sophie grabs his arm trying to stop him from ruining the game.

“Tom, please sit down and stop fighting with Lucy.”

“ Lucy, Tom, stop fighting. This is supposed to be a relaxing weekend. We are here to celebrate the end of the final exams and have fun,” Austin adds. 

Tom takes a deep breath and sits on the carpet again.

“It’s fine,” Lucy gloats. “Let’s play something else. Tom doesn’t have to answer or say anything else. I am certain about his feelings and I feel the same way about him, too."

Tom cannot control his anger anymore and he is about to explode.

“What are you talking about? "Tom shouts furiously. "I don’t have feelings for you and i will never have. Although i dislike you, i am just putting up with you because you are Sophie's best friend. I would never hang out with you even as a friend. You are always bragging, you are so full of yourself and your behavior is annoying."

An awkward silence fills the room for the next few seconds while everyone remains seated in their position. Austin keeps his head down and avoids eye contact with everyone else. Sophie doesn’t know how to react or what to say as she feels stuck between her friend and her brother. Tom, on the one hand, feels satisfied for not holding back and saying everything he believes about Lucy. On the other hand, he is aware that his words might negatively affect Sophie's friendship with Lucy. Lucy’s ego and arrogance have been shattered into pieces. She is furious and she cannot believe that she has been ridiculed. She can’t stand being in the same room with Tom and she leaves the living room with fast-paced steps. She goes to the backyard of the house and sits on a bench thinking of how to take revenge for Tom's humiliation.


While Lucy is in the backyard, Sophie, Tom and Austin are still sitting on the carpet in the living room.

“What are we going to do? Sophie reluctantly mentions. "Tom, you should go apologize to Lucy first and tell her that you didn’t mean what you said. She must feel so ashamed and embarrassed now."

“Why don’t YOU go?” Tom explodes, “she is your best friend and you know her better than anyone. And I don’t want to apologize. I meant everything I said." 

“Guys, stop. “ Austin screams while taking deep breaths. “I am going outside to talk to Lucy and calm her down. And you” pointing to Tom with his right hand, “ you better apologize when she comes back.”

Sophie and Tom are taken aback by Austin's fit of rage. Tom nods to Austin while he stands up and leaves the living room.

Sophie and Tom are still sitting on the carpet of the living room feeling awkward.

“Maybe I should go outside,” Sophie almost whispers. “Austin wouldn’t know what to say…”

“You should,” Tom replies while he is looking at the carpet. “Go talk to Lucy and tell Austin to come back.”

Sophie decides to go outside, taking into consideration her brother's advice.

Sophie exits the leaving room and walks towards the backyard of the house. She finally sees Austin and Lucy sitting next to each other on a bench. Lucy is sitting facing in Sophie’s direction while Austin is facing in the opposite direction. Sophie is still a bit far away so she waves at Lucy while walking towards the bench. As she approaches, she sees Lucy and Austin passionately kissing each other.

Sophie freezes on the spot for a few seconds and then she hides behind a tree a few meters away from the bench. She cannot believe what she saw. She is confused and shocked. She can't stop asking herself how can her best friend and the man she is secretly in love with are kissing each other. Lucy is the only one who knows Sophie’s feelings for Austin so she cannot even imagine that her friend would betray her. She is trembling. She can’t allow Austin to see her in that state so she returns to the living room.


Austin grabs Lucy’s hands from his arms, he pushes her away and stands up.

“ Why did you do that?” Austin screams. “ Why did you suddenly kiss me?”

Lucy is still sitting on the bench smiling from ear to ear enjoying her success.

Austin is surprised by her reaction and he involuntary takes a step back.

“What are you doing? Why are you laughing? Why did you kiss me?” Austin asks again and again with no response.

Lucy can’t hide her happiness anymore and starts laughing hysterically.

“Sophie is in love with you and she has just seen us kissing each other,” Lucy finally confesses.

“Wh-what? What are you talking about?” Austin asks while slightly trembling. “We didn’t kiss each other. You suddenly grabbed my arms and kissed me.”

“Sophie doesn’t know that. She simply saw two people kissing each other.”

“Then, I will go inside and explain everything to her right now.”

“You can go, but she won’t believe you. Sophie has been talking about how much in love she is with you for months. She probably believes that you kissed me to confess your love for me” Lucy arrogantly replies.

“ You know, " Austin chuckles, "I thought Tom was overreacting, but you are really weird.”

“I will take that as a compliment. But if you really believe that I am weird because of a kiss, then you have seen nothing.”

“Why? What are you going to do? Wait, where are you going?” Austin yells.

Lucy doesn’t even bother to answer Austin. She is already heading towards the house with fast-paced steps. Austin follows her while thinking about her latest words.


Everyone is inside the house now. Tom is sitting at the dining table while Sophie is sitting on a sofa next to it. Both of them try to avoid each other's gaze and they are playing with their phones. Lucy rushes inside the house and goes straight to the kitchen. She grabs the kitchen knife from the counter with her right hand and puts it behind her back. Then, she heads to the dining room where Sophie, Austin and Tom are. As soon as she enters the dining room, she immediately notices everyone's position. Sophie and Tom are still sitting on the sofa and the dining table respectively. Austin is now sitting at the far end of the dining table, opposite Tom. Neither of them can see that Sophie is hiding a knife behind her back. She involuntary smiles thinking that everyone seat is perfect and she carefully enters the dining room. Austin immediately notices Lucy and asks her to explain what she meant a few minutes ago in the backyard. Lucy ignores him. Tom still feels awkward talking to Lucy so he pretends he didn't see her entering the dining room and continues playing games on his phone. Lucy is now standing right in front of Tom looking at him in the eyes. Tom realizes that he can't avoid Lucy anymore. He needs to talk to her and sort the situation out.

“Lucy, I am sorry about what I said before. I didn’t mean to be so harsh and rude with you, but I really don’t…”

At that moment, Lucy takes a step forward with her right leg, grabs Tom’s left shoulder and stabs him with the kitchen knife in the heart. 

“It’s fine,” Lucy whispers to Tom’s right ear, “but, if you can’t be mine, then you can't be anyone's else.”


August 20, 2021 13:07

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