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March 22nd, 2021 update: Hi, Reedsy. I missed you. I've been gone because I started a new job, which is great, but there's a lot to learn and, I've been stressing about some stuff and generally doing a terrible job at keeping up with life. For example, I've been wanting to upgrade my internet for three weeks now but I never find the time to call. And, gosh, I need to do my taxes! And how come there seems to always be a pile of dishes to wash and clothes to fold? It definitely doesn't help that I live in Brazil and we have a poop emoji for a president while people are dying. Weird times, these we live in. Anyway, I hope sometime soon I'll be writing (and reading) again. Until then, take care. - Fabricio -------------------------------- April 8th update: - Internet: still not upgraded - Taxes: idk, ask the accountant I paid to do this - Clothes and dishes: cleaned 👍 -------------------------------- - He/Him - Brazilian (no, I don't watch soccer and I've never been to the Amazon forest) - millennial (whatever the hell that means) - computer guy (don't ask me if I can help you reinstall windows, but I'd love to talk about genetic algorithms) Hey, I have a website now! https://www.fabriciojcmontenegro.com/ And I sometimes post on Medium. https://fjcm.medium.com/ Thanks for stopping by. :)

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