More Than Just ‘One Weird Trick’ — Alex Mayor, Publicist


“When I raise the issue of marketing a book with a lot of authors, you sort of see the three lemons come up for them – “Why aren’t I doing that? Why didn’t I think of doing this?” – and for others they look moderately terrified!” Traditional publishers have tried to embrace the new media tech menagerie plenty of times over the last decade, at least. And yet every effort has faded away with time, lost like tears in the rain. Whether it’s book trailers or staid, conservatively hashtagged tweets from a corporate account, it feels a little like watching... View Article

How You Should Be Launching Your Books in 2015 – An Interview with Eliot Peper

uncommon stock

“For someone who loves a book, what would make their day? What would make them happy or make them think of it again or think that it’s cool? I’m always struggling with that.” This is a quote that defines startup-fiction author Eliot Peper. He writes for his readers and would do anything to make them happy. Dedicated readers here at the Reedsy blog may recall that we interviewed Eliot back in July of this year, a few months after the release of his first ever book, Uncommon Stock. If you do, you might also remember the mood in which we... View Article

Imagination Jockey — An Interview with Indie Author Ben Galley

Ben Galley

He’s not just the co-founder of the world’s first ebook store exclusively for indie authors and small presses – Ben Galley is also the author of the ‘Emaneska’ dark fantasy series, the first part of which was recently adapted into a graphic novel featuring art from Michael Shipley. We spoke to Ben about his indie author alter-ego, and what it’s like juggling the creative side of being an author with the business of self-publishing. How did you get started as a writer? I’ve always had a passion for writing. I strayed away from writing through college and secondary school, but... View Article

The Dangers of NaNoWriMo

NaNoWriMo Bad Books Good Writers

This is the last week of one of the year’s most frenetic months for writers: National Novel Writing Month. Since its foundation in 1999, the now-universally-abbreviated NaNoWriMo has established itself as the best opportunity for aspiring writers to stop being just that. At the last New Generation Self-Publishing Summit (sponsored by Reedsy), Porter Anderson said something that really stuck with me (and apparently others – see tweets below): “‘E’ will obliterate territorial rights.” Exactly. ‘E’ has this extraordinary capacity to tear down physical or territorial barriers – and that’s true for everything from books to [insert vastly different thing here].... View Article

The success story of an independent book designer: An interview with Mark Ecob

mark ecob

“In a large publishing house, I felt disconnected from the authors. Now I work directly with them, I’ve realised why I do what I do.” The best thing about Reedsy is finding people who do such great work, you start getting excited about having them at your side and helping bring your book to life. Mark Ecob (check his profile here) runs Mecob, a Frome-based design firm with clients around the world. We’ve been posting some of his beautiful covers on Twitter, and interviewed him below – enjoy! How did you get started in design, and how did you get into... View Article

Startups in Publishing: Meet the best indie-only ebook store

Libiro - Startups

For the second installment of our series featuring literary-minded start-ups, this week we spoke to Ben Galley, co-founder of Libiro. Libiro is an amazing ebook store that is exclusive to indie authors and small presses.  We talked to Ben about where the idea for Libiro came from, how being an indie author helped inject the spirit of being indie into Libiro’s ebook store, and what the future of indie publishing might look like. Enjoy! Why did you start Libiro? What’s the founder’s story behind it?  It was an idea that came about 2-3 years ago. As an author, I felt like... View Article

Reedsy now allows authors to receive quotes from professional editors and illustrators

Compare Quotes

Reedsy is already making waves in the publishing industry. Last month, we gave authors the best marketplace to find publishing professionals. Today marks a new milestone with Reedsy: we’re allowing authors to request quotes from freelance editors and illustrators. Browse the marketplace Reedsy allows you to browse our curated network of publishing professionals. Access to these people is no longer the sole privilege of publishing houses. Now indie authors can find them in a single click. We’re very proud of the people we have on board. We’ve lost track of how many bestsellers we’ve seen in their portfolios. Select and... View Article

How to “spark the curiosity of the readers”

Alejandro Largo Portfolio

Alejandro Largo is one of our recent additions to Reedsy, and a fantastic designer. You can see some of his beautiful work for a variety of academic titles over at his Reedsy profile. Fun factoid: Alejandro has worked on several covers for texts within the humanities and social sciences, including philosophy, sociology, and literature, which are of course some of the most awesome of academic disciplines, at least according to a quick straw poll of the Reedsy offices. Meet Alejandro below. Enjoy! How did you get started in design, and how did you get into book covers specifically? I was... View Article

United We Stand – Lessons from the Women’s Fiction Festival in Matera

Women's Festival

Here’s an excerpt from Ricardo’s guest post for the Alliance of Independent Authors “self-publishing advice” blog. You can read the full article here. Unity and connection between authors has been widely discussed over the past few weeks. This is mainly the result of the much too commented Amazon vs Hachette dispute, which is rekindling the opposition between some traditionally published authors and the indie community. This is why I was particularly looking forward to the panel on the last day of the conference called “United we stand”. Four American indie authors were present: Bella André, Tina Folsom, Debra Holland and Shelley... View Article

Startups in Publishing – IPR License

ipr license

What’s the “publishing industry”, really? It’s a mixture of a lot of companies, big and small, that all revolve around authors, books and readers. The big ones have been shaken by the digital disruption and are only now realizing the truth of “adapt or die”. And because they’re big, this will now obviously take time, as Hugh Howey recently pointed out (quite accurately). That’s where the smaller cogs in the wheel come in–and I’m going to say “we”, as Reedsy is a part of the machine, and I’m a part of Reedsy. Since the digital disruption, the landscape of publishing... View Article