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Hi! I'm Raven. He/She/They Probably immortal Thank you for 837 points and 85 followers! [][][] I'd love to chat! Just comment on a story and I'll get right back to you :) [][][] Part Seven of Chasing Dreams and Part Three of my "Tattoos Made of Moonlight" will be out May 31st, for anyone interested. [][][] Facts about me: Name: Raven Gender: Genderfluid Sexuality: Abrosexual Hobbies: Painting, drawing, crafting, acting, reading, writing, tennis Birth month: December [][][] Favorites: Animal: guess Color: I like dark colors, purple, black, blue, grey, etc. and metallic colors. Story I've written: Bracelets Subject: Psychology Book (series): The Young Elites Flower: Moon Orchid Season: Winter Candy: Any chocolate and caramel Genre: Dark Fantasy Song: It changes depending on my mood :) Podcast: King Falls AM | GO CHECK IT OUT IT'S AMAZING [][][] Fun fact: Lake Superior State University in Michigan offers a unicorn hunting license. [][][] Heartbreaking Quote: "Your heart is in the void, with me." -KFAM, Episode 100, "Baby Please Come Home"