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Hey. If you're reading this. Read my stories, you'd like it. Or read it just to point out my mistakes. Comment. Like. Follow. I'm temporarily unavailable. My stories. Just in case you don't know which to read. The Wanderer- Suspense, Mystery. ( People's favourite) Memory Gap - Suspense, Mystery. The two above highlights mental health. Ma's golden boy - Suspense, suicide. ( This is personally my favorite. Hints of Injustice in the society, social class..." Asian Shrine- Highschool drama. Eyes that never smile - Crime, detective, Suspense, Mystery.( You'd get chills) This two below are independent stories. You don't have to read one to understand the other. But they both talk about people moving on. Move on: Rock bottom - Inspirational, family problems. Move on: Who are we without our memories. - Inspirational, Suspense, mystery. Or you can read all of them. You know... just cause. Have a wonderful day.