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Currently working on a longer piece so may be quiet for a while, unless a prompt lures me in. Proud to be a part of the Reedsy community. There are so many talented writers on here that have provided helpful feedback and inspiration. Some favourites in no particular order: A.G. Scott Rayhan Hidayat Christina Marie Gip Roberts H L Mc Quaid K. Antonio A.Dot Ram Claire Lewis Daniel Hayes Zilla Babbitt Michael Boquet Shea West Shortlisted 🏅 #82 Emotional Intelligence I love fantasy and sci-fi, but my stories are a mixture of genres as I'm trying different things to develop my style. Some of my favourites include: ⭐ I Don't Believe in Fairies ⭐ The Protector ⭐ What He Would Have Wanted ⭐ The Meta-verse ⭐ The Reintroduction of Species ⭐ Paradise Lost "Phoenix" was featured on Short Stack Stories podcast. Available on Spotify. "Beneath the Sand" was featured on Mark Wilhelm's Frightening Tales podcast. Available on Spotify. Some flash fiction and short stories published in Secret Attic Booklets. Twitter and Instagram @Rachelwritesfan I live in Norwich, England. I've worked in hospitality all my life, in hotels and restaurants in a few places around the world including on a cruise ship. Amongst other things, I love books, coffee, pizza and computer games.