Reclaiming the Theta

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Drama Romance Urban Fantasy

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The year was 2031. The things that once ruled the night in ancient times was now on the brink of extinction. The Hunters of the Midnight Order have been through with their hunt of the creatures that ranged from Demon, to Shifters, and even Vampires as well as subtle things in between. Still the Hunters continued their hunts with the prospects of wiping the beasts out of existence. Up until this point, they had done an excellent job and believed that their task was about done with no thought about what happens after.

           Unknown to the Order, the Shifters had weaved themselves into the society of humans so well that they had actually gained more of a foot hold than in previous years and with them united under the Alpha Lion Shifter Lucian King, the normal ways have begun to change and war was coming.

           Like most wars, it all begins with just a spark…

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Previews of the story for reminding:

Suddenly I am against a wall on the far side of the room.

           He has a hand on one side of me and his body on the other. His head bows and nuzzles my neck as he breathes me in. “This whole week has just been full of surprises”, he whispers to me. “First, a hunter tries to steal Intel from my offices and now my mate just so happens to be who he was handling. A superb week in itself wouldn’t you say, Selena Reignfire?”

           I shiver at his actions as well as his words, “You’re Lucian King.”

           His head angles back to look at me with a nod.

           “So where is Bruce”, I ask with a swallow. I’m in trouble.

           He laughs at me softly, “In the gut of an alligator.”

           “You killed him”, I declare outright. My lips part and my mouth suddenly feels dry.

           “Yup”, is all he says as his mouth crushes mine. 

           I gasp as I feel his tongue invade my mouth and explore. I could bite, but my body has a different response as I melt into him. My tongue joins his as the kiss extends. For a girl with no experience in the fields of romance, I have been kissed before by Bruce. With him it was one-sided but with Lucian, I find myself surrendering to it. He is a powerful kisser and my body seems to demand more of him by the second. My hands even pull his shirt loose from where it is tucked in.

           There is a sharp pain in my hip, but I still don’t pull away. It is like my body has betrayed my mind and I don’t want to lose the moment. When I finally do pull back, his face falls into shadow and everything goes dark…


And then there were two.

           Shadow did his part with a small aid from my queen; we have Callisto. Maybe I will pawn her off on the bears when her mind control is broken. She seems too stuck up for my pride.

           We are down the road when I catch up with Selena admiring an Indian costume that one of the girls is wearing. I slip around to Selena’s side, dip her, and give her a smooch before I admire the look. It is sequin in lavender and tightly draws to the young woman’s body as she marches and sways in it. “The head dress is a no, but the rest of it you would not wear very long.” 

           We glimpse back behind us to see the men separate. They do not even notice that they have lost Callisto yet. Remy breaks left following Selena as she runs further past the Indian dancers. I toss my head in that direction and I see Liger follow Remy. 

           Salvatore actually takes hold of me at the shirt. “You touch my huntress, I break you.”

           I catch hold of his wrist and twist in a direction that the hand was not meant to go and actually cause him pain, but it loosens his grip. I toss him in an easy motion onto a cake float. It is a cake-made float in honor of the King Cake. “She ain’t into you, boy.” I slap him on the cheek and slip to the next float as I work my way up the street.

           Salvatore recovers quickly and follows me. “She’s a Theta.”

           I spin around and grin, “She isn’t anymore.” I shoot up the side of a massive float that I come to and pick up a bead gun. I target the chest of the hunter and fire. Salvatore evades of course and throws a knife at my head, which I catch. “The full moon is tonight. She will change tonight into a sexy little kitty that I will get to cuddle with all night long. So sorry you missed that I bit her the night I picked her up. There is no undoing what I did.”

           I jump off the float, flip in the air, and catch him across the face with my boot in a jump kick. The little prick goes down to the concrete and I bow briefly as a show of a performance. 

           Salvatore draws another knife and attempts to slash at my leg, but I move it in time and bring my foot down on his wrist.  I apply just enough pressure and hear bones break. Still he shoves me off and takes a swing with his one good hand…this one actually cuts me and actually hurts.

           He has a silver blade.

           I step back and let him up. If he wants to take this to the extreme, so be it.

           “Lucian”, I hear Selena call out to me.

           “I got this, kitten. Stay out of harm’s way.” Out of the corner of my eye, I see her step back and I see Liger removing an unmoving Remy. I’ll ask later about that.

           I examine this one before me a little closer to see that this one knife is on some sort of apparatus that is apparently around his right wrist. That would explain why he would carry in his left a standard knife.

           “Don’t like silver, do you Mr. King?”

           “What shifter does, but it won’t stop me from killing you. This”, I point at my leg, “Is hardly my first silver wound and I doubt it would be my last. You aren’t that good, boy. If you force me to shift, I might actually see you as good.”

           Salvatore lunges at me and I side step, his blade lodges into the float that came up behind me. It actually pushes through and the driver gets stabbed in the head…possibly through an eye by the way blood gushes forward for a moment or two. The float slams into a light pole a few feet away and the boy is actually stunned.

           Killing humans is easy if you are stupid, boy. I project the thought right into his head. Selena is way too good for you.

           Cops on horseback ride up through the parade route from the end of it. One catapults off the horse and tackles him to the ground. As they are distracted with him, I step back to Selena.

           I find her in an ally with Lance and she is breathing heavily with her mask off her face. He steps back as I pull mine off and lets me check her. I cup her face in my hands and make her look at me. By the site of her yellow eyes, it looks as though the stress of the moment is affecting her and she is starting through the final moments of her first shift before moon rise.

           Harold, I need the car now. Bring it to the cross streets of Canal and La Salle. Selena needs to get out of here now. I see the driver in my mind and he nods as he jumps into the car.

           “Kitten, look at me.” She does so. “Kitten you are trying to change right now, but you can’t do this here. Breathe for me and try and calm down. We need to get out of the city.”

           She swallows and breathes.

           “Good girl.” I scoop her up with no effort and carry her toward the intersections that I told Harold about with Lance following to make sure that there is no issues. I need to get her out of the city before she changes. Transformations for the first time brought on by stress could make her irrational and throw her into a hunt. I can oversee all of it if I get her away from the city first.

           As we get down to the intersection, Harold is right there on the street with the engine running. Lance grabs the door so he doesn’t have to get out and I get inside with Selena in my arms. He gets in with us, but stays in the floor. I lay her down on the limo back seat as the car starts to move down the road.

           “Her first change is here.”

           “Yes it is Lance. Thanks for getting in as well. I don’t think she will make it back to the house and someone needs to make sure the car gets back to the plantation house. I will change when she does and take her on the hunt to establish things. You get the car back and check in on Callisto and her deprograming.”

           “Yes sir.” I notice his back is turned out of respect.

           I start to undress Selena and she manages some words, “I doubt sex will help at the moment.”

           “Better I strip you then you tear through wardrobe over and over with the transformation. You won’t be by yourself, I promise babe.”

She manages a smile.

Once I have her without apparel, I strip myself down to nothing. The car pulls to a stop near the road that leads off to the plantation about an hour away and Lance opens the door. I get out with Selena in my arms and step into the trees…

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