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Posted on Apr 04, 2024

Meet the Reedsy Editorial Team: Your Guides to Publishing

Reedsy is home to the world's top editors, designers, ghostwriters, and book marketers. As a result, we have access to the inside information and industry tips that can help you write and publish better books. For a closer look at the people behind our education content, let's meet our Editorial Team.

Tom Bromley (Head of Learning)

Tom Bromley — Reedsy Editorial TeamReedsy's in-house multi-hyphenate Tom Bromley is a published author and the ghostwriter behind countless bestselling books. As an editor, he has acquired and published titles for Big Five presses such as Little, Brown. He was the founding publisher of Pavilion's Portico imprint. Tom is the creator of Reedsy's acclaimed course, How to Write a Novel, in which he guides his students from zero to first draft in just 100 days. 

Martin Cavannagh (Head of Content)

Martin Cavannagh — Reedsy Editorial TeamAs the host of Reedsy Live, Martin has had the pleasure of sharing cutting-edge insights from some of the world's best editors, designers, marketers, and the occasional bestselling author. His newsletters, live streams, and blog posts reach millions of writers each month, inspiring the next generation of beloved writers. 

Ricardo Fayet (Chief Marketing Officer)

Ricardo Fayet — Reedsy Editorial TeamRicardo is not only the marketing brains behind Reedsy but also an author and one of the world's leading experts in marketing indie books. He is a regular presenter at several prestigious writers' conferences, including NINC, RWA Australia, and The Self Publishing Show Live.

You can find Ricardo's insights all across the Reedsy blog, his weekly newsletter, and in his two books:

  • How to Market a Book: Overperform in a crowded market (Download ebook for free)
  • Amazon Ads for Authors: Unlock Your Full Advertising Potential (Buy now)
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