Historical Fiction

John OliverJohn Aziz, Johnson for short, he is an actor, not only is he know for acting but he is also a director and he has made mini movies in the mid-19th century. He is married to his wife Olivia Amery Weather and they have no children because they are still young. Olivia bled her heart on stage one night and here is how this all happened.

She were singing a song called David Avila which was absolutely amazing and about a guy who hung himself inside of The Ovation Theater one night with a black leather belt. Amery was wearing her white nightgown when she got a phone call from her husband telling her to deliver a message to Abba di Sabato Gia. Abba is a news journalist who used to be a spokesman for the Theater where Oliva soon dies. The same Theater where David hung himself in the late 1800's.

"Is over the waterfall, Lodi Rajasthan," Johnson replied. David was from India and he used to work in Lodi for quite some time and as he grew older he decided that England was best for him to live because his grandfather was from England. Olivia was to deliver a message in a bottle what has Abba's name on it to him and went down to the train station and ordered a ticket to Lodi from England.

Olivia opened up her umbrella inside of the train because it were raining and it was too wide for it to be opened as she was walking out so she had to close it back as she stepped out of the train. She were supposed to leave the bottle in Abba's lobby.

It were a very nice hotel and he was living at the Halls that had black and white patterns all over everywhere and there was a man walking his dog as she got to the floor that she needed to be at . . . she knocked twice and she didn't get an answer then she placed the bottle to the ground in front of the doorway when she asked the man if he had seen who she were looking for and he replied ",no ma'am I haven't" Olivia raced down the steps as quickly as she could, when she realized that she had left her coat upstairs by the restroom area, so she went back for it. It was still icy, dripping with cold rain water and it were sinking into the carpet that the dog kept digging at. On her way back to the steps she realized that the bottle she had left for Abba was gone or missing.

She saw that the man and the dog as he went back into his hotel room and so she figured that she take another shot by knocking on the door to see if Abba was there or not and when she did, he answered the door immediately with a, "hello, who are you,?" Said Abba. Olivia greeted herself and told him what she was there for, so that, they decided to take a walk together. He wanted to take her for a walk down by a water Bank famous to him and show her around to tell her about himself. She introduced herself in the nicest way possible and in her eyes looked at him with curiosity at all of the beautiful statues of elephants then she laughed at the way he was behaving toward her. He felt a strange reaction toward Olivia once he had read what was in the bottle finally, he knew immediately who she was and her husband would be very angry at him if he let her into his hotel room. So he felt it were best to go talk to her somewhere else and Olivia loved the scenery and she was so impressed by him that it's a close friendship between each other already. They did not speak barley a few sentences within the hour of them talking to each other.

Johnson and Olivia got married that year and they plan to have kids one day. Now they live in London, living in England for so long that they decided to move to London for a while.. She loved it there though it felt like she were on top of the world she likes going and visiting all of the towers around looking from a beautiful building, she has never seen a distance so irrelevant as this back in England, so it were a first now showing how able he was coming to speak with his friend or his buddy.

She giggled while she talked about their encounter with Johnson. She recalled having Abba as great company and she told John that he was funny and smart, that he was a great reporter. John loved all of his articles that he read and he had asked him earlier in the year when he sent his wife to deliver a message in a bottle to see if he were available to do a report or interview for him this year, so he had came by to do his interview for John and John was so happy and excited that he could not wait to start and neither Abba or Oliva wasted a second on the preparations. Oliva found out that David was related to Abba di.

Abba and Olivia has such a sparking firework of a time together, such a close friendship before that, now they have reached beyond compatability. Olivia didn't want John to know about Abba and Olivia decided that she wanted to go down to a nearby venue Abba was at and seeing him for one night while John was at work washed herself dry. Abba happened to be there and he showed his emotions toward Olivia throughout the night and he wanted Olivia to keep it to herself and not let in on their secret to John.

John was so excited about his report or interview that he got everything that he needed at hand, to get it ready, he went down to the Sea and he wanted to begin it today so he had his film made. The film was ready and he did so well on his interview that John believed Abba should be in his film aswell, and John really like Abba, so he ask him if he wanted to be in the movie as soon as his interview ends . . . this is all going so well and Abba replied yes he would love to join him but he felt horrible about what he has done behind his back. To him, he felt that John did nothing to deserve this and this was miserable to him and Olivia, she must have been taking it hard herself . . . so he wanted to admit what he's done to John but he had to talk to Oliva about telling him firstly.

So he got Olivia to admit it to John, to tell him everything that happened between them throughout the year and all of they have done together behind his back. After they were just married and what a fool and unkind friend of Abba and how he went along with his movie anyway, hiding it from him even longer and Olivia still feels like a wrong kind of wife that John will divorce her forever and never take her back.

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