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Hi, anybody here? I’m Sarah, and I’m eleven. I edit for my friend Aerin, who’s also on Reedsy. I’m on NaNoWriMo! National Novel Writing Month, November, has its own platform! It’s cool. I hope I get to 50,000 words by the end of the month! If anybody wants to join I’d love to be buddies with you! Just go to and click ‘Sign Up’ to join. You basically get 2 profile pictures which is fun. Mine are both rainbow. COLOR QUEST HAS BEEN PUUUUBLISHED!!! Please, please, PLEASE get it on Amazon!!! Edited by yours truly, written by Aerin B. (Cereal Killer right now) Check out Aerin’s bio for more details!!! I’m something of a grammar freak (Aerin tells me that I am not SOMETHING of a grammar freak, I am the ORIGINAL grammar freak, but whatever), so if I correct you just know I’m not trying to be rude. I follow everybody who follows me. But just know if you put bad words in your writing I’m less likely to comment or like it. That isn’t because I don’t think you’re an awesome author, it’s because I’m eleven and bad words aren’t really...I don’t know how to say it. Good? Well, I really like writing, and my first short story dates back to when I was around five and made up Mr. Lollipop. I hope my writing has evolved a bit from giant talking candy, but who knows? My favorite color is yellow, I have a tie for my favorite animal that is way too long to list in my bio, and I have one adorable pet cat named Stumpy. I like to read, draw and write. I know how to jump on a pogo stick (much harder than you think), walk on stilts (surprisingly fun) and unicycle (sorta. I can get around five feet before falling over.). People on Reedsy that you should DEFINITELY follow (don’t be offended if you’re not on the list, I probably haven’t gotten to your stories or your best stories yet, also unrelated I can’t do fonts. And I listed my favorite stories from each so READ THEM): Aerin B. 🌈 (Rebel Priiiiiiiiiiince!) 🌻Amany🌻 (Wall of Color is awesome!) Imaan Khaki (Here in the “Present” Moment not to mention TGWTMBN are hilarious!!!) Cam Croz (I ❤️ Some Secrets can’t be Known. Not Even by YOU.) Sarah Noel (Disaster Child was definitely one of my favorites) Leya Newi (The Lionheart Concord and A Blizzard’s Blizzard are tied!!!!!) Rhondalise Mitza (The Class(y) Acts of Ultimate Snakes RULES) +lots more!!! Professional authors that you should totally read books from: Shannon Messenger Rick Riordan Gordon Korman Wendelin Van Draanen Hopefully you’ll like my stories, but sometimes they take awhile or I get writer’s block (trust me, it happens a lot). So that’s me. Bye! (P.S. find all or most of the recommended Reedsy authors in my following list! Cam Croz might not be there but all the other ones are)