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Sad Romance


*Hey guys. You can’t see me right now but I look very happy-in a sneaky way CUZ IMMA BE MAKING A KOTLC SPECIAL STORY!!!! 

Look out for that! I’m super excited to write it, though it will probably be after I finish book eight which I just got so look out for that.


Oh and book eight’s cover sucks. Why is Fitz holding Sophie's hand*

She looked at the blank space.

The old guest room.

What will she do with it? 

Turn it into an office, a library, maybe even a conservatory. 

Whatever she would do, she wouldn’t do it now. 

Right now she has to worry about other things like work and money. 

She had no time for renovations-no time for anything at this point. 

She just needed to work.

Dan was trying to convince her again.

Convince her that happiness and life were more important than work and money.

She didn’t believe him.

She believed that when you work, nothing else mattered apart from money and having a good reputation. 

She didn’t believe in happiness.

She didn’t believe in the light that kept trying to pull her out of the shadows.

She didn’t believe that the light was real. She basked in the shadows cold, dark mindset.

That’s who she is.

The light was still fighting against the dark shadows. 

Every night the warmth would enter her mind, trying to tell her that the shadows weren’t right. 

That happiness was real. 

That the tiny flicker of light in her head wasn’t a trick. 

It was real.

She always gave in at some point-she let the light flood into her body for a while before releasing the shadows.

The light wouldn’t go away and the shadows were growing weaker.

Light burst into her body-warming her.

She didn’t like it.

She didn’t like the glow that stuck to her skin that made her look happy. 

She didn’t like the light.

The shadows were gone. 

None of the dark, cold mist was left to infiltrate her.

The light was the only thing that remained; growing stronger each day and she certainly felt it.

She felt the need to find love and happiness.

Just the thought of it made her shake in her boots and made her feel like she was going to puke.

The shadows.....were gone.

The light finished filling her today. 

She was so filled with glee, love and Awe that it actually made her sick.

She threw up and hoped that it would help get the light out of her system-hoped the light would come right out of her.

It didn’t.

She never thought this would happen.

She never thought.....she never thought that she would say yes to what she said yes too.

Dan asked her out and without thinking she agreed.

Her head was ruined.


She didn’t lie when Dan asked her if she had a good night.

She said yes and when she did.........well........

She thought she would get a hug at the least-but instead, she got a kiss.

When she went home she felt something. 

Maybe it was appreciation for the light. Maybe it was appreciation for Dan.

Whatever it was, she liked it.

She liked it a lot.

Four months later.

She found something out today.

She found out she was carrying a baby in her stomach.

Dan was ecstatic when he found out. He had always wanted a family. 

And truth be told....she had always wanted one too.

Her stomach was growing.

The baby was expanding. Growing. Swelling?

Was that the right word?

She wasn’t sure.

But either way she was worried.

She was worried about the shadows.

Was the baby filled with light or darkness?

Shadows, or sun?

Shade or bright lights?

What would happen to the baby?

She was tense. 



She had shared her thoughts with Dan who comforted her.

It felt nice to know that someone was there for her.

That someone was going to be there when she was somber and forlorn. 

That she would have a shoulder to lean on when she was down.

It felt really nice.

The baby was going to be here soon.

They still didn’t have a room for it.

No corner in her bedroom. No cupboard under the stairs- not like they would ever do that to a child.

It was due in three weeks.

Not even a month and they had no little gap anywhere.

She didn’t know what to do.

She went into labour that night. 

Her water broke just as she was going to hop into bed. 

Dan rushed into the bedroom and called the ambulance immediately, not bothering to get changed out of his pyjamas. 

She was rushed to the hospital, in the back of the ambulance groaning loudly.

The contractions had started.

But she wasn’t thinking about that.

She was thinking about the baby.



She was now a mother to a beautiful baby boy named Louie Johnson.

Born at eleven fifty two pm on the fifth of August, eyes open-observing everything.

She should be happy about it.

But she wasn’t.

Well, she was-but she was panicking.

She had nowhere for it to go.

What would she do?

She was happy about one thing-that she could stay in the hospital for a bit. 

That would give her time to figure out WHERE TO PUT THE STUPID BABY.

She was relying on the light in the baby and her to make sure the shadows don’t come back when she was having panic attacks 24/7

There was a surprise waiting for her when she got home.

Cradling the baby in her arms, she called for Dan who said he was in the guest room.

The guest room?

She gasped when she reached Dan.

The room was converted into a nursery!

Why didn’t she think of it before?

Never mind that-she placed the baby in the cot and ran over to her husband who picked her up and spun her around.

She knew at this very moment; she had a family. 

May 30, 2021 22:15

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13:15 Jun 10, 2021

Hi! 1. Nice story! 2. You've probably never seen me before on your account but I want to be your friend on Reedsy! 3. I took your quiz! 4. Want to do some upvoting? 5. I love KOTLC too!


20:08 Jun 10, 2021

Thank you, Yes! New friend :), thank you, yes and it rules!


13:13 Jun 11, 2021

1. You're welcome. 2. YAY! My second friend on Reedsy Prompts! 3. You're welcome. 4. I will start upvoting you right now. 5. From your bio, Linh and Biana are totally underrated!!!


19:59 Jun 11, 2021

I just saw you love the land of stories and the tale of magic. They're soooo good right! Goldie is my fave though I haven't read them for a while.


12:36 Jun 14, 2021

They're sooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't read them for a while either, though I don't tend to re-read books that often.


20:11 Jun 14, 2021

I have to cuz i've read every book in my bookshelf :/ getting 8.5 of KOTLC this weekend.


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22:31 Jun 07, 2021

Beautiful, just beautiful! You aren't on the doc, you ok? Sorry, I was really busy all day and didn't check any of my notifications.


05:20 Jun 08, 2021

Yeah I just got back from a loooooooong car ride so you wouldn't have been able to see me on there


05:24 Jun 08, 2021

Uh, should we delete the link to the story so others don't go on there? :|


15:01 Jun 08, 2021



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14:59 Jun 05, 2021

I know what to do! Do you have google docs? Even if you don't, I can give you a link to a document and we won't need to share emails.


09:31 Jun 06, 2021

Perfect! I’m on holiday right now and punching myself for not bringing my chrome book 😂 I’ll probably be free on Monday or something. Monday nz time 🙂


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22:05 Jun 07, 2021

Warning-you probably won't be able to see what I'm writing since I'll be in the car with no internet. Not sure how too communicate.


22:27 Jun 07, 2021

That's ok! I'm here now!


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Maraika!!! 😎
07:57 Jun 01, 2021

Hey! Maige story is now out and ready to read! Not sure how great it is, so be warned it may suck. Anyway, when you have time, if you could check it out would be great. :)


19:55 Jun 01, 2021

Your stories never suck :(


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23:21 May 31, 2021

Yay! I wrote this story in a day and a half with no internet for the first day. Honestly, I don't know how I did that XD I'd like feedback on my stories please. Any stories but I just love when I get tips and advice from you. It really helps me grow as a writer so.....yah :)


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❀Leo Fall❀
22:32 Apr 21, 2022

Wonderful story once more, adorable and light hearted. I like the simple format of this too- it's nice, refreshing.


22:08 Apr 22, 2022

Ty <33


❀Leo Fall❀
23:34 Apr 22, 2022

Of course <3 <3 <3


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20:21 Jun 10, 2021

I just realised I have two Dans in my stories *facepalm*


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