The Forgotten Story

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Fantasy Funny Adventure

Smoke was pouring out the window like a thick swarm of flies. Fire was everywhere, it’s orange glow desperate to burn anything in its path. The tools were beating the metal slowly and painfully. If that wasn’t enough they would then get thrown back into the flames. It was a normal day for Scott Loxley. His charred hands were always working while his scarred legs hardly moved.

Scott was a black smith. Not an extraordinary black smith that is famous world wide but an extra-ordinary black smith. Scott’s clothes were all ripped rags and he lived in his workshop. Very few people knew Scott, and even less actually brought his handy work.

Why? Because of Scott’s rival; Lockie Smith. 

No one had ever seen Lockie before, but rumor had it that he was full of hatred towards all companies that stood in his way. Scott had tried to stop Lockie destroying his company, but what could he do? Lockie was too strong. His company; ‘The Big Cheese,’ made modern day toys. Those toys were a lot less work for a lot more money. Scott was just a small piece of grass while Lockie was a big field.

However, Scott’s life was about to change over a quick chime. The bell rang, Scott looked up and turned still as ice. There were two of them; staff of the ‘Big Cheese,’ standing there, grinning. “Hello Scott,” one said. “We are so proud of you and the way you have keeped this dump running,” Said the other. “However…” They both began. “We have to be the ones to tell you that your shop is closing down.” 

“No,” Scott said simply, “I won’t close down.” The men stared at him as if he were crazy. “Scott…” They said slowly. “No one ever says ‘no’ to ‘The Big Cheese,’” 

“Well then, it’s about time to change that,” said Scott. “I will NOT shut down.” 

“Then you leave us with no choice,” they said. 

“Time to take out the trash.”

With that, they grabbed Scott and hurled him into a wall.

“Help!” Scott screamed as he flew into it.

Wait? Was he going through the wall?

Thud! Scott opened his eyes. Where was he? How did he get here? The world had changed. He was no longer flying through the air. He was sitting on the top of a rock in the middle of a river. The cold water rushed past him. Scott dipped a finger into it, freezing cold. Surprised that the river wasn’t frozen solid, he looked around. Beside the river, all the eye could see was trees. Not old trees, but trees as tall as towers. Their long outstretched branches spread out like arms over the sky. Something about them wasn’t right.

A high pitched roaring was ringing through the air. Scott looked up and squinted. Oh No. The Creature's red hot flaming wings were spread across the sky, as if burning through the wind. It’s beak wanting to tear through flesh.

And it was flying at him. 

What was the Phoenix doing here? Whould it catch him? Deciding it was best to jump into the river, he climbed across the rock to the best jumping point. Strange blades like fins were now in the water. What was he going to do? Nothing came to mind. Both creatures were getting closer.

This was the end. Screech! The rock he was on opened up from underneath him and he fell right through it.

He was under ground. Who had saved him? How was he still alive? “Hello there,” a voice spoke through the darkness. Scott looked around the candle lit room. He couldn’t see anything. “I’m down here,” came the voice again. A black dot at the ground. That was all. It was an ant. “Where am I?” Scott asked nervously. “The story realm, Scott,” the ant replied. Scott felt faint. How did this ant know him? Seeing the look on Scott’s face, the ant decided it was time to explain. 

“The story realm is a mass of stories in different lands that are all linked together by something that you humans call fantasy. Everytime a story is created, a new land appears. You were just in some sort of monster story. Your lucky to be alive. Anyway, sometimes a story gets completely forgotten. When that happens, the land is destroyed. What happens to all the characters? They die off. So a once a clever person invented a book where the story characters from forgotten places could live. Us ants dig new land for them to live on. Sadly, because you are a human we can’t let you live here. We have no choice but to turn you into an ant. To be exact, you are changing as we speak."

What! Scott couldn’t believe his ears. Or his eyes. The walls were getting smaller and smaller. Suddenly it was hard to see at all. He could sense something moving though. “Come Scott,” said the ant, “you still have much to learn”.

Scott crawled down the small tunnels that had once only been holes in the ground. “Where are we going?” He asked. “Ant island, where we dig new lands,” said the ant. “Hang on a minute, I still don't know your name,” said Scott. “The name's Ant,” said the ant. “That will be your new name now Scott,” Ant replied smirking. “Ant 78425 is your full name,” he continued. “What!” Ant 78425 couldn’t believe it! “Anyway, Ant 78425 here is the rule list.

The list contain of these rules;

Rule 1. This is an ant-i human zone

Rule 2. All ants must get up at 5:30 am and go to sleep at 5:29 am

Rule 3. No talking unless necessary

Rule 4. All ants must not take breaks until 2 minutes before bedtime

Rule 5. We have limited food so you are expected to only eat 1/10 of your weight each day.

Rule 6. No complaining

Rule 7. No fun until 1 minute before bedtime

Rule 8. Dig

Rule 9. Dig

Rule 10. Just Dig

(If you break any rules we will squish you under the rock)

Ant 78425‘s antenna began to drop. How would he ever learn to fit in?

8 ant years later

Ant 78425 was having the best minute ever. It was the last minute before lights out. Free time to an ant seems to last forever. He was dancing all over the show with his imaginary friend Ant 256749. Ant 78425 was loving it. Why? Because even though Ant 256749 didn’t actually exist it still felt like he finally had a friend and belonged. The best part was he was ready to show the others what he had. He had creativity. In all his free time since 7 ant years ago he had been dedicated to planning. His plan… The Ant Shovel. 

Phases of plan;

  1. All ants connect to each other and form a shovel
  2. Begin digging
  3. Dig, Dig, Dig
  4. Soon all the dirt will be gone in seconds so we don’t have to do any more work.

Now it was time to go to sleep. “Goodnight Ant 256749,” murmured Ant 78425. Then he went to sleep.

The big day was here. Ant 78425 woke up, stretched his legs and began the march to Ant 1‘s office. Ant 1 was the 'Big Cheese,' The boss. The ant that had made them work for their whole lives. He was going to see who the boss was around here. Boom! Since all the ants worked, Ant 1 had no guards and Ant 78425 had no trouble breaking through. There he was, Ant 1. Sitting on his desk, munching on an ant-sized cupcake. Shocked, Ant 1 stood up. “What do you want?” He asked. Ant 78425 said nothing but instead he threw the paper at the desk. Ant 1 studied them briefly before his eyes widened. “Ant 78425, I don’t believe how clever you are!” Ant 1 said. Ant 78425 felt pride lifting inside him. “I can’t believe you thought you could say NO to The Big Cheese.” Said Lockie… 

Scott’s eyes flew open. He must have been knocked out by the crash and while he had been dreaming the staff must have taken him here. Only it felt like he had just fallen into a nightmare.

Lockie, a tall, red hair man with 3 dark and glaring eyes. “You might now know why no one has ever seen me before, but now I hope you know that anyone that has met me no longer exists.” Scott’s blood ran cold. Lockie took a step forword and grabbed Scott by the shirt and dragged him across the room. All the way to the window… On the 54th floor. Lockie kicked it open then he pushed Scott through it. “Let this be a lesson to all, No one says 'no' to The Big Cheese,” and with that, Lockie let go.

Scott didn’t let go of Lockie’s arm though. “Get off me you fool!” Lockie shouted, shaking one of Scott’s arms free. Scott wasn't stopping though. Using his free arm, he poked Lockie in all of his 3 eyes. Lockie screamed in pain, pulling his hands to his eyes. Scott made his move. He flipped through the window and faced Lockie. “Lockie, you have to stop now, or you will be doomed,” said Scott calmly. Lockie then realized he had no choice. The Big Cheese was over.

3 weeks later…

Scott’s new company, the Ant-Cool was doing so well. Scott was a millionaire. He had found his place at last. Lockie was now in jail, so no harm would ever come Scotts way again.

But that was just for now…

April 09, 2021 07:28

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Daniel Hayes
05:49 Apr 10, 2021

Hi Arwen, this was a very creative story. Your stories are always packed full of imagination, and you did a great job writing it! I really liked the ants in this story, and the ant rules were super cool :) Overall, I thought you did a fantastic job on this story. I really liked it!


Arwen Dove
08:11 Apr 10, 2021

Thanks so much!


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Chase Dova
00:54 Apr 21, 2021

The only thing I can say is... WOW! That was amazing, I am blow away by all of your stories!


Ed .
00:59 Apr 21, 2021

I love that you chose the insect to be an ant! I really loved that story! it was really funny. Thanks


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