juggle, burst, crunch. / rotten

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Sad Friendship

"Times change, not human nature."

- Unknown

juggle, burst, crunch.



how are you doing?

never mind.

i don't care.

im pretty sure you don't too.Β 

i'm not good.

though as if you'd care

i'm just a toy? Aren't i?

a toy.

do what you want.



remember when you said those three words.

to her.

to my best friend.

you knew.

you knew i liked you.

you didn't even know her.

but you said it.

just for fun.

for fun.

did you love her?

did you even know her full name?

you must have.

you must have gotten that info out

from your friends.

y'all loved to play.

not with coins.

with hearts.

you'd juggle mine, juggle hers, then juggle theirs

you'd drop mine

but you'd keep juggling theirsΒ 

juggling juggling.

you were good at it.

juggling hearts.

when you dropped mine.

it burst.

burst with tears, emotion, everywhere.Β 

emotion as sticky, as gluey, as the tears in my palm now.

was it fun?

for you?

your friends liked me

i thought they were friends.Β 

but they also wanted hearts to juggle.

i was dumb.

i dragged mine, half broken, crying on my hands to them.

i thought they'd help.

But they broke it.Β 






this time,

no emotions.

no gluey, sticky mess.


how was i so foolish?


numb as ice.

i went home.

stayed there.

'cuz everytime i came out,

you'd be there.

no one knew.

there were so many secrets.

So many.

though I'm happy now.

i think.

partly happy.

but im cool with that.Β 

partly happy.Β 

i'm happy that you didn't juggle mine.

i'm happy you dropped mine.

i'm happy your friends broke mine.

'cuz things need to be broken

before they can heal again.


The word sounds nice.


They can heal again.



you betrayed me.

you said you'd never

then why did you

why did you leave me again

you know me

you know me very wellΒ 

yet you broke me

you went with them

the others.

who also left me.


she was toxic.Β 

"i need a break from you!" she screamt.

why would you want a break from your best friend?

i wouldn't.

well now I would.

cuz you left me.


why bestie?

was i something bad?

was I rotten?

or was that you.

i told you everything.

you never told me anything.

best friend.

"i need a break from you!"Β 

should i have said that?

should I have left you?


but now you're silent.

should i have left you?

i should have… shouldn't had i?

but I wouldn't.

you knew that.

you knew everything.

you knew me, my crush, my school, my house, my parents, my favourite songs, my likes, my dislikes, the people I love, the people I hate, you knew how much I appreciated you.

how much I wanted us to stay best friends.Β 

cuz you know.

cuz you know I need a friend.

i've always needed one.

soΒ shut up.

so i could keep you.

But now, look what it's done to me.Β 

it broke me.

i hope it broke you.

and i know it's not good to hope for such things.

but you weren't good.

and now it's my chance.

but i have no one.

you have everyone.

if i was brave enough to send this to you

you'd say "okay"

and go back to them

as if i was nothing.

but i was, wasn't i?

i was nothing.

i realize that now.

so, i write this now.Β 

for when I'm strong enough.

i'll send this to you.

so, i'm half alone now.

but being alone is better than being with you.

you are rotten.Β 

that's what you are.Β 


- Best friend

July 12, 2021 08:40

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Moon Fox
15:41 Aug 09, 2021

u go girl. Also say him phil O~O He's paralyzed by the pure awesomeness and poetry of the story. If I had to grade this it would be an A +++


Ahahaha, thank you so much Moon!


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Moon Fox
15:37 Aug 09, 2021

Noice. Hey do you know people who want to do a colab? Im a bit bored of just writing. I miss people. Thanks!


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was this a true story or what because if it was AHEM fight me whoever did this~ you are so good at describing things, like the broken gooey hearts, and the line breaks added a lot to it as well :) this is one of my favourite stories~ BEERIFFIC 🍻🍻🍻 job! ~ Amethyst <33


*nervous laughter* *maybeee it is* *or is it* Tha is so gosh darn much ame, any new stories? When am I gonna see one? ;)


*AHEM MY 4 YEARS OF TAEKWONDO HAVE BEEN SUMMONED-* ;) asdfsjdkfjksd I want to write one, but I'm gonna wait for the new prompts to come out :>


*XD 4 years of karate for meee* Dkkdjdjdjdjdjdj ikr


*YAHOO KINDA TWINSIES* I'm planning on writing one, but no guarantees :> I might write it while camping lol XD


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15:49 Jul 21, 2021

So I got here after your comment. I had to read this twice. No, it's not because it was difficult. It's because of the intensity of the words. I like how this is written, a little different from your others but beautiful nonetheless. And yes, it's sad too. So...yeah, you got me!


Hey! I smiled when I saw your comment, so first off, thanks for that :) Aw, thanks so much. It really helps me as a writer to understand and adapt :)) Thanks so much! It really means a lot coming from you, your stories are meaningful/ sometimes funny/ sometimes saddening. Haha, yes it is, thanks again! (God I said 'thanks' four times in this comment-)


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16:58 Jul 15, 2021

wow this was a bit different from your usual style but WOAH A small typo - ""i need a break from you!" she screamt." "screamt" should be "screamed" This was so powerful and poetic and it's one of those poems that you know the author poured their heart and soul into. I'm really sorry Sia for not replying and being away for so long. I never forgot you, I read every single one of your comments but I couldn't reply. I had a lot of stuff going on, and with my birthday and all...yeah it was kinda hectic. I'm really really sorry. The entire ti...


Haha. Oh, yeah ill change that. Thanks. Ugh, its okay. Ok. Nice, yummu


02:44 Jul 20, 2021

ofc <3 :D hehe :)


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Amazing, sweet story Sia! Apart from a few minor typos like: she screamt. Do you mean screamed? I dunno.... But the short sentences in this story gave a lot of power so well done :)


Oop! Yeah. I better edit that!! Thanks so much for the comment, Sienna!


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18:50 Jul 12, 2021

Hey Sia, this story was very, very heartbreaking to read. I hope you're doing okay, and I'm always here if you want to talk. The emotions in this piece flowed masterfully the way you wrote it. Friendships are truly a rollercoaster and sometimes you don't know when the loops will even out. I have no critiques (at least, not any that other people in the comments haven't pointed out)


Hey! Haha, I am! I just saw a writing excersise and this came out :) I'm doing perfectly fine. Thanks so much for you lovely comment!


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Oh, Sia, had something happened? You do have people to support you. On reedsy and in rl. I liked how the whole story was an internal monologue that didn't touch into the outside world but to reflect on past happenings. I also like the deliberate lower case and I believe it to be symbolic in the piece. I see why she resorted to self-harm, but I hope she doesn't go too far. I also really enjoyed your play with words in this line:you'd juggle mine, juggle hers, then juggle theirs you'd drop mine but you'd keep juggling theirs juggling jug...


Thanks! Nope, lol I juts read a writing exercise and was inspired :)) Thanks so much for the in-depth critiques! And oop- did it feel like slef-harm? Cuz I didn't mean that, lol, I meant that her heart was broken, soo I edited it, does it seem fine now? Thanks again, Ruth!!!!!! <3333


Yes, it's fine now. The only reason why I said that was b/c the mention of blood. Sorry for not fully grasping your meaning. Your welcome! Seriously, anytime. I enjoy reading your stories:)


Thanks still! Oh noo, its totally fine, it was a bit confusing :) Yay!


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