Press Release – Launch of Freelancer Profiles

LONDON – 2/9/2014 Self-publishing startup Reedsy officially launches today! Reedsy is excited to release to the public the first version of its website, progressively inviting editors and designers to join their marketplace over the course of the next 48 hours. Increasingly, authors are realising that publishing professionals don’t just work at the big publishing houses. This is what is making quality self-publishing possible. But where can authors find them? How do they know who they’re working with? That’s where Reedsy comes in. It helps authors collaborate with expert editors, book designers, marketers and translators to take their books to another... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #7 – Yari Leon Suarez, Translator

Yari Leon Suarez offers translation service between English and Spanish. Yari has worked in a variety of genres ranging from technical translations to translating poetry and literary fiction. Yari is also a fan of Charles Bukowski, which is maybe the best quality any person could possibly have that makes you think “I want to know more about this person.” Enjoy! – REEDSY What’s the biggest difference in moving from technical translation to literary translation? YARI LEON SUAREZ You work longer! *laughs* When you translate a creative piece, it takes longer because you have to work closely with the author, more... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #6 – Tom Sanderson, Cover Designer

“What I’m interested in about book design is how when you get a project and a brief, you’re very much a visual problem solver. You’re trying to turn a load of words, a manuscript, a blurb, an idea, into a visual package in the most interesting and pick-up-able way. Each cover is different – they may look similar in some respects, but the way you approach them mentally is quite different.” Tom Sanderson is a designer based in Brighton. He’s created book covers for just about every demographic imaginable, from children’s fiction through young adult to adult fiction, commercial and... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #5 – Robert Falcó, Translator

“You have to almost be the ideal reader of the original. You have to really understand it, you have to be in the author’s skin. You’re thinking ‘Why have they said that?’ or ‘Why does that character talk that way?’” We met Robert Falcó at the London Book Fair last year. Robert runs the Wider Words project with his business partner Ana Alcaina. They concentrate on helping self-published authors translate their work for the Spanish market. Robert has been a translator for fifteen years, translating over 100 books for authors as prominent as Ken Follett and Stephen King. He’s the... View Article

Authorpreneurs and VC Publishers

The Wannabes I was listening to Joanna Penn talk at an Apple event in Covent Garden a few days ago, and I was surprised that the sentence she repeated the most was: “Writing is hard! It’s extremely hard. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” I immediately drew a parallel to starting a company. Everyone knows it’s hard, but keeps forgetting it. Why? Because, technically, anyone can do it. You sit down and write. You fill out a form and incorporate your company. No special skills required. What does that mean? Well, you end up with thousands of... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #4 – Belinda Jones, Editor

“You have to keep thinking, keep interrogating the text: ‘Is this keeping the flow well? Is it convincing me?” If something sounds a bit hollow or a bit flat, you’ve got to flag it up.“ With a 15-year career – so far – behind her, Belinda Jones has worked on everything from commercial and literary fiction, to historical non-fiction and celebrity memoir. We talked about her start as an editor, the recent YA resurgence, and the need to be sensitive when dealing with author comments. – REEDSY How did you find yourself starting out as an editor? BELINDA JONES Looking... View Article

Uncommon Author – An Interview with Eliot Peper

“For someone who loves a book, would make their day? What would make them happy or make them think of it again or think that it’s cool? And I’m always struggling with that.” Update! We interview Eliot again for the release of the sequel to Uncommon Stock – come check it out! Eliot Peper is the nicest man in the world. At least, that’s how we felt coming away from our interview. His first novel, ‘Uncommon Stock,’ a startup thriller, is both an indie success story and the debut book from Colorado’s FG Press. Eliot’s background is in venture capital... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #3 – Maggie Lyons, Editor

“You want to make a piece of writing absolutely shine, but you have to be very careful not to squash the writers’ voice. If you destroy the writer’s voice you shouldn’t be editing.” Maggie Lyons is an editor and author of children’s fiction of Welsh extraction based in Virginia. With a background editing for Harvard University Press and Palgrave Macmillan, she spoke to us about her diplomatic approach to editing, and her experience being on the other side of the editor’s pen. – REEDSYWhat was it like starting as an editor in academic publishing? MAGGIE LYONSI got to edit an... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #2 – Roberta Hall, Cover Designer

“Each book has its own specific story, its own specific mission and language that it uses. What’s on the cover is there to draw people in but it’s also there to back up the brand itself.” Roberta Hall is our first #FreelancerFriday designer interview. Roberta is a pretty jaw-dropping designer, as you can see from her portfolio, and dedicated to her work. Here she talks through the way she researches in preparation for a project, revealing a serious, studied respect for her art as helping express the message of the book it represents. Her commitment is impressive, and she’ll likely... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #1 – Rebecca Faith, Editor

“In my experience successful authors are open to revision. It’s not easy to hear the eighty or ninety thousand words you’ve just poured your soul into are not up to par. But if you can leave a little bit of your ego behind and dive into the art, and find someone you trust to be there with you, I don’t think good authorship is beyond many people. It’s a form that invites participation for those who are willing to do the work.” Rebecca Faith is one of the members of the board of Reedsy, and also an outstanding editor. A... View Article