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Note: I got sick so I decided to write this and im kinda liking the vibe its giving off so tell me if you want a part two. Btw I am writing another story and its coming very soon.

Tw: fighting, blood, mild cuss words

The spit seemed to fly out of his mouth in slow motion. The kid I had roundhouse kicked fell slowly to the floor. I almost laughed. It looked so funny to watch the blonde haired boy smack his head on the mat.  May the best man win, he had said before with a smirk because I was one of the two only girls in the group. Now I was looking down at the Spider Man underwear that was peeking out from a hole he had ripped in his karate gear. I snorted and walked off the karate mat not even bothering to help him to his feet. 

When the sensei questioned why I simply replied “he's a ‘man’ he should be able to get up himself.” I  swiped my cropped black hair from out of my eyes and used a rag to wipe the sweat from my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man in a black cloak in the large window of the dojo. But he was gone as soon as I noticed him. I ignored the nagging feeling I got when I thought about the man and prepared to spar again. 

“This time you will be sparing a kid from one of the younger classes but she's the best in the class,” Sensei said. Oh lord this will be easy. Then I realized he said ‘she’ instead of the phrase I normally hear. This might be interesting though. I stretched my arms as I waited for my opponent to come up to the mat. 

Soon a girl about three years younger than me walked up to the mat. She had tan skin and bronze colored hair dyed bright orange at the tips. She was a good half a foot shorter than me but had a spark in her eyes that made me start to question how easy it really will be to beat her. The sensei started giving the pre-fighting commands.

“Bow,” we bowed to each other, “Shake,” we shook each other's hands. “May the best ‘women’ win,” I said to her, staring directly at the kid who I had fought previously. He flipped me off and looked away. 


I lunged at her, using my normal trick of pretending to go to punch left and instead doing a roundhouse kick right. However, she somehow expected this and rolled left, dodging completely. She then took the offensive and punched me in the stomach before ducking under me and running to the other side of the mat. Damn she has a strong punch for a kid. I took a second to try to get a breath down before turning it up a notch. I turned my back to her, expecting her to take advantage and attack from behind.

I heard her cautiously approach. When she was about a foot away I moved my leg around her right one and got her off balance. I then grabbed her left arm and did a roll. I hopped up and looked down at her on the floor.

“Winner is Rayven! Diamond nice try. Rayven you won yourself a break. Diamond, since you didn't beat the second best in the class now you will have to face the best of the class.”

I froze. The best in the class was a 21 year old man who worked for some really bad people aka the Analee government. Yes, I live in Analee but our government scares the living shit out of me. I only live here because this is where I was born and it's probably better than the Third Republic.

“No wait! I’ll do it. I uhh… I want to see if I can continue my winning streak. … Yeah. So Diamond can take the break and I'll go against him?” I said, mentally cursing my stupidity.

“Diamond still has to go against him but you will go after I guess.”


I walked over to the water fountain and took a drink. I watched Diamond stand in the ring waiting to get her butt kicked by a drunk scary person. I ran over to the ring and tapped her shoulder. She looked over to me and I could see that her face was covered in blood. Without thinking I stepped up on the mat and casually punched Diamond in the face.

It must have been a pretty hard punch because she fell to the floor unconscious, blood dripping in a steady stream from her nose. She probably wouldn't thank me later for the killer headache she was going to have. I however would take being knocked out over getting hammered into a piece of raw steak by a 21 year old man with disgusting chest hair. The blonde haired boy from earlier pulled Diamond's limp body from off the mat while I stepped onto the mat to prepare to fight the man. Before I could throw the first punch (which everyone knows to never do) sensi called the match. 

“Rayven that's enough for today, I think you've proved your point,” he said before addressing the class. 

“Unfortunately that's all for today. I wouldn’t want someone to be late for orientation,” he said while shooting a sly look in my direction. My thoughts drifted back to the man in the black coat but I quickly pushed them away. 

“Run home today, I guess there's rumors of a Third Republic attack. It's probably another bogus threat from a drunk guy but just in case, walk fast to get to your houses, okay kids?” The sensei said. We all knew it was just another rumor because no one has been able to pass the battle lines in 40 years but I saw some kids run anyways as we exited the building.

I took the long way home through some alleyways just because I didn't want to see that many people in the streets. I ignored the hormonal teens about a year or two older than me making out on one of the brick walls. Apparently the war hadn’t only made adults crazy. After braving two more couples I eventually got to my apartment. 

I jumped on the old mattress to get to the handle of the ladder and climbed up the fire escape and into my house. I looked over to the couch expecting to see my parents lounging, drinking beer or wine, and watching some old movie. No one was there so I went into the kitchen. No one there again.

“Mom! Dad! I’m home! Where the heck are you guys!” I yelled while checking the bedrooms. That's when I noticed the metallic smell wafting from the living room

I walked back into the living room and my eyes widened when I saw the guy in the black cloak sitting down on the couch, small knife in hand. I recognized him as the same guy who I saved Diamond from having to fight. 

“Well I’m not exactly sure where they are, Rayven Thomson, but I do know they will be six feet under when you see them next. Oh wait. I mean when you see all of them. “Here, say hi to your mom. Or at least part of her I guess,” he said, holding up her severed head. 

“What the heck.”

“Is this some sort of insane stupid joke”

Oops,” he said and laughed a bit while checking his watch. “Looks like someone is going to be late for orientation,” he said, smirking. 

“You have orientation too, we are in the same class. Even though you seem to be way too old to be in it.”

“How old do you think I am,” he said, laughing as he played with the hair of the severed head.

“1000000 years too old to be a psychopath.” I replied

 “Better late than never” he said and threw the severed head at me.

“But for your information, I'm 16”

With that I casually puked on my moms head.

“Aww, are you sad that your mother died?” He cooed in that voice you use with little kids.

“Yes but I barfed because for a 16 year old you've got a little uh hair” 

“Nice try, Thomson. You're 14. What would you know about that?”

“I'm 13” I said crossly.

“Proves my point even more.”

“Why are you in my house. And why do you have a fake dead head with you?”

“You have so much to learn,” he sighed, “But first I'll have you know that that head over there is real.”

“WHAT THE LITTERAL HECK!” I screamed and threw the head across the room without thinking. He just put his feet up on the couch and smirked at me.

“It's really disrespectful to throw the dead you know,” he laughed.

“Go to hell.”

“Aren't you a little too young for that?”

I growled and grabbed my shoe from my foot, chucking it at him. 

You might be wondering why I haven't tried to kill him yet. Well my answer to that is even though he just killed my parents in front of me and acted like it was no big deal he was a psychopath and worked for a psychotic government that could kill me in an instant whenever it wanted so I would like to try and stay on its good side. 

He caught the shoe and before I could react he stuck a needle in my neck and pulled a bag over my head.

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Ooooo das scarrrryyyy! May I request a part 2? >;3


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22:25 Apr 08, 2022

I like the plot. The main character seems cool too, she has a certain fire to her. Thank you for the read Ember : )


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