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Before I say anything else if you are not reading the following you are crazy. They are all fabulous writers and fantastic people. Laura Clark Jonathan Blaauw Jane Andrews Sarah Greenwood Stephanie Albright Deidra Lovegren and Zilla Babbitt It took almost two months but I am finally in the top 100!! Thanks to everyone who got me there and to Zilla for making sure I knew. I am a not sure if I can still call myself a novice writer but I'm still a terrible editor. I am grateful for all the feedback I've received. It has made me a better more confident writer. I have learned through Reedsy that writing every week is hard but it's also rewarding. Thanks to everyone in this community. Jonathan, Jane, Laura and Zilla have been especially helpful but I could probably list off 20 or more writers who have taken the time to read me and help. You all know who you are. I hope to keep writing and I hope you keep reading. I mean that's the purpose for all this, right?