Drama Fiction

The time has come for Jake to head to his cabin once again. This time it is going to last for a while. Part of him wished it would be forever, but not possible in his current predicament.

“One day it will be mine,” he muttered.

He drove up into the hills, pondering if he would have to put his chains on since the snow was getting deeper and deeper.

“Not much further, so I should be okay,” he muttered.

Jake made sure the cabin was well stocked months earlier so he wouldn’t have to trudge through the snow, trying to carry a ton of supplies.

“I learned my lesson when I first bought this cabin.”

He eventually reached his destination, which was a clump of trees he could park the vehicle within, hidden from any thieves.

“Shouldn’t have to worry about any thieves this time of year,” he thought. But you never know in this climate of anxiety.”

Jake inched his vehicle into the tightly packed trees until he knew it was out of sight. He tried to open the door, but the snow weighing the trees down it was tighter than normal so he had to get out of the passenger side. He opened up the trunk and grabbed the last of his supplies.

“Time for isolation,” he muttered as he closed the trunk.

Jake started his trek toward the cabin, following the best path so he wouldn’t sink into the snow. The flakes were lightly falling, so he could see quite a distance at the beautiful scenery.

“Already loving the quiet,” he said. “Get away from the nonsense of societies squabbles.”

He continued on, rounding a corner to see the cabin a hundred feet away.

“I think my first thing to do is take a nap.”

He eventually got to the spot where the cabin comes into view and came to an abrupt stop.

“What the hell?”

There is smoke coming out of the chimney.

“Who is inside the cabin?” he asked himself. “It better not be who I think it is? It’s my year to be at the cabin. She better not dare.”

Jake hurried on until he was a few feet away from the front door. He stopped and thought that maybe it wasn’t her.

“Damn it!” he thought. “My rifle and pistol are already in the cabin.”

But he had his knife on him, pulling it out. He just hoped the intruder didn’t have a gun or find his to use on him.

“I guess we will find out if this might be a brief visit.”

Jake went to the door and tried the knob. It was locked. Then he slowly inched his way to look into the window. It wasn’t a large cabin, so if someone was inside he should see them. And he saw the intruder. As he expected.

“Just great,” he said and knocked on the door.

He stepped back so she could see him standing there.

Soon the door opened and his ex-wife, Beth, stood in the doorway.

“What are you doing here?” they both said at the same time.

“I…” Jake said, but she held up her hand.

“Before you say anything more, let’s discuss this inside,” she said.

“Not letting the warmth out.”

“Good idea, Beth.”

Jake stepped inside, and the door closed.

“Isn’t this my year?” asked Jake as he went over and sat down in his favorite rocking chair.

“You are letting the stress get to you,” replied Beth. “Your memory is fading away.”

“So you think it’s your time of the year to be here?”

“I don’t think so,” she said. “I know so.”

Jake could swear he wasn’t here last winter, but it has been a hectic year, so maybe she was right. But right now he is tired of her being right.

“I need to be here,” he told her. “I need to regain my sanity.”

“And you don’t think I need a sanity break,” said Beth as she walked over to the fireplace.

“This current society is more to your liking than I,” he said.

“Yes indeed,” she said with a chuckle. “The fighting and name calling is something I enjoy.”

“At least your side is on top for the time being.”

“I truly don’t have a side, but you never understood my views. The reason for the split.”

“I just know your views are like the radicals in charge.”

“Only radical to you. Common sense to me.”

Jake just snorted as he laid his head back.

“This does not sound like a sanity break for the two of us,” stated Beth.

“Another way to say that I need to leave?” asked Jake.

Beth was silent for a time to contemplate.

“You must have a paltry amount of a heart left to think about it,” said Jake with a smirk.

“Don’t make me decide in my favor,” she snapped.

“I will let you think.”

“If you can behave yourself, you can stay today and head out tomorrow,” she explained to him.

“Leave on a road trip to nowhere,” he said.

“Whatever you need to do.”

The two were silent for a time. Jake sat in the chair for a time with his eyes closed as Beth looked out the window, seeing the snow was coming down heavier.

Both fell in love years ago, but as each year ticked by, the love dropped step by step until it turned to hate. They split before they strangled each other.

“I know I will probably get a snide remark, but have you found someone else?” asked Jake.

“If we were in an unfamiliar environment, I would say none of your business,” she replied. “But I will answer here in this relaxed environment. Or I should say it was a relaxed environment. The answer is no. Yourself?”

“I don’t care to have one right now. Maybe once everything around us calms down.”

“You might have a long wait.”

Jake chuckled.

There was more silence until Beth walked over to the kitchen to the fridge.

“Something to drink?” she asked.

“I have some beer in the fridge.”

“I figure that was some ancient beer.”

“Not old enough.”

Beth handed a beer to Jake, and they made some small talk. Jake thought of just up and leaving, feeling uncomfortable, but upon looking out the window seeing the snow coming down heavier, he stayed.

“Do you still have some games here or take them away?” he asked her.

“I still have Trivial Pursuit here,” she replied.

“Might as well keep ourselves busy if you want to play?”

“Let’s do it,” she said, not wanting to make discussion for the rest of the day that would end up in an argument.

The game came out, and soon they were playing and enjoying themselves. Instead of bickering, they were chuckling and laughing. There was more laughter in their couple of hours of playing than the last year they were together.

“I’m going to do some cooking,” said Jake. “Did you want some?”

“Depends what you are making,” she responded, but she knew better. Jake was one hell of a cook. Cooking at a restaurant helped.


“Sounds good.”

Jake went at it as Beth went over and added some more wood to the fire.

“Need to light some more candles,” she said.

“Sounds romantic,” said Jake, looking at Beth, then looking away in embarrassment.

Feelings of what they once had surfaced. Even though only hours had gone by being together, the two were having positive vibes to each other. Was it that the high level of stress and anxiety caused such a craving for love? For companionship? There was much talk about divorces rising. Could they be experiencing the opposite? The peaceful environment was bringing them together. Words of hate. Words of ridicule. Words of divisiveness. All slipped away from their thoughts as they conversed or just remained silent in the cabin.

“We should have done this more often,” said Beth.

“I agree,” said Jake.

Eventually, both tired, having experienced emotions little used.

“Enjoy the bed,” Jake said as he plopped himself on the couch.

They extinguished the candles until only the light of the fire continued on for longer.

“Good night, Jake.”

“Good night Beth.”

In the morning they got up and saw that the snow had stopped. They went out and looked in awe at the beautiful winter land. They eventually went back inside and Jake got the fire going again.

“When do you plan on leaving?” asked Beth.

Jake turned to her. He saw she didn’t have a look of spite. A look of good riddance.

“Did you want me to leave?” he asked.

“It might seem like a shock, but no.”

“It’s not a shock for I feel the same.”

“I find it hard to believe that my feelings can change about you in less than a day.”

“Crazy times we live in.”

“I guess so,” she said.

Soon they were cuddling as the flame re-ignited from a candle thought extinguished forever.

January 23, 2021 02:49

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You know, the best thing I really enjoy in stories are the titles. They are the ones which grab my attention to read stories. Your title felt so...mesmerizing, poetic, and just beautiful. You did a great job with this story Corey. =)


Corey Melin
17:03 Jan 24, 2021

Greatly appreciate the comments. I started it Thursday night so it was a last minute story


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Corey Melin
17:03 Jan 24, 2021

Greatly appreciate the comments. I started it Thursday night so it was a last minute story


Haha, it was very good though.


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D. Owen
10:14 Mar 24, 2021

Well-done for a last minute story.


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Cathryn V
00:09 Jan 29, 2021

Hi Corey, Thanks for this story. It was a feel-good read with easy progression and an uncertain outcome. It might benefit from more description of the characters, just a few words to help me see the two. Wouldn't it be lovely if things would turn out this way more often?! Good work!


Corey Melin
00:18 Jan 29, 2021

Thank you for the comments. I wasn't sure how this story will be received since I didn't start writing it until Thursday, typed it up, revised, and sent it off. Unfortunately, this story doesn't happen enough in reality.


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Holly Fister
00:38 Jan 28, 2021

Critique circle! Good story, my only thought would be there was a lot of speaking out loud at the beginning when you could explain it through thoughts or background history without quotations.


Corey Melin
02:44 Jan 28, 2021

Thank you for the comments. Sounds like there was too much dialogue in this story


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Ari Berri
20:05 Jan 26, 2021

Awesome story! Nice use of the prompt. Also, I like your profile pic.


Corey Melin
03:16 Jan 27, 2021

Greatly appreciate your comments. I was trying to find something fantasy or sci for finding this pic


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