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Dynamic Characters vs Static Characters: A Matter of Change

Sep 30, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

It's time to rewrite the dynamic characters vs static characters guidebook, and ask instead how these characters complement one another in truly great fiction. Read more →

The 13 Best Fantasy Map Generators, Tools, and Resources

Sep 22, 2021 – Book Design

Whether you fancy a randomly generated fantasy map as your muse, or designing a map from scratch, there's sure to be something here for you. Read more →

What is a Foil Character and What Role Do They Play? (With Examples)

Sep 01, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What is a foil character and what do they add to a story? Here, we go through their main functions with examples from film and literature. Read more →

Rising Action: Where the Story Really Happens (With Examples)

Sep 01, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

Ever wondered what goes on behind the core of every story? Here we will give you an in-depth tour of the beating engine at the heart of all your favorite tales: rising action. Read more →

Book Printing Services: Which One Is Right for You?

Aug 16, 2021 – Understanding Publishing

Find the book printing service that best suits your needs with Reedsy's guide to offset, volume, and on demand printing. Read more →

Amazon Editorial Reviews: An Indie Author’s Secret Weapon

Aug 11, 2021 – Book Marketing

In this post, we’ll explain why Amazon editorial reviews are such a big deal, how to get them in time for your launch, and how to display them for the biggest impact. Read more →

Audiobooks: Your Guide to the Fastest Growing Format

Aug 03, 2021 – Understanding Publishing

This post will provide a brief introduction to the audiobook format, and explain why authors and readers are catching the audiobook bug. Read more →

An Ode to Independent Bookshops: Lessons from the Road

Jun 28, 2021 – Book Marketing

How can independent bookstores and self-published authors support each other? Hear about a Reedsy author's book tour. Read more →

Book Templates: An Author’s Best Friend or Secret Saboteur?

Jun 11, 2021 – Book Design

Discover five of the best book template resources that indie authors can use — and learn why using them isn't always the greatest idea. Read more →

ProWritingAid: Grammarly for Serious Writers? (+ Discount Code)

Jun 11, 2021 – Perfecting your Craft

What does ProWritingAid offer and how does it compare to Grammarly? Find out in this comprehensive review and get 20% off a subscription. Read more →

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