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Bee here! Thank you for reading my stories and this bio!!! Love yourself :D A bit about myself: Photographer * Artist * Chef * Writer * Aspiring author * Daydreamer* Gaming designer* To sum up everything about me: LOVES K-dramas. Obsessed with BTS. Anything Korean then!😅😊 Favourite YouTuber has to be Daud Kim. My favourite actor and actress are: Kang Ha-Neul and Gong Hyo-Jin. Every Korean has to agree. Although I’m not Korean, I feel like I should have been Korean since it’s practically in my blood: you can blame my parents for that!😁 I see the world through a broken lens but I still try to paint good on my own canvas like everyone else. Everything I was does not define me now. *PRESENT TENSE* I’m always going through some BS, but aren’t we all? Currently in Writers Block!! Apologies for any late responses😉 Love. Live. Laugh. ❤️