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It's the last day of Pride Month everyone, continue being proud even after it's over. Be safe, happy and be you. Pronouns of the Day: Vi/ver Stories Dedicated to 2022 Pride Month: I Came Out To My Computer Dreaming Of The Lost Bother Me The Witching Hour Once Seen Always Seen Free As an author, naturally my writing style changed. Over the six years I've been writing, I went from writing anime fanfiction to creative nonfiction/realistic fiction. When I use to write solely in first person, I now write in both third and first, sometimes second person. I've even done a dialogue only story too! : o Active Series ------------------------------------------------ The New Order 1. Evolving 2. Sus 3. Blizzard, The Rain, And You 4. Betrayed 5. Queasy Or Glad? 6. Now There's Seven Always (Cameron & Archer) 1. Dreams to Reality 2. Late Night Meetings 3. Guardian Angel 4. Lucky 5. No Matter What 6. We're All Okay 7. Cliche Serotonin Ending 8. Guilty Wish Other Series ---------------------------------------------------- Luelmind; A New Generation 1. Impatience Definitely Does Kill 2. The Project 3. Goodbye Foerstner Mansion 4. Make Me Forget Everfall 1. Sara Mason 2. No More Baby Boy Once more hello! I hope you're having an amazing good day/evening/night! I'm Leo P. Sometimes I go by Blair if I'm feeling feminine(I'm genderfluid) Because of that, and the strange urge for people to give nicknames, I've gained a 'few' nicknames from my friends(hurt them in any way shape or form, and I *will* find a way to make your life hell) on here. For those who wish to know.. Here they are. Echo I am xyr idiot - King/Monarch/Liege/Lord, Crow and xyr flower husband, German Boi, Bubs/Bubba, LeLe Bean, Blair Bear, God/Deity, Sir Snugs, Captain, comrade, beloved, pup, Raven, kitten, darling, my heart, lovely, Sir Leo The Third, L, Jimmy, Mr. Flustered, The Cod Father, Cod Boi, Galaxy Boi, Floof Boi, Thief, Genderliquid, Love, King Random, Adonis, Sunshine, Starshine, and Lil Bean. Skye I've become oddly protective of them - Lion, Prince, Clover, Sparrow, Le, Moonie, Prince Bean, Stranger Things 2.0, Slaying Human, ✨most accessorised human✨, Little Bean, Gay Human, Blair Bear, Blair Bean, BlairBlair Bean, and Blossom. Akatsuki They are a Naruto fan, and a strange gender mess like me -Shade/Shadow, Kuro, Monarch, Naru-writer, Ruu, Yugure, L O N G P A R A G R A P H P R I N C E, and Ruler of The :eyes: Jasey They are someone I respect and lowkey am inspired by -Prince of my Remind Happiness, Princey Thank you for reading my bio. I hope you have a wonderful day(evening/night). I wish you the best of luck of whatever you're accomplishing, and be safe. Sweet dreams, and be safe <3 <3 <3