“How long after you been a detective?” the lead command, Albert asked Nelson.

“It will soon be a year,” replied Nelson, thinking the man should already know this.

“Then you will be perfect for this case,” said Albert.  “This case needs to be one who is not set in his or her ways.  If so, then this case will never be solved. I need one who is open-minded, and still trying to figure out the best way to solve a case.”

“What makes this case unusual from others?” asked Nelson.

“It will involve you going into what we call the Dream World,” he said then held up his hand to stop Nelson from speaking.  “Let me explain the case before you start asking questions.”

Nelson closed his mouth, and tried to prepare himself for a case that he figured would be impossible to crack.  But, he knew that he needed to hear it out, and make decisions after everything is laid out for him.

“There is always a crack in every case,” his uncle, a legendary detective told him.  “You just need to observe, study, look not only with your physical eyes, but with your mental eye, and put all your senses to use.  Many cases are not solved because not all the cards are put on the table. Either the detective lacks the know-how or the crime is committed by a god or numerous individuals.  I don’t believe in the latter being possible so it falls on the detective using their smarts. Find your niches, and success will greet you more often than failure.”

“Before you head out to the Dream World I want you to study the files on this case,” said Albert.  “I will give you a quick synopsis of this case. You will be tracking down Dan Sowenfeld for the death of Dan Sowenfeld and Abigail Sowenfeld.”

“Huh?” asked Nelson in befuddlement.

“How much do you know of the Dream World?” asked Albert as he sat back in his chair.

“Very little sir.”

“Do you dream much?”

“Very little.  I can’t remember the last time I had one.”

“Another reason why I’m picking one,” said Albert.  “This is a world that can be harmful for one who dreams a lot.  It can twist on you and cause harm and even death. For one who dream little you will be able to travel through the world with less hazard.”

“Should I have more protection than normal.”

“It would behoove you to have a more powerful protection than you normally carry on you,” replied Albert.  “I would keep the weapon of choice to a minimum since it can easily torn against you.”

“Can you please explain how this Dan was able to kill himself?” asked Nelson.

“In the Dream World anything can happen.  Four ones who not only dream a lot in this world, but study dreams here is a better chance of a doppelganger being created in the other world.  That is what happened in this case. The strange part is that very few from the Dream World enter our world.”

“Why is that?”

“You can say that this world is too normal.  Too boring to handle. It’s like a hyper active individual and putting them in a room full of people reading a book or doing nothing.  Somehow Dan’s doppelganger came to this world, and for reasons unknown killed Dan’s daughter, Abigail, then Dan himself. The poor soul just lost his wife and older daughter a month before in an accident.”

“Is there evidence that Dan’s doppelganger was involved in the accident?” asked Nelson.

“It doesn’t seem likely but you never know from one who comes from the Dream World.”

“I will do my best to catch the individual,” said Nelson.

“I want you to study the profile on Dan, and even his family,” explained Albert.  “You need to pay attention to every little detail for you will need it in the Dream World.  It seems to be a plain hunt and capture case, but there is much mystery about this case. The first case that I know of for such a thing to happen.  For you to solve and get answers will boost you to the top.”

“I will do my best,” said Nelson once again.

“I know you will,” said Albert with a grin.  “One last thing before you leave. I would put this criminal under the mind numbness as soon as possible.  Who knows what he will say and do if you give him the chance.”

“I will do so.”

“Good,” said Albert standing up, which Nelson did the same.  Albert stuck out his hand, which Nelson shook it. “I wish the best.  I believe you are the best to solve this. Bring the criminal to me.”

Nelson nodded his head and left the office.

For the next couple of days, Nelson went through all the files of the victims, writing a few notes, but retaining the majority of it in his memory banks.

“Time to head out,” he muttered once he was done.

He went home and took sleep doze to take him under, and to be refreshed in the morning for he didn’t know when he will be refreshed again.

Nelson went to the gate that would take him to the Dream World.  He took a deep breath, let it out, and walked through the entrance, and entered the Dream World.

“This is amazing,” he said as he looked around.

The sky was in constant change from multi-colored, boiling clouds, darkness with numerous stars and moons, to the brightest blue.  Looking to his left he saw a landscape of rolling hills that moved like waves in the water. To the right he saw statues of numerous things either quickly or slowly being built by unseen hands then suddenly crumble to dust just to be rebuilt again into another shape.

Nelson took a step and the ground felt like he could start bouncing on it.  In fact, he leapt up, came down, and bounced ten feet up. Once he touched back down he sunk down to his knees.  In a panic he worked himself out and onto hard ground.

“Let’s go for the search,” he said.

He started walking, checking out the constant changing landscape.  Then he suddenly stopped when a figure in an astronauts suit appeared in front of him.  The figure saluted then melted into the ground.

“That was strange” he thought, but figured that was part of the normal here, and continued on.

At one point he saw what looked like a stick figure being chased by a very large, hairy beast on four legs around a large red ball over and over again.

“Where can I find this Dan?” he contemplated.  “It could take days, months, years to hunt down this man in this world.”

Then he heard what sounded like an old fashioned train.  He looked around then up and saw a train flying in the sky.  It was making loops then it suddenly dove to land on the ground not far from Nelson.  It came to a halt, and he wondered if he should check it out.

“I rather stay on the ground,” he thought.

Then it came to mind.  Dan liked old fashioned trains.  But did the one on the dream world like the same thing.  There is only one way to find out. He started running toward the train, praying that the ground wouldn’t suddenly change.  But the next moment he was on the train and entered the passenger car that was full of people.

“This can’t be this easy,” he muttered as he saw a couple of rows up a man that had to be Dan.

He took a couple of steps forward, knowing it was him.  Nelson took out his device to cause mind numbness. Once he touched Dan’s temple it was over.

“Hello Nelson,” Dan said when he was a couple of steps away.  “Care to join me?”

Nelson stepped back, stunned.

Dan turned his hand to look at him.  “There is a seat across from me to sit.  The one next to me is for someone else.”

“I’m here to take you in,” said Nelson.

“Let’s talk then you can take me in.”

Nelson was reluctant, but decided to sit.

“I knew someone would come, glad it wasn’t your commander.  I made it easy for you to find me, and for me to explain.”

“Don’t try to deceive me,” said Nelson.

“You are relatively new, but bright enough to make the right decision if you will listen.”

Nelson didn’t say anything.

“I will be blunt and say I'm Dan from your world.”

“You are not the Dan from this world?”

“He is the one found dead.”

“Did you kill him?” asked Nelson.

“I did, but not before he killed my daughter,” said Nelson with sorrow.  “I studied dreams relentlessly, learned interesting things, and dangerous things that caused pain in my life.”

“What did you find out?”

“That nightmares love to gravitate to our world,” he said.  “Mad ones with deadly intentions enter our world to take out ones seeking harmony and justice.”

Nelson looked at the man, wondering if he should believe him or not.  This was hard to stomach, but his senses were telling him to continue to listen.

“Your commander is one of them,” he said.  “Sending one he thinks is naive, and will just do his job.  When you go back to study the man if you can. A person of low morale tends not to live a good life and shows it easily.  Someone like you will easily notice it.”

“I’m not sure I believe you.”

“I think you do.  Now, if you don’t mind, my love is here.”

Nelson looked and saw a young girl with long, curly hair running down the aisle, and jumping onto Dan’s lap.

“I’m here daddy,” she said with a wide grin.

“So glad to see you,” he said, giving her a hug.

Nelson could see a tear going down Dan’s cheek.

Dan looked at Nelson with a sorrowful look.

“This is my only way to see my little one,” he said.  “One day my entire family. I ask that you don’t take me away from her and to a world I know look as hell.”

Nelson thought for a moment, then made his decision, and stood up.

“Do what you must,” said Dan, closing his eyes.

“Take care,” he told Dan and left the train.

Back to fight the encroaching evil.

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