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The hallway seemed to stretch on for eternity. Avalon wandered down its dark expanse.

Where am I? How’d I get here? She thought.

As Avalon walked, she noticed windows on each wall. On the wall to her left was one window, another one was on the right; their location made them in perfect alignment. They were placed directly across from each other. These windows were the same size and shape too. She peered through the one toward the right.

Excited, she thought, I wonder what I’ll see!

Pure darkness met her curious eyes. As she journeyed further, there were numerous others; full of dark abysses. A chill crawled up her back.

Suddenly, up ahead glowed a golden light. She approached the light cautiously. As she walked closer, she noticed two windows different from the others. One was large and was the light source that illuminated the hallway. The other was crooked and appeared to have a crack like a small stone was thrown at it.

Once Avalon reached them, she saw that the light was from a humongous sun in the large window. The other window was dark aside from two glowing red orbs. They made her shiver even though they burned like coals. Their placement resembled eyes that blazed into the depths of her soul.

A cold male’s voice whispered, “Come… Come to me.”

Avalon’s mind went strangely blank. She raised her hand as if she were under the control of an unseen puppeteer. She unlatched the window.

Then from behind her, the most beautiful voice sang in an unknown tongue. Though, she couldn’t understand the words. Somehow she knew what it meant in her heart. Out of her trance, she turned to face the sunny window. She unlatched it, opening the window. The music of angelic voices called to her loudly. She climbed the window. She didn’t notice that behind her, the red orbs were gone. She felt a push on her back.

She fell.


Avalon screamed as she went.




She saw a huge cliff ahead and yelled, “Help!”

Boing! She bounced into a patch of flowers in every color of the rainbow and more.

“What happened?” Avalon groaned.

Splash! Water spilled over her like a baptism.

“Te-hee-hee!” A high-pitched laugh rang out.

“Who’s there? This isn’t funny!” Avalon cried out, annoyed, as she sat up dripping with water.

A waterfall spilled into a pool which led to a river. Above the cliff that almost killed her floated a large bubble. 

“Where’d that come from?” Avalon wondered.

“From me!” A soprano voice rang like a crystal bell.

“Who are you?” Avalon asked and looked toward the waterfall, which was the direction the twinkling voice came from.

A woman’s head peered out of the pool in front of the waterfall.

“I’m Alanna,” Her voice sang.

Somehow every word that came out of her mouth sounded like a song. Alanna climbed up on a rock exposing her bare chest. Avalon looked away and blushed.

“Whoa! Why are you nude?” Avalon caught a glimpse of something strange and violet. 

Where Alanna’s legs should be, there was a scaly fishtail.

“You’re a mermaid!” Avalon shouted.

“Yes, yes I am,” Alanna lilted, “You never told me your name.”

“I’m Avalon McCleary.”

“Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Avalon McCleary,” sang Alanna.

The way Alanna sang Avalon’s name sounded like a magical song from another time. The mermaid’s face changed. Her eyes were wide with fear. She was staring at the ground beneath Avalon. Then her expression changed to a fierce look.

“Who are you?” Alanna screeched in a hideously shrill voice. 

Avalon’s mouth dropped in fear and shock. She replied shakily, “I s-said I’m A-” 

“I know what you said,” Alanna growled, cutting Avalon off, “Your shadow tells a different tale.”

She pointed toward Avalon’s feet. Avalon looked and noticed her shadow had horns like a devil. Avalon felt her blood go cold; it felt as though the world turned upside down. She felt faint. 

Suddenly, her shadow grew ten feet tall. Two red orbs scorched into Avalon’s eyes. A demon was floating before her with a vapor-like mist where the figure’s feet should be. The beast raised a clawed hand toward Avalon.

“I don’t need you anymore,” The same cold male voice Avalon heard in The Hall of Windows came from the large black monster.

She fell to the ground. 

“Help! Someone help!” Alanna screamed as the demon raised his hand in her direction.

A flash of red and blue collided with each other. 

Suddenly, an army of fairies appeared. Magic bolts of color and light shot at the towering demon. All the bolts were blocked by a red shield the demon cast around himself. 

“It’s Disorder, the demon of illness,” said a fairy.

“Please, save the girl!” Alanna said to a healer fairy.

The healer sent a golden light that enveloped Avalon. Avalon sat up and asked, “Wha happened?” 

Alanna said, “The demon, Disorder, killed you and this healer revived you to life. What’s your name, great healer?”

“My name is Amethyst,” replied the fairy.

“Thank you, Amethyst,” said Avalon.

“You’re welcome. Now we must get you to the castle for safety,” Amethyst said. Then she gasped, “You can’t be her…” She looked toward Avalon’s neck. There on a black cord hung a quartz crystal.

“It’s been so long… Avalon? Is that you?” 

“Yes, I’m Avalon. How do you know?” A bolt of red light shot toward them. Amethyst put up a golden shield protecting them.

“My dear girl, you are the queen of this world,” Amethyst smiled.

“How? I don’t remember anything.”

“You came here when you five. We taught you magic. We made queen. We gave you that crystal,” Amethyst frowned.

Slowly, the memories crept back to Avalon. Then she felt overwhelming power fill to the top of her head. Her hands glowed blinding white. White energy burst forth from her body.

Avalon surged with energy and screamed in a voice that seemed to come from the sky, “Demon! You’re not welcome here!”

The demon turned to face Avalon. Her light made him dissolve into nothing but a thin smoke. Then he was gone. The fairies all gaped at Avalon. 

“Can it be? Queen Avalon, have you returned to us?” Asked a fairy.

After that, they all trekked to a golden castle. Inside they threw a party in honor of the return of their queen.

“Disorder got in because of me. I’m sorry. He hypnotized me. I let him out. He followed me through this window,” Avalon apologized.

“You’re forgiven. We’re happy you’ve returned! Besides, we know the demons are tricksters and will never cease trying to destroy our world,” Amethyst said.

“There are more of them?” 

“More? There’s a whole world of them. Everything is alright because our queen is-”

Avalon awakened in her dark bedroom.

“It was a dream,” She told the night.

Under her desk, she saw two glowing red orbs. She turned to look, but nothing was there.

“It’s just my imagination, " she shrugged.

She grabbed a crystal on her bedside table and put it under her pillow. Then she fell back to sleep. She dreamed herself away to a hallway of windows, a dark abyss where things go bump in the night, and a colorful land where magic is more than possible.

June 11, 2021 18:50

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Charlie Murphy
23:37 Jun 12, 2021

AWESOME STORY! I love the world you created, even though it was all a dream. Great job!


Kate Howells
23:51 Jun 12, 2021

Thank you so much!


Charlie Murphy
01:15 Jun 13, 2021

You're welcome! Can you read mine?


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