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WARNING: My bio is a MESS,so proceed with caution!! Don't say I didn't warn you! 😎WHY HELLO THERE😎 It's so Q U I E T here, where is everyone? Seriously? The yellow dot has disappeared almost completely😥 I mean... it's been ages since I've submitted anything, too- AT LEAST COMMENT SOMETHING IDK SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Jesus loves you! He loves you so, so much!! And He's always there for you; you can talk to Him anytime, anywhere, and I think that's just really awesome. Books are my thing but Jesus is my King 💖💖💖 🍌🍌NEW STORY ALERT:🍌🍌 Wish They Were Here'' AND ''When the Shadows come out'' !!! They're set in the same universe, except about twenty years apart. (Read wish they were here first!!) Thank y'all for 348 points!! Random update nobody asked for: I won't really be able to post a lot of stories because of school (exams are coming up and we have a lot of projects due) but I will be back!! 💙💛💗About me💙💛💗 I'm Mila, and I'm 14 years old :D I'm fabulous Leo ♌♌♌ *breakdances* (what's your zodiac sign?) My current favourite song is: Reckless Love and Talking to Jesus by idk the band's name. My favourite playlist is ''Burning Ushijima's farm with Toru Oikawa'' I listen to Lofi Girl and Aesthetic Music when doing homework or writing. And if I could kin a song I would kin Are you satisfied by MARINA. It perfectly sums me up 👌 In short: I physically cannot survive without music. She/her/hers 💗💛💙 South African ✌🤸‍♀️ I'm just a vibing bilingual language nerd with an enormous lack of commitment. I have a younger sister here on Reedsy, Exhausted Pigeon: I kinda wanna do a collab with someone... who's wants to? 😎😎More about mwah😎😎 🌈Child of God 💖💖 🌈BOOK GOBLIN (duh) 🌈I belong to A TONNN of fandoms. I'm not kidding... I'm literally drowning in them ... pls send help 🌈✨Aoyama,✨Takamki (OHSHC) and💥 Bakugou kinnie (It's random even I can't even- I'm literally just a sparkly explosion... ) 🌈I play hockey and tennis, and I do acrobatic dance. 🌈I talk A LOTT, which is why my comments are always VERRYYY long😅 🌈 I love talking to people here on reedsy; and I love making friends here too! So if you wanna chat just comment on my stories (it doesn't even have to be related to my story 🌈 YOU are VALID and you matter!! t's okay to not know what the hell is going on. Existing is hard, and I don't think you give yourself enough credit for just existing sometimes. 🌈I call EVERYONE ''dude'', but if you feel uncomfortable or want me to call you something else, please just let me know!! 🌈Current favorite movie: Fantastic mr Fox. The humor is so dry- 👌👌 ✨✨Book recs✨✨ ========================== 🧡 GONE, HUNGER, LIES, FEAR, PLAGUE and LIGHT by Michael Grant, criminally underrated. 🧡Love Aubrey by Suzzane LaFleur, *incoherent sobbing* 🧡PAX by Sara Pennypacker *loudly wails* 🧡The Huntress triology by Sarah Driver, EPIC fantasy and adventure 🧡The Bone Sparrrow by Zara Fraillon, makes you re-think life 🧡THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner, *high on adrenaline, depressed twerking* 🧡Jessica's Ghost- Andrew Norris, *sobbing on the floor in a little ball* 🧡We were liars- E. Lockhart, still haven't recovered 😗✌ If you want more recs, just tell me the genre and I'll give some 😊😊 ============================== 🍳🍳Things I absolutely love: ---------------------- 💖WRITING! (DUH) 🌈R A I N B O W S 🟡the yellow dottttt 🟡😎 🌈reading, writing, books, pinterest, anime, contortion and got talent shows and TOTAL WIPE OUT lololol ⛵SHIPS (like couples) If you ask me, I probably ship it 😗✌(except illegal ships. Those are just disgusting.) ✨Reedsy!!! 🌈updating my bio... every 2 seconds 🌊SEAFOOD 🎶MUSIC 🌈building dens and forts and playing make-believe games 🥖The Dragon Prince!! (on netflix!!) 💚WEBCOMICS: current fave: (BL)okes. It's so hilariously dumb I love it ---------------------------- 🌊Book I just read: Bird Box- Josh Malerman- aaahhhhh TOMMMM!!!! 😭😭I cried, but I think I was expecting it? Like, the book was awesome chefs kiss ARTWORK, but I knew something like that would happen? Idk. 9.5/10 💥Book I'm currently reading: Ready Player One. It's really good so far 👌👌 Here's the link to my pinterest: And my instagram is; @Your_Local_tea_elf That's about it. Thanks for reading my bio, and have a nice day 🌈💖🍌💖😊👌✨🌈💖💥