I can't believe my writing, I had at last finished the first story of my life, though this was like a torture but after this relief its worth of feeling. But the fact the book would never get published. I had seated myself to table which was white marble and other things in room where at top design.

I had already left the mortal world long back ago. Then I had all time imagined to write due to the over growing competition, working job it was like ti-ta race. True value of living is destroyed and with that our loved one's get distanced with us.

The book I wrote had title with golden letter' bliming in light,"unfinished loved" its about my life. As my mother say's that I was born on twenty sixth of july with dark cloud's blasting lighting bolt's from sky, it was not a peaceful night with lights gone it was way difficult to carry out operation. But even this difficult's, I could see the world with my two eye's. At the day you were born it's your great success towards humanity to see the outer world but still there some foolish people around, who are just egar to finish there own life and in that my father was one.

I didn't have pleasure of father carrying back home nor, I had seen him just only, I know was after my birth he committed suicide jumping from the front appartment. My mother and grandfather took whole responsiblity of me and house, I had a normal life till age of ten, then situation started to go worst, the student's use to bully me about my absent father in my life and I didn't want to share the reason. In same stituation, I falled in love with a cute looking girl next door of house. She was really good character one and she helped me to develope myself we had long time for each other than she just got shifted after my tenth board exam but made promise that we would be in contact.

My college day's were just fantastic everything was open for us friend's,party ,sport's,part time job and academic's. The whole day was crumbled into tight schedule grandfather passed away three year's ago! It really broked mother though she was a CEO of company she decided to step down. I had always been close to her but with all this stuff, I was unable to give her time and she was just alone.

One day it happened at last the every grief, she hidded inside her body burst out like a tsunami at the night. I was angrey with her's behaviour and slammed the door but after three year's, I understood the deep cut of my word's but she was just kind as she was three years back.

Every thing was back to normal again the ,"life is of full adventure if you are passionate about life". I passed with top grades and degree in my hand. At last time, At last, after a long battle in mind, I proposed my best girl which would, I like to live all my life.

Soon I got job which was good enough for eraning, I mentioned to mom that I will marring kritika. She didn't protested and agreed but the most terrible thing, I experinced was after one year of marriage, mom died mysteriously none of them explain about her death, nobody had any good reason that,"How she passed away?" At that time, I was in abroad .

The most danger thing was approaching me with great planning and effort and with perfection. At one night, I was fast asleep in my bed then something moved beside the room. I looked for kritika which usually slept beside me. She was not there then soon from nowhere the knife got stuck inside my body, the blood pouring form my body out on bed. It was man with broad and blade shape strong muscular but heartless.

I could bot shout beacuse one mouth of kritika was stuck on my mouth. I didn't understand," Who was this man? and " Why on earth there trying to kill?" Many question whrriled me and everything was just fast they threw me to the dump yard thinging, I may leave any moment but life gave them bunch on there faced, I was saved by a kind man and soon I got recovered and won case against them both and they got punished for lifetime.Soon it became clear, my mother was murrder by her I took my life and was free from curel and then it happen again, the girl living in my neighborhood was working in my company, I couldn't hold back my love and soon said about it and my flashback too.

She agreed and soon, I was happy with her, Long time ago, I flet and this pleasure experienced in bella's house, I found my father photo hanging first, I was not sure about it but when I asked her, she explained me, my father was true human and loyal to bella's father company and he was caught in wrong situation and so not willingly infilter company he commuited suicide and cried almost all day into bella's lap and all this time, I had crused him several time's, I look outside windom my mom and father and a small kid going to school.

If you are thingking that eveything got right , then you are totally worng , I had to pay for that by giving my own life to a black hooded figure which came from sky. He was master of birth and he told me everything about the life and death in my dream, he mentioned that, On the day I was born my father was killed which means, I'm no more than my father part of his soule lived inside and for that reason, the people we're not able to kill me or hurt. I was worried about bella, she would be alone so, I made deal that every year on birthday, I could go on earth and watch her whole day.

By reading this my own reflection of life it made me cry. But time was up her birthday was today and was able to leave the god's palace. And about midnight I appeared on her bed unoticed, I crept back to my usually sleeping spot around her and saw her with my all beauty in my heart.

June 17, 2020 15:08

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