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Hello guys! Hey look this another bio, Ok I would describe most of the things, first things first I am from India which is a southeast country in Asia And I have a decent name as Prathamesh which means "Lord Ganesh" of course of the Indian gods. I am pursuing my career in Mechanical engineering. Speaking of my hobbies, I like playing table tennis, reading books, listening to music. Speaking of my personality I am an introvert . This short Intro about my team do help if you can We are Team Abhedya Racing; a group of passionate engineering undergraduates who participate in the BAJA competition organized by SAE at a National and International level. We have started this fundraiser to help fund our efforts in securing an All India Rank of 1 in the ongoing BAJA 2022 season. We have made it to an All India Rank of 6 in Phase 1 of the season where a panel of judges rated our designs from a pool of over 200 teams. We have also been selected for the International event which is going to be held in Rochester, NY next year where 100 teams compete from all around the world. Being undergraduates, we need your financial aid to help fund our designs so that we can make a warrior whose mere blueprints have been placed at an AIR of 6. With your help, the sky is truly the limit for us. We highly appreciate your valuable donations, as every single penny will make a difference. As they say, 'Many a little, makes a mickle. We are truly grateful for any donation, which could even be as low as Rs. 1. To know more, click the link below