It was frosty night outside , it can been seen from window pane by sitting on armchair besides fire place . The room contain many paintings hung over the wall and polish wood in a conical style interior , grandfather left me this home in his last will ! I come here for vacation it feel's pleasure and warm . I sat reading a book with hot chocolate coffee mug on the wooden table .

Next morning I opened the front door and so field's turn into white . I got shovel and axe placed besides the door . No house could be seen near by but many thick green and white shades of coniferous, spruce and juniper could be observed. I started to remove the snow from path way by help of shovel .

It took some couple of hours, the nearest house was within 5 miles, my grandfather had built it with his own friends and he left family and started to live here . I took axle and started to chop down a near by tree , after few hours I had successfully made two large tree's into the house . The house was three storeys high and made of wood . The place had no access to the outer world , I helped myself with the food and settle myself for long nap .

I woked of suddenly , scratching my head , "What a dreadful dream, it was"? I didn't dare thought of that , I came to room on second floor which was locked , I didn't find any key which would fit in hole at last . I broked with the hard metal . The door opened slowly making cracking noise it was dark and spider webs lay everywhere there I found a box . I opened it and to the bottom of that lied motionlessly a beautiful golden border painting ,I removed it out of room to the working table removed dust, it was beautiful painting of rich green field's surrounded by mountains and shinning moon appered instead of sun . I understood with style of painting it must be my grandfather's master piece .

I took it in hands and next thing happen was a flash of light appeared from the painting and something magnetic pulled me inside no water nor gas like substances surrounded me my head started spinning fast . I felt on to the ground's with short pain in my head . The first thing came in was , "Where was I "? "Did it really happened the painting swolled me"? "No, this must not be really going on " , to make sure I slapped myself and the burn started from left cheeck . " how am I going to make out?" I didn't noticed that I was on same field which just now I saw it . Dreadful thing's came into and I started feeling of worst . "Did really my grandfather made this"? Many question kept busy. Unless I voiced spoked ," whose there"? I felt silenced in mind , mouth moved no word's came out of it .It was boy who came from behind trees looking feared .

"Look I just came inside because of that painting and I am now stuck? Do you know which place is this "? I spoked suddenly without thinking and reliefed that it was a boy . "Good then" spoked boy "you are like our lot then". "Wait a minute did you all came through that painting by which I just now came in "? Spoked I, feeling happy he and I are in same boat ." Yes and No we came through different painting at same place there many out there " spoked boy . He was about 8 years old and had black hairs and black eyes, had fair skin . The boy spoked ," It's getting dark we should head back to house , you could come too we leaved just outside of village ". " ok thanks for help " spoked I looking surprised of instant offer . We walked back together in twilight, moon just setting back behind the mountain . "Which village is this?" I said in low voice ."This was the village of 'Chicxulub' it is wiped out from present world" boy spoked . I was shocked by this information , which means there are villages present here which are absent in real world .

We came to an hault there was a small house made of wood and fire smoke whirling above the house . He opened the door and stepped in "I home Margot ,ha I have guest which is arrived from the real world " spoked boy has he removed his shoes and settle himself on chair . I looked nervous and shamed how helpless and hopeless I am in this world . A elder woman came out from kitchen with a kind face which had big brown eyes with perfect circle and had black hers and ge was beautiful in appearance.

"What's your name"? she said to me . I spoked in very soft voice," I am, wait what's my name I tried my best to think hard but nothing came " . she said, "this are normal things , not to worry about you may remember after some weeks ". She just said it in a such casually way that it made more shamed .

We got together well along and I had forgot and past things office , vacation and all , Now I didn't worry about how I am going out of this place? I just enjoyed the little and interesting things in this world , That you didn't have to cook here , everything you want is found under the big trees which has enormous hole to bottom of tree .The fields just I saw was of flowers . There are no proper day's and night but still every home had different calendars in there home , representing each day spend of per person , with different colour's of stone circling on each day .

It was wonderful then I had ever thought in my life . It was time for me to say goodbye to Jack and margot after spending months in the house . I was intrested in the mountains. I took off greeting them and Thanksgiving ceremony. It was moony day clouds changed there shade of colour's randomly from white to magenta, rose pink you could sit and watch whole day without being disturb .I went many times to village not single person is jobless everyone had work to do for their own good I wish it could true in real world by spending many hours and learned the art of, to built own house it was not difficult though . I made way through trees bushes and started to climb hill and soon I was tracking over the mountain .

I soon was lifted in cold snow which appered every where on the ground I could see small settlements over the top view . The village's says that there many village out there but we don't have any transportation system yet know or been invented. I soon was covered in coniferous trees and something hit me hard , I had walked through this place but can't remember where did I? Soon a familiar looking house appered with colonial style and it was my house . I can be sure by it's structure but "How's that possible even?" I broke into run leaving my luggage down and looked from window's to make sure it was only my house for which, I am looking for? Yes , right it's mine home the same painting , the chair ,table , painting and everything, wait minute I saw some in house , horror stuck it was me who was cleaning the same painting that I had done earlier some word's came from my mouth but no use it would not have reached him, oh! Sorry mine .

Then same flash of light same force could been seen from window and the man got thrown into the painting . 

May 21, 2020 16:49

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