Fantasy Mystery Romance

The only thing you need to know about me is that I was always in love with a girl who was never interested in me, I always had an unrequited love. Until the last day of my life I wondered how my life would have been with her, with Estefania. I never believed in life after death, but now that I have that, I can tell you with complete certainty that there is life after death, and I know that because right now I have just reincarnated as another person, I have just reincarnate in Estefania's body, it's hard to believe what is happening to me, I just woke up in Estefania's house being like Estefania, I've been looking in the mirror for half an hour, and I'm surprised by the enormous beauty that Estefania has , she is perfect, her contours are perfect. This is the best reincarnation someone can have. I need to call myself, I need to call that boy who was always in love with me, which is myself. I better not call him, today is Saturday and I know exactly where he is right now, he is sitting on a chair in the mall reading a literary work on his cell phone, I am going to look for him right now, I don't know how I should dress, it will be What am I wearing a dress or am I wearing jeans? I choose the black dress that he likes so much, today that boy is going to get a big surprise, I'm going to make him my boyfriend. I love him. Or rather he loves me too much. So I get to the mall, I look for him, and I find him, he's sitting reading on his cell phone, and when he looks at me, he ducks his head as if he hadn't seen me. I go up to him and sit next to him, and then I tell him: I invite you to spend the day together. And looking at him, I no longer see the boy but I see the girl, my consciousness reincarnated back into myself and I don't know why. Estefania becomes herself again and asks me: Why am I sitting here? I answer that I don't know. And she leaves. Actually, I have nothing to say to her, because I have already tried a thousand ways to conquer her, but she does not love me. And she moves away from her more and more from her, and I let her go. I arrive home absolutely sad because I have lost the woman of my dreams, as soon as my head touches the pillow I fall asleep in bed, and I wake up on another day crying, but my sadness ends when I don't wake up in my bed , I just reincarnated again as Estefania, and I cry for retirement and I get out of bed and start dancing between the sheets, I already like being Estefania because without having her as a girlfriend I can be part of her, it's crazy to believe that I can conquer her, but I feel that we are united in some way that I cannot explain, and out of nowhere I start singing the most beautiful words of love and I go to look for love. Where will that boy be? I already remembered, that boy must be at the bus station right now to go to work, I have to be at the bus station and meet that boy, that is, with myself. And when I get to the bus station, I find him standing waiting for the bus, and I run to him and hug him, and I hug him so hard that I don't want to let go, this is my magical moment, with this hug one to two. But I keep hugging the boy, and inside the boy is not me, there is another person, and that person is Estefania who reincarnated in me. 

And when Estefania looks at me, I feel that she is going to reject me as she has always done, and this time is no different, she rejects me again, she has reincarnated in me, but she rejects me again, for a moment I thought that everything would be different, and that I would be Estefania's boyfriend, but it will never happen. So I go back home and the next day I wake up being myself without reincarnating into anyone else.

I wake up the next day looking like the most boring person in the world, what is my fault for having fallen in love with Estefania, the most reasonable thing is to stop thinking about her, why should I love someone who doesn't feel anything for me? Estefania has never had feelings for me, I was absolutely stupid always thinking about Estefania. Now I think that the purpose of the reincarnations was not for me to become Estefania's boyfriend, but rather to show me that I should let go of all my feelings for her.

And I lack words to describe how I feel about letting go of the love of my life, I love you Estefania, even if you don't love me, I love you because by loving you I feel like I'm doing something important in my life, I love you Estefania, I love you I love, and my tears of love will never end, because Estefania is the only one I like, no matter if it is unrequited love. I love you Estefania.

No, no, no, this can't be happening to me, I have to do something to make Estefania love me, or I have to do something to stop falling in love with her, what can I do? I don't know, I wish I had never fallen in love with her, but I no longer have time to think or to do anything, I just have to abandon myself in an endless, meaningless "I love you" with a lot of feeling.

Reincarnation of love, reincarnation to continue deluding, to continue believing in love, in an unrequited love, and that it is unlikely that one day it will become real life.

June 22, 2022 02:39

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