Suspense Christmas

It was quite a pleasant night, everything was silent except the crackle of fire in the fireplace. I was around fifteen then. My Mother baked a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies and three tall glasses of milk. Everything was decorated with Christmas lights and decorations, I remember looking out at my neighbours house which had a HUGE sleigh, decorated with tons of lights and bells. I also remember hearing Christmas carols. The best part, was that everyone, my mom, my dad and me were sitting wit each other. And NO RESPONSIBILITIES!

The same scene but five years later, everyone there, even relatives, loads decorations in my house, and the same holiday joy…. 

‘So how’d the new job go Anna?’ Asked my aunt Miranda. 

‘Oh, it was terrible! Nothing like I expected’ I replied.

 I started telling them about the worst week of my life….

So, it was the first day of my new job as a waitress in the new restaurant that opened last week called, “fine dine” weird name but at least the payment was 500$ a week.

So I came extra early on my first day, around 5:30 in the morning and my job started at 7:00. I was so exited. I went to my boss’s cabin and asked him about my first task…

“Ok, go wash the dishes b- said my boss

“Ok sir!” I replied quickly.

“-by hand” he said with a wide evil grin on his face.

I went on to the kitchen and started washing dishes-  by hand.    

I stared at the two huge dishwashers.

Something was off, there was no other employee except me. I remember seeing this place on the grand opening filled with employees, but no, not a single one now.

Suddenly the bell rang a tall muscular man entered, his skin was tanned, he had pearly white teeth and his eyes were the mixture of blue and green. He smiled at me and sat on a small table in the corner and looked at the menu, after a few minutes he called out “hey I’m ready to order”

I went over there with a notebook and and erasable pen. “Welcome to fine dine sir how may I help you” I asked. “I would like some coffee and a croissant”he said. I made the coffee and heated a croissant and gave it to him. He ate it, payed and left. 

Suddenly my boss called me.

My heart was thumping……..

I entered the office but It was not an office it was a creepy dungeon. With so many employees and customers in one big jail.

My boss pushed me in. I went to the very back where I met the muscular man again. He wasn’t very surprised to see me. He asked me my name… “Anna walker” I said. I asked him his name, “Chris Denvers” he said.

So I learnt that my boss was a maniac who trapped employees and customers in a magical black magic dungeon. Yay. “We need to find a way to get out” I said. “I know a way, but im gonna need your help” replied Chris…..


September 02, 2021 15:14

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22:57 Sep 03, 2021

Hey!! I love this story :) p.s if you're born on 6th May, won't you be a Taurus!? I'm born on 3rd May and am a Taurus myself


꧁ Artemis ꧂
07:55 Sep 06, 2021

oh HI! thanks!!!! XD its all just 4 confusion... hehe 😜


02:04 Sep 08, 2021

oh ok!!


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