The Boat from Nowhere

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Fiction Fantasy Adventure

I wonder whose boat this is. I find it strange that I keep ending up in these situations. One moment I'm talking to someone and the next thing I know I'm riding the current in a rowboat with no oars. At least I have this stick to push myself around with. All I have to do now is wait for shallow waters so I can use them.

Hopefully, I'll drift over there to that little island. There seems to be room enough for at least one person. I think I can make that work. Coming closer, the essence of the island vibrated peaceful freedom. It created its own resonance chamber in me. Going there was an utter compulsion. It knew I needed to be there and it was pulling me ever towards it. I sat quietly for a time and allowed the current to take me. For a time, I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

Still, this little dingy looks rickety. I think this is going to be the last ride for you tiny boat. Poor thing. It just didn't seem right to allow my liberator to come to such a humble ending. Reaching into the water, I pulled out a piece of driftwood. It broke rather easily, so I snapped it into a few pieces. The boat seemed to have a life of its own. When I held the driftwood next to the small holes, the boat decided what was missing from its hull and absorbed only what it needed. Maybe this little boat has more life left in it after all.

We were talking … I was about to make a point... It must not have been important. I guess it doesn't matter. I'd rather be on vacation anyway and that little island just keeps getting closer. I'm so out of here! A cool summer breeze brushed my hair back. I haven't worn it loose like this in years. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Finally, the water is shallow enough to steer the boat with my stick. I'm making good progress now. Almost there. I looked over my shoulder to see how far I've come from and where I had been. An oddly familiar house, on the shore I left behind, catches on fire. But, I'm so far away from it now that I'm completely safe.

I turned to look ahead and I was already in the shallows of the island. I felt the bottom of the boat brush across the submerged sand. The air was delicious with the smell of coconuts from the trees. My feet splashed through the water to get to the warm sand of the beach. Like a child, I gleefully plopped down in the sand and started building the castle for my new kingdom.

I wasn't thinking about it, but I forgot to lash the boat to the shore. Of course, it started drifting away. I guess it needed to go and pick up its next ferry. Sad to see you go little boat, but good riddance. Maybe, I just won't go back. Who's to say a person can't just stay on vacation for the rest of their life?

He turned to look at her as she began to speak. No doubt she was about to spew yet another rendition of the opposing point of view. But, instead, she disappeared right in front of his eyes. Seemingly, one molecule at a time. He looked down and noticed that the floor was covered in sand. He couldn't help but be annoyed. Where is the cleaning crew when you need them? I can see it now, a merry gaggle of fools tunneling to the center of the planet in search of answers? Ridiculous! Maybe they'll stay there.

The reason why I want her to come back is that there's plenty I need to say to her. I run this place the way that I do for good reasons. I'm not trying to pick on anyone per se, we're just in trouble. When I need every one the most, this place ends up like a ghost town. I seriously wish the whole place would go up in flames. At least then the insurance company would pay for it.

I deserve a good laugh. I think I'll take a moment to thoroughly make fun of the situation. He sat down at the computer screen and pulled up her work. Why didn't I notice this before? He gathered everything up and sent it to “he who rules with an iron mouth.” The boss called soon after and in one phone call, the plans were approved. The day was going out with a flash fire. I hope she comes back. I want her in my life and I really do need to talk to her about all that she does around here. We just don't tell each other enough. Where is she anyway? I know she asked for vacation time, but this is ridiculous. I wish I was there too.

At first, I thought without oars to steer with that I was on a boat to nowhere. But now that I'm here, it seems like I was on a boat from nowhere. With the construction of my castle complete, I sat on the warm sand underneath the coconut trees. I hope he takes the boat from nowhere. I need him here.

We walked out of the elevator per “orders.” How did sand get all the way up on the seventh floor? I wonder how many more times we're going to get blamed for other people's problems today? As we rounded the corner to go vacuum up the sand, we all noticed that he just seemed to disappear. He faded out of existence right in front of our eyes.

He drifted onto the beach just like I did. I motioned for him to come to sit next to me on the beach.

I sat next to her on the warm sand underneath the coconut trees. The purple sunset was exquisite to watch and the view was made complete by the burning house on the shore off in the distance.

August 23, 2021 20:23

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F.O. Morier
07:01 Sep 03, 2021

what a delicious story!


F. G.
18:30 Sep 03, 2021



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Beth Connor
16:13 Sep 02, 2021

I enjoyed the dreamlike quality of this story and I love how the lines of reality were blurred, and the little boat tied everything together. The prose was poetic, and there was both a lightness and a sense of heaviness that left me feeling quite introspective.


F. G.
21:21 Sep 02, 2021

:) Thank you. On cloud nine again.


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