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My name is Shea(she/her), which is actually short for my real name that most folks just cannot pronounce. I am a mom of 3 kids, they're the reason my body moves like I'm 84 some mornings. Doula + educator in the PNW. It might be why I write often about birth, it's what I know. I love interacting with people and learning about how they tick, and forecasting their needs/worries. I think I grew up with just enough trauma to make me a funny person, and still make me a functioning adult. I am here because I really love to tell stories. Are they the best stories?? if you're my dead grandma, you had better say yes. Otherwise, please give feedback! I love how much I have learned in this little writing universe in the past few months and am so grateful for all of the input I've received so far. In this busy season of my life, writing has been the best form of self care, second to reading....and watching TikTok videos every night before bed, while I cackle wildly into the night as my husbands CPAP machine hums along. If you get a chance check out the incredible audio recording of my story "The Anatomy of a Confession" by Beth Connor and her fellow voice actor. They did an incredible job! Shortlisted Stories: 🏅#99- Wet Sheets

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