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https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/322077810837129026/ Rhondalise Mitza was voted most likely to rule the tristate area. She's into heavy winter coats and dark lipstick, watching the rain outside her balcony while drinking hot tea and planning her next revenge. She is now a freelance party clown after being kicked out of her old troupe, but promises she is a very cute clown and will never eat children again, ahem, at all. She loves her Reedsy friends, so please make sure to check out her library. Vayd, Aerin, Amany, Orenda, Imaani Khaki, N. Thorne, Mar Cafe, Aqsa Malik, Maya W (just off the top of her head) and Zilla Babbit, Elliot Thomas... they're great, really, and she appreciates them and their overall support so much. Operation Shared Valentine is going great, everybody! Check out Adrienne Flemming's work because, you know, nothing says creative like coming up with a complex plot to overthrow the downvoter AND have a bit of fun along the way. why do computers hate me?