The Hunter

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Horror Mystery Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

She felt her eyelids heavy as she slowly opened her eyes.  The ground felt damp as she lay on her belly, and she had difficulty seeing in the dark. Overwhelmed by fear and confusion, she wondered where she was. Dirt. Taking a deep breath, she breathed in a familiar damp, earthy smell. She saw tall trees as she got on her knees and looked around. She was in the woods.

She tried to remember how she got there but everything was a blur. Bar. Vodka. A handsome man. Her attention was caught by a rustling noise coming from a few feet away as she tried to get up slowly. As she looked for the source of the sound, she saw a big, menacing figure emerge from the shadows. It was a man.

In a flash, she picked herself up and made a run for it. Running as fast as she could, she could hear heavy footsteps behind her. She ran faster and faster until she couldn't hear his footsteps any longer. Her mind was racing as she sought a place to hide while she worked out how to survive.

She hid behind a big tree and stopped to listen to her surroundings. It was unnervingly silent. Even the usual eerie sounds of the forest were absent as if the wildlife had been hiding from something evil. Maybe they were.

She remained there for a few minutes to catch her breath and regain her strength. Trying not to breathe too hard, she looked around. Now that her eyes were adjusted to the darkness, she recognized the woods. She hunted in the same woods with her father for years. She knew them like the back of her hand. She knew how to get out. She just had to move slowly and as silently as possible. Keeping low she moved from one tree to another, careful not to make any noise. She was thankful she hadn’t worn her heels that night. She found a hollow tree that offered her a place to shelter for a while. Crouched to the ground, she hugged her knees to keep her body warm.

She had gone to “The High Dive” that night, where she met with her friend, Lucy. It was a popular bar just one town over. They drank, laughed, and danced. She smiled at him; a discreet message that she was interested. He approached her. He was a tall, muscular man with the most striking green eyes she had ever laid eyes on. My name is Jack, he said in a seducing voice. I’m Lexi, she said playfully. Yes, it was all coming back to her now.

They hit it off instantly. Lucy told her she was going to talk to some people she knew and gave her a wink. They talked and drank. She was drawn to him, a mysterious connection that she could not quite explain; and she was certain he felt the same way. They danced together closely, and it was electrifying. A couple of hours had passed when he asked her if she wanted to go somewhere more private. She said yes without even thinking. The last thing she remembered was getting into his truck.

She heard twigs snap; closing her eyes to focus on the sounds, she heard his heavy footsteps. He stopped abruptly, just a few feet away from her hiding place. Quiet. She could only hear her heartbeat. She closed her eyes and wished him away. Ten excruciating seconds later he began moving again. He was hunting her.

She had no other choice than to follow him since the way out of the woods was the way he was going. She followed him slowly, silently. She had learned how to be invisible in the woods while hunting with her father all those years ago. The hunter had now become the prey.

Soon it would be morning and she wouldn’t be able to stay as hidden as she was. She watched him move carefully, searching for her. A couple of times she heard him curse quietly. He was getting frustrated. Good. He reached a tiny cabin and went inside. She could only assume it was his. She watched from behind a tree, as he emerged a few minutes later to continue his search. When he was out of sight, she ran to the cabin and went inside.

The cabin was old and worn out, but clean and organized. She scanned the room and found a cabinet that was filled with multiple weapons. She opened it and took out a rifle and a folding hunting knife which she tucked into the back pocket of her jeans. She looked for bullets and loaded the gun. She went to the door and opened it to exit the cabin. She was shocked to see him a few feet away. He was shocked too but his shock soon turned into something that made her body shiver. With a salacious expression on his face, an expression that went beyond carnal lust, he started running toward her.

She bolted out of there and ran faster than she had ever run before. She was tiny, fit, and certainly faster than him. Moving through the woods, she looked for a place to wait for him. She came to a stop and looked behind her. He had lost her. She hid behind a large tree and waited.

“You can’t run forever!”, he heard him yell a couple of minutes later, half-amused half-frustrated. She was inhaling and exhaling quietly to bring her heart rate down to be physically ready for the next step. “Come out, come out, wherever you are”. He was closing in on her. Now! She came out of hiding, pointing the gun at him. He looked at her and she recognized the look on his face. He had lust in his eyes, and he was thirsty for blood. “I found you”, he said, grinning. “You’re wrong”, Lexi said. He tilted his head to the side, a little confused. “I let you find me”, she said.

She shot his right leg, recharged, and quickly shot his left leg. He fell to the ground screaming. “You bitch!”. She put the gun down and approached him to strip him from his weapons. She threw them behind her, where he couldn’t reach them. While writhing in pain and agony, he turned to face her, and their eyes locked.

Her eyes were dark, rough, and piercing. It was his turn to recognize the look on her face now. She smiled as she saw him realize it.

“You are like me”, he said.

“Yes”, she said.

“How did I not see it?”

“I didn’t see it in you either, but I know that we both sensed it”.

“Ah yes”, he said.

He lay down feeling a little disoriented by the pain and blood loss. She knelt next to him, staring at him with intense, inquisitive eyes. He was fascinating.

“We could do great things together”, he said, his voice hoarse.

Lexi smirked. “We could…but we’re not going to”, she said, caressing his slick, black hair.

“Have you killed a lot of people?”, he asked, his eyes glinting.

“I have, but this one will be my most satisfying kill”. Her lips touched his; “thank you for tonight”, she whispered while she took the knife out of her back pocket and slashed his throat.

She struggled to drag his limp body behind a bushy area. She left him there knowing that the wildlife would take care of the rest. She made her way out of the woods and headed home, trying to avoid being seen by anybody. She took a shower and went to bed smiling.

April 24, 2022 18:52

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Davie Mc Guinn
22:04 May 04, 2022

What a thrilling story! It makes you wonder what despicable things he did to her before she woke up in the woods.


Antigoni Long
18:07 May 05, 2022

I appreciate your kind words!


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Niveditha S
04:27 May 04, 2022

The story was unique and creative...Out-of-the-box!! Took a total twist!! Looking forward to see more stories!!


Antigoni Long
18:21 May 04, 2022

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it!! I only recently started writing some short stories. I am a beginner, so I’ll try to post more haha. Take care!


Niveditha S
05:42 May 05, 2022

From beginner to beginner, take tips from pros. I got a few tips from the pros and it helps my writing shoot up!!Take care as well :)


Antigoni Long
18:06 May 05, 2022



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