How I Went From being an Indie Author to Scoring An Amazon Book Deal

Amazon Book Deal

Last year we spoke with author Natalie Barelli about striking a big item off her bucket list: writing and publishing her debut novel, Until I Met Her. Less than twelve months later, Natalie has been signed by Amazon’s thriller imprint Thomas & Mercer, and her novel is undergoing a re-release. In this article, she talks the bumpy road of self-publishing, one that for her has been full of trials and tribulations. However, she’s a true example of the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” In a year, Natalie has turned publishing mishaps into lessons, and, clearly, her... View Article

“How I Got my Indie Novel Into the Country’s Largest Brick-and-Mortar Chain” — By Carol Cooper

Carol Cooper is a journalist, author, and doctor. She writes for The Sun newspaper, broadcasts on TV and radio, and has a string of non-fiction books to her name including an award-winning textbook of medicine. In this post, Carol reveals how she got her latest novel, Hampstead Fever, into Britain’s largest chain of booksellers.

ShoreIndie Webinar: How to Refine your Novel’s Blurb and Opening Pages

A free webinar for authors: Saturday, May 20th | 12pm EST (New York) | 9am PST (Los Angeles) | 5pm BST (London). Register below!   Register for the webinar! The blurb and the opening lines of a novel act as an invitation for the reader to keep reading. Just like your cover, they need to hook the right readers in and clearly identify your novel’s genre. But there is more to a blurb than just a good hook. How you word your blurb, along with the categories and keywords you choose, are the main factors that’ll get Amazon’s algorithms to “place”... View Article

A gift to our romance authors!

A new romance book template… that’s made for you Earlier in the year, we sent out an April Fool’s email suggesting that we were turning Reedsy into a dating service for lovelorn authors. From the kind replies we received, it became clear that more than a few of you have a soft spot for romance… If you’re one of the 10% of Reedsians currently writing romance, we’ve prepared a little surprise: a belated Valentine’s gift, you could call it. Typeset your love story for free, with our new romance export template for the Reedsy Book Editor!   I hope you’ll enjoy... View Article

Evernote’s Beat Buhlmann: “How I became the CEO of my own life”


Beat Buhlmann is the General Manager of Evernote EMEA. With ten years of life management coaching under his belt, he decided to write a book about personal development planning and how it can help people manage their work goals and personal lives simultaneously. His book, Become the CEO of Your Own Life, was published earlier this year, an achievement that Beat credits in part to two time-saving friends to authors: Evernote and Reedsy. Read on to learn how these two tools came into play during the writing process, and to learn more about Beat’s strategies for taking control of personal... View Article

5 Simple Marketing Strategies for First-Time Authors

Brent Jones recently gave up his freelance career as a social media manager to pursue creative writing full-time. At the end of this past February, he published his debut novel, The Fifteenth of June, and in the following month, Brent has been focused on what he knows to be an equally important part of an author’s job: marketing. In this article, he shares 5 simple marketing strategies that all first-time authors can (and should!) try, and how his efforts have already started to pay off.