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I love to read. Awaiting for interesting stories. Thank you for reading. Thank you for 220 followers.. .... Hi.I am still here RIP black panther☹️☹️😭😭😢 We will miss you Wakanda Forever I am boring. Check me on all poetry. Daily quote,”Whatever it takes,” by Captain America,by Steve Rajour,by Chris Evens” If you are reading this everyday, I think you will get annoyed. I don’t have any clue about quotes. Some meanie had downvoted me please don ‘t do this I got downvoted 700+points.Please don’t take my points.😡👿😠👺 I would love some upvoting if you can.Please tell .I will also follow the same. I appreciate who comment ,likes and follow.I will also do the same. I love who are telling mistakes. I have three freinds check them out: Orenda(she have written awesome stories) Adrienne Fleming(she also written awesome stories. Avery.g(read her story follow your dreams (part 2)it is freaking awesome. ) Please check them out.