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Animal Incest Or True Love?

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, folks! Ladies, grab your tissues! 

Our favourite hottie millionaire, Mr Elliot Wembley, has married at the age of twenty-six to siren Charlotte Sydney, twenty-four. The wedding of these two angelic creatures was held at Rose beach in Southbank CA, with quite a lot of pomp and circumstance. The wedding was star-studded with the couples’ dear friends, who all looked so happy for the pair. Mr Wembley wore a happy smile and the new Mrs Elliot Wembley dazzled in a silk-white gown with a sweetheart neckline. Actress Maudie Banks, the best friend to the lovely bride, served as the maid of honour in a pale pink Versace.

We couldn’t be happier for the two! 

Except... for one tiny little thing. 

Charlotte Sydney’s mother Taffeta Sydney, daughter of Ginny and Daniel Sydney, was the legendary granddaughter to Mary and James King (God rest their souls) but it so happens that these two idols had another child, named Faronucci, grandfather to our favourite Elliot Wembley. And Faronucci happens to be the brother of a certain Ginny Sydney…

If some of you guys aren’t following, it boils down to this: Elliot and Charlotte are second cousins!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty sure that’s incest! I want to be grossed out… but they look so great together, don’t they? And the two of them smiled the whole day, blissful.

I suppose true love comes in odd forms.

Best Friends Forever!

Since her marriage to ladies millionaire Elliot Wembley (who happens to be her second cousin) The Red Flags actress Charlotte Sydney has settled into her wifely duties— but it hasn’t stopped her from having a good time!

The Mary’s Love star has been seen gallivanting around town with gal pal Maudie Banks, star of Tommybrokers and Char-Char’s maid of honour. They were snapped sitting outside The Leapfrog, a cafe just outside Ruby Strip and the two are pictured laughing, sharing an omelette and a red velvet cupcake and having a grand time of things. Maudie’s dressed in a respectable blue day dress, while Char-Char is wearing high-waisted Chanelle shorts and a sleeveless yellow top. Her gorgeous blond hair is gathered into a bun on her head and she has earrings shaped like tiny strawberries. We’ve always loved her style!

It’s the third picture this month snapped of these two beauties gallivanting around Hollywood since Charlotte’s marriage, and an insider has stated that the pair became very very close when on the set of Miles and Miles Away. We sure hope her new hubby isn’t bored sitting at home all by himself. Charlotte, rescue your husband!

Elliot Wembley Buys Oliver Records

For years the famed Oliver Records, headed by twins Georgie and Hansen Oliver, hasn’t failed to record and produce brilliant music. They’ve fed us albums like ‘The Long Way Back Home’ (Danny and the Fireflies, 1946) ‘Hollywood Hills’ (Yasmine Stefani, 1968) and most recently, ‘Northern Lights’ (Star Lively, 1991) which has been topping charts for three weeks now. 

The twins have made quite a name for themselves and their record worldwide for decades, but it appears that now that’s all coming to an end.

Millionaire Elliot Wembley, the husband to actress Charlotte Sydney, signed the papers yesterday afternoon and the reins have been handed over to him. 

The fifty-three-year-old has held the limelight for years-- though in his own quiet, almost unaware manner-- and made a title for himself as a real shark of a producer, working with names like Constance de Clare, Floris Cho, and Joey Walter Rodgers. He’s known for working in the shadows of the sets and handling the drug problems of stars in the respectful manner of a polite uncle. His dry, sharp humour when talking to reporters, his refusals to do interviews, and his long-lasting Hollywood marriage-- plus his remarkable green eyes and high cheekbones-- has made Mr Wembley a household name, not to mention a sex symbol in his youth. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. 

But apparently, enough is never enough. 

By taking over from the twins, Mr Wembley will oversee the ins and outs of their company, along with managing some of the singers producing there. Meanwhile, the twins will be taking, ‘a much-needed retirement.’

Mr Wembley has stated that he is ready for the challenge.

“I don’t plan on changing the label in any way, nor taking steps to abolish the way it functions,” he said in a brief interview outside the studio. “Rather, I hope to expand and make room for more workers to join, along with some lower-profile stars with potential. My only goal is to make this label better, and more accessible for every young singer with stars in their eyes.”

Whether he will deliver what he claims remains to be seen.

“Gatorboy” Gets Star The Nomination She Needs!

Star Lively’s third album, ‘Gatorboy’ has dropped and earned her a Grammy nod for Album of the Year!

The ‘Holidays with You’ singer expressed her delight on the set of ‘With Mark Mackell’ last Saturday night.

“It’s completely insane, I really just can’t believe it,” the twenty-four-year-old singer grinned. “I gotta say, I’ve been excited about this album for a long time. Those songs have been dancing around my head and I finally managed to bring them to life. Can’t thank the people around me enough.”

The Minnesota native rose to prominence at the age of nineteen, when her first album dropped and quickly grew popular thanks to her soft, high vocals, the lilting piano track, and the sweet, raw innocence of her lyrics. ‘Northern Lights', released a year and a half later, did even better and topped the charts for two months straight.

Miss Lively’s talent is indescribable-- truly. With no formal training, just a huge grin and long piano-playing fingers, she spent her youth dogging bars and begging someone to let her play. Her determination, positive attitude, and elf-like beauty will surely make her an icon for young girls in the years to come.

Star Lively and Elliot Wembley-- good friends or something more?

I’d love to be able to brag that I liked Star Lively before she was, well, Star LIvely. That her music moved me and I could have predicted she’d be big. 

Sadly not, no. Star has only entered my radar three times-- the first when I heard she’d won Album of the Year for ‘Gatorboy’ and all my friends were gushing about it. The second, when I saw that picture of her at the 1994 Grammys. God, she was gorgeous. That tiny figure, those sparkling blue eyes, that bold white pixie cut and those perfect lips. She’s fantastic. And paired with that dress-- pink and fluffy-looking, with just a smidge of breast showing at the top, she’s a temptress and an angel all at once. 

The third time I ever paid any attention to her was when I saw those photos of her and Elliot Wembley. And I thought, Wow… they look like they really like each other.

Star and Elliot work at the same label, so it’s likely they’ve run into each other before. But in this picture, the two look like a pair of teenagers! 

They were coming out of Amelia’s Cafe, Star charming in a pale blue dress with daisies on it, Elliot smiling and stately in his usual dark blue suit, paired with a yellow tie. (Good for you to have some colour, Elliot.) Under his right arm, he carried a box wrapped in brown paper and with his other hand, he held the door open for Miss Lively. More noticeable than their clothes in the picture, though, is the way they’re looking at each other. 

Have you ever SEEN such grins?

Mr Wembley is famous for sarcastic retorts to reporters and green eyes that made him a total sex symbol in his youth. But now, he sports a grin big enough to make Smiley Cypress jealous. 

Likewise, Star is grinning back, pink lips stretched to her cheeks, her eyes directly fixed on his. Her pixie cut is messy and casual, her makeup very light.

 With an expression like that, you’d think the two of them had been out on a date-- which, ignoring for a second the fact that he‘s married, and Star’s dating Yao Chin, would have been gross anyway. At 53 years old, he’s twenty-seven years older than she is. She could be his daughter! I hope, for her sake, she isn’t getting mixed up into anything…  weird. 

One thing’s for sure, though, I’m going to be keeping tabs on her from now on.

Careful, Star… he’s a married man.

Excerpt from an interview conducted with Star Lively, by Josie Parker-Simmons, 2006

My aim coming into this interview with Star wasn't to talk about her childhood, or her award-winning albums, or the recent birth of her fatherless daughter Eva. Though fascinating, integral parts of her life, I knew the tabloids had searched for those details over and over again. What I wanted from Star was the answer to this question: who was she in love with?

Over the years Star’s had her share of romantic relationships. There was her first year-long marriage to actor Ricky Miller when she was seventeen, followed by her second three-month elopement with Jesse North at age twenty. Then rumoured affairs, courtships, dalliances with married and unmarried men, even a few women if you believe everything you hear. But nothing that seemed pure. Nothing that looked like it was built to last forever. 

She’s dressed in a loose green shirt and black leggings, the white-blond pixie cut that made her so famous in the nineties (and still works for her)  messy and casual. When you’re with her and she’s looking at you, you feel as though she’s about to tell you her most mischievous secrets and then toast them with a glass of wine. Adorable, impish, charming.

With scores of stories to tell, as it turns out.

She wouldn’t tell me a word about her past marriages despite my prying. She said only, “Ricky and I cared for each other but it wasn’t built to last,” and, about Jesse North, “I was drunk and going through a breakup. Marriage to a sweet-hearted guy seemed like an easy solution.”

I asked her if she had ever been in love.

She told me that a girl like her falls in love every other day. She smiled, settled into her seat, and began a story.

“I’m an impulsive person, I’ve always been. I made up my whole career on the fly. When I was a kid I loved boys every other day. I wanted a big romance and I thought that falling in love quickly, like a lightning bolt—“ she snapped her fingers, “was the solution to that. But it wasn’t, not at all.”

“My marriage to Ricky ended because I was too blinded by excitement at the idea of love to bother making sure he was the right person. And my fling with Jesse ended quickly because it started quickly.”

“I think,” she said, “that I’ve only been in love once. And it took me months to notice that what I felt for this man was something purer than friendship, but stronger and more electric than a crush. I became aware of what I felt one night when I was on tour. He came with me and the whole crew and that night was terrible. It was my first big worldwide tour. Germany was frightening. I drank too much wine alone in my room and googled stories of terrorist attacks happening at concerts. Josie Mains… Wally… The Tramp Sisters…. Too many stories.

“Around midnight I saw a picture of a little girl unconscious and bloody from a strike in Paris and I lost it. I started crying like crazy and I went down the hallway to find someone. I knocked on a random door and he was behind it. Totally shocked. He told me later that I scared him half to death, standing there bawling like a madwoman… He tugged me inside and calmed me down, sobered me up. And then— this is one of the things I love most about him— he didn’t start pressing me right away. Instead, he said ‘What’s wrong?’ and waited for me to talk.

“I don’t know what I went on about but he said a few kind things and put a blanket around me and I just said, ‘Can you hug me?’ And he goes ‘Sure’ and then he does, and after I’m okay we start talking for a little bit. We could have gone till morning, but he told me I needed my sleep. And I said something like, ‘I just wanna stay here please.’

So I got in his bed and he came with me— no funny business, ma’am. And he put his arms around me and squeezed me, so tight you'd have thought it would hurt but it didn’t. We just stayed that way, him holding me as tightly as possible till morning, and sometime during all that, before I passed out, I thought, Goddam, I love him.”

Star smiled at the end of that, soft and pretty. She said, “So… yeah. And that ended up being the start of something, we both knew it. And even though it didn’t make sense in a lot of ways to other people it made so much sense to us. And that’s all that mattered.”

I’m completely wowed. “What a beautiful story,” I told her. “So… the two of you dated for a long time?” I’m mentally going over her list of boyfriends, none of whom lasted very long.

“Years and years,” Star agreed. Her eyes are twinkling again. “Years and years.”

Poor, Fatherless Eva

Last Saturday, 36-year-old hit singer Star Lively was spotted with daughter Eva Lively outside the San Diego Zoo. 

Star, who rose to prominence in the early nineties for national treasures like ‘When Night Falls’ and ‘Singin’ like an English woman’ was dressed in a loose black day gown, her short torso accentuated around the chest and hips. She had a daisy stuck in her white pixie cut.

Daughter Eva, 6,  was a treasure in a pink tutu and white tights-- apparently, Star doesn’t dictate her outfits! She carried a green balloon, and her little face couldn’t have been happier.

Over the past few years, Star has faced a lot of scandal over the topic of her daughter. She’s refused many times to say who the father is or whether poor Eva was getting the love she deserved, but fans sure can speculate about it! Some suggested her first husband Ricky Miller, director of ‘The Long Road’ or maybe a fling that she kept quiet from reporters. Star hasn’t entered a romantic relationship since her divorce with ‘Bad Boys’ actor Jesse North, so fans don’t have a lot to go on.

Whoever it is, we sure hope poor, pretty Eva, with her green eyes and her mom’s beautiful blond hair, is getting the fatherly love that all little girls need.

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