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Drama Fiction Suspense

This story contains sensitive content

*Sexual Content

“Don’t you remember? Formulated all of their stories, and she was lost. Something she did not know and would never learn to appreciate, so she thought. She found herself beginning to daydream with her eyes wide open. She was in a trance parallel universe, and as much as she tried to fight it, she could fight it no longer. 

The reality was that this man wanted to be seen and wanted some action. He never realized who was out there, hoping to find out by playing some pool. She was an athlete and loved competitions, so she was eager to play and wanted to get to know him better. They played exclusively almost all night. He caught her eye immediately! So devilishly and delectably handsome! Her mouth just wanted to hang open as it kept salivating, literally! Luckily for her, the man she came with was not interested in playing pool; he was visiting with his friends since he lived out of town in Montréal, Québéc. That left her to play pool with Manual.  

Yes, that was his name, Manual. Her life changed forever in one game of pool! She realized that there are many more fun things to do with someone on a date than she ever imagined, and playing pool was one of them. They played, talked, and had a few drinks all night long; it seemed like they were the only two in the room, and that time stood still. He was so cute and charming. She was very seductive and sexy, awestruck by his true beauty. She immediately thought of wild, passionate sex with this man because he was single and had not dated in a while; she gleaned through conversation. She also had not had sex in a time, which meant they were at the "who cares anyone will do" phase. However, the fact that they liked each other and genuinely felt warmth and fuzziness meant it would be magical. She was imagining the entire event now. It was stupendous. But at the end of the evening, they were almost exclusively alone now. They both thought of leaving with each other and having sex, no doubt, and she was wondering just what she would find down there on Manual. After all, he was ten years her senior and Italian; most likely, he was uncut, she surmised. Afterwards, when she was leaving, she told him, "Manual, look me up; you know how now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon".  

About four days later, he sent her an email (believe me, she was checking) when she saw the red flag indicating she had mail. Her heart was pounding, and her belly got butterflies; her head heard birds singing, and she clicked the message open. It read: you are right. I am intrigued by you! I would like it if you would join me for drinks and dinner and he gave her his address. He went on to say that it was street parking and told her what time to arrive. She wanted to puke with excitement, nervousness, and all that shit that goes with being a first-timer kid who overate sugar! 

For the remainder of the week, she walked on air. She surveyed the females at work for suggestions on what to wear for an informal dinner date for two? Her closest mate helped her; she felt so good about seeing Manual again that she could hardly wait! She was like Snoopy and Woodstock dancing happily around at Christmas! Then, since her kids were already at their dad's, she had to let her friends know where she was going and blah blah blah, just in case she chose a weirdo to have dinner with because you never know!

On Saturday evening, she parked in his alley and waited until exactly when he asked her to arrive. Then she parked my car on his street in front of his house and rang his doorbell. He opened the door immediately, which she knows now, but did not know then, meant that he was waiting for her to ring the bell so as not to keep her waiting. 

They climbed the stairs to his apartment. It was simply lovely. He took her jacket and offered her a drink. He explained his heritage. They sat in his living room. His television was the largest she had ever seen outside of being in a bar.  

They sat inside as it was December and cold. They talked about many issues. She gained much insight into this man and his inner person. He opened up to her. His inner man touched her; it was overwhelmingly warming and encapsulated her. At that moment, she knew he was the only one for her. She knew They would marry one day. 

He asked about sex, which she was all too willing to partake. They raced to the bedroom. They stripped themselves fast, and they barely got into the bed. They explored one another vivaciously. Lips on breasts, lips on thighs, lips on penis and lips on lips and tongue in the vagina, what a way to spend an evening.

Moreover, after it was over, they waited and did it again. He told me, "you are beautiful. You are a good mom who looks like a model. You are fun, you have great jeans and your eyes are the bluest and most beautiful I have ever seen. I want to be a part of this life.”

Oh, but this was not reality; it was just her imagination. The man and the good times were all in her head. She was a single mother with two children who taught high school English. She would never meet Manual in her cloistered world that was taking care of her children at the moment. Sex and romance would have to wait for now. She got out of bed and began preparing for another ordinary day. As she brushed her wet hair she moaned for her Manual; as she hear the pitter-patter of little feet coming the way she smiled and greeted her wee ones with a huge kiss and hug. 

July 22, 2022 17:46

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Lily Finch
20:34 Aug 07, 2022

Hi Yves, Thanks for reading. Yes, sometimes I write about things not working out so well. I didn't realize it was a surprise response to the prompt. That is good to know. Got to keep people on their toes! Thanks for your comments. LF6


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Yves. ♙
08:57 Aug 07, 2022

Aww, what a shame it didn't work out for these two! Sometimes fantasies can only be fantasies. Definitely a surprise response to the prompt, and I'm glad you delivered some explicit content for the adults in the room!


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Lily Finch
18:01 Aug 01, 2022

*Then she parked her, *he told her, *as she heard typos that got me with pronouns. I contemplated telling first person over third person narrative. I am so indecisive sometimes.


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