Little Adam was very excited as he stepped out the front door.  Of course, you don’t call him little Adam to his face, but many still do to this day.  What do you expect when you are five foot and three inches?  At this time, Adam could careless of what bullies called him for he is about to go across town to meet his buddy, Jerry, who he hasn’t seen in quite awhile.

“I had some fun times with Jerry,” he said to himself.  “He treated me with kindness in this cruel world.”

Adam thought of riding his bike, but decided it would be healthy to take a walk instead.

“I think everyone should be walking nowadays,” he thought.

He started down the road, whistling away, as he enjoyed the beautiful, sunny day.  He soon came to a grassy field, and his joy dropped a notch.  Memories of years ago came to mind when he ran through this field to escape the bullies.  Bullies that went by the names of Laura and Sean.  Both had big mouths that they would use to taunt him.  A couple of times Sean would catch him and push him to the ground.

“Need to think of happy times like today,” he thought. “Dreaded times of the past.”

Adam moved on, looking at the surrounding homes to distract from looking at the traumatic field.

He soon took a left onto another road, the dreaded field left behind, out of sight.

Adam thought of the last time he was with Jerry, thinking it was five or six years ago they were together.  They stayed up until the middle of the night watching corny horror movies, counting how many people died in each movie.  Fun times, knowing that it might not happen again with Jerry moving away.

It was five years earlier that the two met as they were picking berries for a few dollars.  Adam walked down an aisle, and bumped into Jerry, who was munching away on some of the berries.  Jerry was a few inches taller than him, and weighed about a hundred pounds more.  It didn’t take long for them to strike a conversation, both with similar views.

“I feel like we are brothers,” Adam told him at one point.

Adam was halfway down this particular street when he heard a female voice squawking out to his right.  He looked over and saw one of the girls he went to school with waving at him.

“Hello Nancy!” he called out, seeing even after a few years she still looked the same.  The short, straight brown hair, a face that looked like it was made of plastic, and a stick thin frame except for the ample bosom.

She called out to him, but he couldn’t understand half the words she said.  It sounded like she was speaking another language or she was drunk.

“I’m heading to see my buddy!” Adam called back.  “Enjoy the day!”

She waved back with a big smile, then started stumbling off toward the house.

“Maybe she is drunk?” he thought.

He continued on and rounded the corner of the road, looking at the house at the corner.  A house that he used to deliver newspapers to at one time.  The house that when he tried to collect money one time a yappy, little dog came out and nipped him in the leg.  He gave the mutt a kick that sent it scurrying back into the house, and a scolding by a woman that looked like she was in her nineties.

“Feel bad for kicking that nice little dog,” muttered Adam.  “I was ignorant when I was younger.”

He continued on, and soon could hear the dreaded sound of a helicopter that comes through the area quite a bit to check out traffic.  The dreaded machines made so much noise.

“One day I’m going to do something about that noise,” he said.  “Man and his evil contraptions.  Go back to walking.  No horses.  That’s too cruel.  Ride a bike as long as it’s made environmentally safe.”

Adam came to an intersection where he needed to take a left, but stopped for a moment.  Straight ahead, three houses down to the right, another bully lived at one time.  Luckily, only one time that this bully bugged him.  Bugged him because his older sister declined his offer to go to the dance.

“Donald was his name,” he said.  “Creepy guy that thought he was all that.  Full of shit.”

Adam moved on to the next stretch of road that will take him to town.  Not far on the other side he will meet his buddy.

“Good times.”

He didn’t get far down the road when his name was called out.


He looked over and saw Joe heading his way.  A good friend to the parent’s, who liked to give you hugs and ruffle your hair.  Which is exactly what happened when he got to Adam.

“Taking a walk?” he asked.  “It is a beautiful day.”

“Heading over to see my friend I haven’t seen in awhile.”

“That is so nice of you,” said Joe, putting his hand on his shoulder.

“I probably should move off,” said Adam, feeling uncomfortable.  “Take care.”

“Enjoy the day,” said Joe as Adam hurried off.

Adam picked up the pace, feeling like he was seeing everyone, but his buddy.

He walked by Mitch’s place.  Another individual you could barely understand when he spoke.

Soon, he came to the town, hurrying along as the big moment was about to happen.  The last time he was this excited was when the military base closed down nearby.

“Those people who want to kill people,” he thought.  “How can you join such a terrorist organization?”

Adam soon reached the spot to meet and saw Jerry wasn’t there yet.

“He was always late.”

Adam stood there for the next half an hour waiting for him.

“Did he forget where the meeting place is at?”

He walked about a little longer when he suddenly stopped.

“I know why he is not here yet,” he said smacking his forehead.  “I forgot to call him to meet me here.  So excited I left before calling.”

Adam pulled out his cell and called Jerry.  Luckily, he was still around, but was a couple of hours away.

“I guess I wait,” he muttered as he hung up.

He looked around.

“I wonder if there is a bathroom around here?”

May 22, 2020 03:21

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