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I’ve decided that I’m going to revamp my Reedsy profile as of right now. I haven’t written a story in, what, a year? I should probably get on that. Plus, one of my friends might join Reedsy and I don’t want her to make fun of two-years-ago me’s trash writing. Honestly, the only half decent one is the Mind Diamond, and that’s only because the sexist guy gets turned into a popsicle. Do not, I repeat DO NOT read ‘Jason & Aiden, Always & Forever!’ I’m THIS close to deleting it, because it’s the most awful story I have ever written. I mean sure, it’s very gay and sweet and everything, but there is literally zero plot. None. Nada. Read at your own risk. Some random things about me, I guess: I have cats. Two of ‘em. Very cute. Pitch black and extremely food motivated. One of them is fluffy and likes to bite you when you’re walking down the stairs. The other one is slightly less fluffy and likes to bite you when you’re feeding her, because apparently puncture wounds will make you go faster (spoiler alert: they won’t). I like reading, writing, drawing, and rock climbing; my highest accomplishments in each category are as follows: -I’ve read an 800-page novel in two days -I’ve attempted NaNoWriMo, got to 12k words and abandoned it -Profile picture is one of my favorite drawings of my own; it’s one of my OCs. Her name is Rio and she can teleport. She’s based off a friend of mine. -hardest rock climbing level I can do is a 5.10c if I’m not exhausted, unusually energetic and really, really lucky I should probably put this in here just because I did it last time. Uh, my real-life friend who’s also on here wrote a book called Color Quest. Her name’s Aerin and she was vaguely famous on here a year or so ago. I don’t have the link to her bio, but she’s commented on pretty much all of my stories. Anyways, she wrote a novel, I edited it for her, she self-published it using Amazon KDP, she took it off Amazon to fix it several times and it’s now on an ongoing hiatus? Not sure what the issue is, but it’s not currently available. She’s written three more since then, none of which have been edited for one reason or another. Please pester her about that, please and thanks. Anyways, I’m going to make some feeble attempts for the coming prompts, so anything above A Royal Camping Trip is new. Enjoy, and try not to cringe too hard. You could get hurt.