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What is Creative Nonfiction? Memoirs, Literary Journalism, and More!

What is Creative Nonfiction?

From viral essays to acclaimed biographies, creative nonfiction is one of the fastest-growing literary genres — even if its name sounds like a contradiction in terms. Called CNF for short, this rich and capacious form marries the elegance of poetry with the rigor of reportage, recalling the famous Keats quote: Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that ... read more »

Upmarket Fiction: The Forgotten Middle Child of the Publishing World

October 21, 2019 - Understanding Publishing - 2 Comments

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Calling something “commercial” can sound like an insult in some circles, as if it’s a trifling entertainment not worthy of the term “literature.” In other circles, the term “literary” results in a half-stifled yawn, and is considered pretentious. A question you might ask when you’re writing is, "Can a book be both literary and commercial?” ... read more »

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